Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Colorful december Part 1- FOOD Day

Finally exam war is over...I have time to blog again...December really my colorful life for now haha~!!This month I will totally conquer out some games and hopefully can draw some part of comic...I know I know ..many readers still not satisfy why Exorcism-X late also didn't PUBLISH since mid of 2010 till now...what to do I'm not full-time mangaka (comic artist)....Anyway,finally I can go back my hometown enjoy some family cuisine.

Before I return...I quite enjoy in my hostel that having great steamboat gathering with my housemates...actually also a farewell party to my two housemates and a buddy that is Dean, Joanne and Yen Qin.

SO, fast my housemate, Joanne and my friend, Dean Cheng a.k.a sor lou graduate...and also good buddy Yen QIn will be having internship next month so we will cant meet in time being...therefore, quite a meaningful party at that moment...haha~!I still remember ah teng make those Tang Yuen in the next day morning for early celebrate Winter solstice festival..

She so worry about the taste of tang yuen doesn't matter..truthfulness of tang yuen is reunion and warm gathering together...meaning of the event is more important than the taste for me, that day I feel the taste can't say it is excellent but can feel the effort...

Thank u Ah Teng and also everyone give me nice moment in the steamboat event hehe~!The steamboat is awesome ...especially the tom yum soup best of the best...everyone rush to drink it and also the meatball haha~!!

Actually before steamboat day...I was enjoy a great breakfast with my good Ann Ann and sor lou Shiong LOLx...I highly recommended the fried pan mee at Kampar...the stall was located at CK optical shop opposite...near the T-junction and the food stall is right at the corner...texture of the pan mee is perfect and all sauces mix up well in other words, it is well-balance of the taste...yea not oily don't worry girls you all should try it~!!

After that gathering, I rush back home and cook for family haha~!!...make simple few dishes such as scrabble egg, steam chicken and also fry some vegetables LOLx....above the picture is the scrabble egg I named it as "Kong Choi Yan Sun" (Glorious & colorful life)..

I hope everyone just the dish's name hehe~!!..quite a lot of ingredients in this dish such as spring onion, tomato,fry onion,white sesame,butter and garlic. To make this dish success, the key is you control the fire well and the shape of egg and the color will be very nice.

Don't put so much butter because it may cover up the egg taste.The butter just use to reduce using oil and also enhance the taste more flavor... You don't scrabble the egg not more than 2 minutes...Other vegetables cut into small cubes so easily shaped the egg into round shape.

For the next day, I go out bought some games to enjoy them in this nice holiday...none other than Fable III, Enslaved,Majin & the Forsaken Kingdom, Vanquish and Halo Reach hehe~!I will review them soon don't worry...then, I go enjoy some nice snack food at Parkson..the outlet called Shilin if no mistaken.

I go with my mom and taste 3 simple snack foods. First of all, we try is the oyster mee sua...mmm...the taste is not that bad but I think they put too much black pepper and cover up the taste of the soup but still this food quite suitable to eat for now haha~!!such cold weather...

Second snack food is the chicken floss egg roll...this one should be flawless but the chef make skin of the egg roll too thick cause the roll not so tasty...maybe use too much flour make the skin...this one is just like our local food,popiah. The chef give quite a lot of chicken nice le haha~!! I think he should put some vegetables such as mengkuang or cabbage inside so can add-on the taste more juicy haha~!!

Lastly, I think this will be best snack food that is sweet potato french fries LOLx...I'm very like this snack food...this one should eat while watch nice movie like Inception, Sorcerer's apprentice and Season of the witch LOLx...But I still haven't watch Nicholas Cage new movie le (>..<)

yea is much more healthier than eat other french fries ...but this is my personal opinion haha~!!Anyway,food taste is very subjective so you taste it and share to me la~!!

Sunday, December 12, 2010


Before read this blog..You may play this clip first......

22 years,without existence may not come to this world....thank u father and mother.yeah...when I 'm down mother always comfort me and give me the best support to me...I still remember when I'm fail my paper in Year 1...I still never forget my mother always say "no matter how hard you run through this road..I always run with you"..."no matter what"...Actually fail a paper is no big deal, but for me is different because I face lot of failures and obstacles such as accidents,downfall of STPM and poverty.Therefore, I always ask God..why I always have gone through lot of obstacles? I got diligent study, pay more efforts in anything and help others without demand for deeds.But still meet lot of unwish incidents.. Is it God bring me to this world and face all these missions to make me become a perfect man? I hope so haha~!! the mission is more and more tougher when I grow older.

Firstly, when I was young...I also gone through poverty before like no money buy shirt and take other people shirt...But the most interesting is other people may look on my family is rich and may not take any approach to us...doesn't matter because I love those days...the living is tough but we live in happy family. Moreover, I meet many real and true friends.

Many years later, My father get promoted because his talent and hardwork so our living become much more better...My father become more busy and busy..may somehow rather he neglected me...but I know my father love me very much..I recall when I was small, my father always carry me silently when I fallen asleep in his van.That memory always keep inside my mind, father. No matter how bad habit you still are good father for me..

Why I'm say my road so because when my life grow nicer..definitely there are something blocking..when I pass my paper finally and my result getting better and better but I get bad news that my father getting cancer...Luckily,my father now is ok and fine back..thanks to everyone helping and doctors. haha~!!see my life is full with adventurous..then, my father had been told secretly by the top management..tell him retired..yea my life from up drop back to father sickness take out lot of money too for medicine and also my tertiary education also costly. Many people ask me concentrate study..yea I'm doing it..

I know God once again testing my determination...I will never give up even 1988 I nearly get die and in 2006 second time nearly I will meet whats the big deal for now..haha~!!even several friends not understand me like even indirectly blaming me for something and alienate you but once come to advantages they approach you haha~!what kind of joke?you think I'm you don't.....never try to understand people hard life and misery....I bet you all meet this kind of people.."pretender".

Many years in education world, I meet lot of people with different kind of selfishness,pretender, arrogant,shy,benevolent, honest and many more...thank u to those badass who treat me "good"...never mind...I can say that no regrets meet those true good friends in my all make my life always so colorful..because I'm only child so I'm lonely at besides parents, friends and cousins u all are more closest companions in the world...yea..for giving advice to those junior, don't give up when the road is tough...sure one day will pay you back fruitful result..lets together work hard get better life...

I m the good example...When i was English is a failure, no matter is talk or write..because keep on work out how to improve and also thanks my true brother Alex always motivated me in those days.And now, I didn't say I'm good in English but in the end, at least now I able to write and talk in good manner and deliver a message to another person fluently. Besides, even fail twice in a same papers but I manage get moderate high CGPA and Dean List so don't give up when you fall...just ignore those look down on you and make fun on you...FOCUS and walk in right path...don't do something, not worth for it ...

after release my stress...finally...motivate to and dad I m back soon...

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Maroon 5~ Misery

Nowadays just keep on study study prepare war for my finals...luckily got several songs motivated me like Adam lambert- If I had you and lady Gaga- Bad Romance and Bruno Mars-Just the way you are...Music really motivate me and Maroon 5 new song describing my life now..MISERY~!!!This few days i listen lot of songs just according the photo above( I make one le lol).sigh I wish I m just like what Katy Perry sing..Teenage Dream~!!

Misery MV is similar to Rihanna feat. Eminem MV...girls so violence LOL..(I m not describe all) haha~!!this MV very funny hahaha...nice song~!!Well, I'm not Maroon 5 fans..after this song onwards..I'm your DIeHard 5.0 fan~!!haha~!!I feel the vocal singer similar to Vocal singer BeeGees Barry Gibb...nice voice and quite unique tone he has.

Bruno...for me didn't hear my friend promote this song to me...woo this song really unexpected..from look of the singer..mmm...haha..don't judge people by the cover of the book hahaha...his style singing and emotion of him is fantastic...he like emerging with rhythm of the song. Thank u Bruny LOLx

I think Katy Perry sing out every teenagers want...aa..I think I m still a teenage LOLx..hahaha~!!I want exchange with the man model above...sigh University totally make me always have miserable life...good news is I still got 5 more months to suffer only...what a optimistic thinking I'm haha~!!5 month is just like live in a jail 50 years LOlx more horror than you prison in a dream according Inception 2010 LOLx...

Anyway, Katy Perry song is nice and her face like a babe doll and very pretty le LOLx I think if Lady Gaga and Katy Perry will have great competition cause they have similarity singing style and tone...looking forward..see them which will succeed the throne Queen Of Music...first is Madonna and then, Celine Dion..lately is Beyonce...21 century who will be...Music industry always so amusing...

Even though my life now is quite misery but luckily a pork rib Laksa motivate me once again ...can say that sickle out my soul from hell and bring back to the Mortal haha~!!...mmm a bit..outrageous haha~!!But really beh tahan about the brain like Master Pinky and the brain cho LOlx..

SIgh...anyhow..u see above the picture..u know how miserable I'm....I miss my damn XBOX~!!I want to play Call Of Duty, Enslaved, Need FOr Speed:Hot PUrsuit, Fable 3 and a lot ~!!Next blog coming soon nex week....

Thursday, November 25, 2010

This is My Story Part I

Everyone...sorry yea didn't update my blog haha so long time...Nuffnang sorry I didn't contribute anything in October and November....Many things I had been rushing ...MY University Life nearly come to conclusion ...I really happy meanwhile feel sad too...I sad is because need to let go a teenage life and study life, so very soon begin my work life and takeover my family duty as Head...happy is because I had been experience lot of things in my university such as friendship, bonding, leadership and lot of things make unforgettable memories to me.

To be s great leader, it is not easy task because you must have certain competences and social network power if not...your vision may not bring it into reality and you just always in "Inception" theory ( Dream In another Dream)...I think a leader should always carry a Totem to differentiate what is real and Dream...hahaha~!

I think transformational leader plays important role in new turbulent era. As you can see nowadays got so many dominant market leaders such as Microsoft, Coca-cola, McDonald, Nokia, Wal-Mart, and other big shots.So, a leader needs to be make fast approach and have high creativity to create new form business and product to compete those big shots...As you know, market leader will fallen one day...their thrones will not in eternity me hehe~!

Leader does not have the passion and determination, just will lead to "demise" result for his/ her vision no matter how high competence he / she is.Don't know Philip Kotler agree with me a not? haha~!! Very soon...i will write some of opinions in Leadership and management.LOL....

Next post, I will post a short drama video that I make. This is the first time, I write script and direct a drama, also I'm one of the actors hehe~!! was very fun and enjoy especially teach my artists to act and act together to create great humor and action scenes..LOL good friends without you life will not so colorful...

To be continue..THIS IS MY STORY Part II

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

September outbreak

Uni days so fast passed another semester...Now I m always talk with all my cousins about work and about my future...Times flies really fast...7 months more I grad soon...the Real World is waiting me to conquer..interesting and challenging or sien toh bei ( Boring like hell)... I dunno but I try to face it...I know I can( hope la wakakaka) ..haha

Why I'm talking September outbreak...really I feel like financial crisis in front of me maybe more serious...when I received the news that father got cancer..meanwhile I still need face final examination and thesis. Really feel I'm living like hell...I think not much friend know about my father sickness...even got also just thought small sickness.You may ask why You don't share? well...I'm a person that don't like burden people, thats why I always laughing and like happy-go-luck face cover my sadness..Do I feel lonely? mmm..sometimes la haha...well, my father sickness start since 2009...

This incident I know that even I emo or anything else is can't help it, so I need concentrate study cause I need to responsible the family duty (but I fail to do it). This time I really last minute study after recover my emotion, just left 1 or 2 weeks for me. I study like hell, didn't sleep at all( hope my result should be ok la next week)... what I want to say is be more care your parent and Be strong.....

if parent already old, more body check up guys & gals. Ya if check is ALP mol is high than thousands means u got HIV, Hepatitis B or C,liver cancer or bone cancer.But check also another part not just liver or bone...sometimes prostrate cancer(men) if women is Breast cancer as initial stage and hint that soon u may get bone cancer so more concern your health...Bone cancer is very danger if another stage you may live 5 years only and you do inject certain dos to extend your life.

So well communicate with your doctor. Ya one more thing don't so trust all private clinic, some there are just eat your money ( just blood-sucker as leech) and not to cure you but not all la I know there are got those got doctor etiquette...advise here is go general hospital,definitely better solution.

Besides, another what I learned in this whole incident is really need getting up on your own and even emo also can't help you...I know some of my friends know what I'm talking..I'm very fade up a friend when this friend emo and angry on me cause he disturb by my friend's private stuff..Hey guys if you dun wan share your story or don't need help, don't take other people like punching bag ( release emo like scold people) and suffer...even at that time I know my father not feeling well already, I still carry on my works as selfish he is..never mind world is like that I know..ya one more thing is one of friend she also always emo..well if she got read this post.."you must be strong" ..emo can't do anything.

My eye know who are devil or God..anyway, I really happy that got form 6 gathering, I feel relax a bit..thanks friends.. You all give me light of hope again. One more thing thank u to Kwok wei, my bro so good that at that moment give me this song to hear....I listen this song and cry not stop...think bac the days I with my father..Below that is the song "Life Goes On". thank you Late TUpac.

In tough moment, I can't go back is because my thesis and my study...I can't neglected it..cause I need the degree desperately...thank you to my brother me out take care my parent in hospital..he is my cousin actually...but we gone through lot of thing when kids till now big size guy wakakka~!!thank u BIg Man!!

Besides that, I also thanks all my cousins waiyu, taufu and angin...they always pray for my father ...ya also my aunt (ah Yee or lex mother)...she always have kind heart and hospitality as usual. Ya my father's sister just knew father not malign cancer, she totally happy till eyes also can't open LOL if you got followed my blog, she the one I mention before Aunt the Joker haha~!!my aunt really good and she also give lot help in this crisis..thanks gu jie...also thanks to my tai pak (uncle), without his help, it will be troublesome or even I unable grad..lastly, my god mother always take care my parent daily living stuff and many things while in the specialist hospital Selayang...In this moment, I really feel truth of, friendship and family....

finally all this suffering finally come to the end after one year fighting of me and my family.Just last two weeks, Several Specialist doctors and Director of general Hospital stated that my father sickness just benign. At first, they done lot of blood tests,scanning and predict as malign bone cancer but now finally I see the ray light of hope from God..thank u God. I hope everything just fine and nice..and also faster graduate hehe~!! observe this song MV story plot is very meaningful. Appreciate your time in spending with family.

Jacky in this MV is a poor child and want further study but his parent no money (my situation almost the same). But in end, his father still support him no matter what and Jacky Success in his career ,get award and recognition in the film industry. But in the end, the MV show that his father sacrifice is not wasted..his father hard work to do his job till blind because Jacky need financial support in his further study ( my father almost the same, cause of overwork then the disease breakout...)


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

GREY Mini Comic 2010

Ericsoft Group will produce a mini comic, GREY in Erictoshiro blogspot. Some readers may questioning that Eric you are not now doing Exorcism-X comic? No doubt Exorcism-X is still going on but I don't think it will be fast out in chapter 1.2. This is because Exorcism-X story plot is more complicated compare latest mini comic, Grey - The Middle of Forbidden Kingdom. This mini comic is more comedian genre, action genre adventure and magic genre.

Above is the antagonist of the mini comic,its name is BADASS.LOLx Wakakkaa~!!Moreover, the protagonist is my mascot, soft. Actually Soft you had been see it many timeS in my blog if you got chase my blog post haha~!! But this time soft name as Soft Crown.It is familiar to you?

Yup, the name is come from D-grayman, Alan revolution clown crown.The story plot is still in TBA (planning and execution mode) for this mini comic and the drawing more simple than Exorcism-X haha~!So it can produce much more faster than EXORCISM-X. Ya..Badass also one of the Ericsoft Group mascot...any negative things represented by him wakakaka~!!QUITE unfair here is always unfair..Do you agree?

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hacken Lee New Album 2010, 罪人 Sinner

Review hacken New album, 罪人 Sinner...definitely he will receive a great payout this time. This album is very nice compare his previous albums. One more thing I want to tell you all that Hacken is at 90's Four Heavenly Kings era. The point is even though, he is in under old era singer...

But he still adopted new trend of music...definitely he was talented singer and hacken consider as pre-eminent in latest Four Heavenly may ask not Eason should be taking the lead? No doubt Eason is formidable and Influential of HK music Industry for now. But he already in another level of heavenly king status that is "Modern God Of Songs".

Hacken drop in wrong era early days so quite pity on him those days. So, now game field is more relevant to those Rising young singers like Eason Chan, Leo Ku, Hins Cheung, Justin Lo and Raymond Lam. Hacken really a somethin' cause he still able create miracle in HK music era now.

After the birth of his second son, acclaimed Hong Kong singer Hacken Lee went back to the studio and recorded a new album. A chart-topper on all radio stations in Hong Kong, the album's titular song "Sinner" is the Cantonese remake of Malaysian singer-songwriter Abin Fang's huge Mandarin hit "Villain", a song about a man who takes up the "bad guy" role and cruelly ditches his unfaithful partner.

In Hacken's new version, however, producer Adrian Chow penned the lyrics from the viewpoint of the guilty lover that breaks up the couple. Other new songs on the album include "Goodbye, Space Shuttle" written by Eric Kwok and Wyman Wong, and another Eric Kwok composition "A Walk for Two". Those don't know who are Eric Kwok and Wyman Wong, I let u all know..Below is "Goodbye, Space Shuttle" MV..enjoy la.

They are famous song writers in HK music industry and Wyman is a very creative song writer. Eason and Hacken always appreciate his masterpiece that gifted to them. The Hacken's bonus DVD contains 11 clips from Hacken's MOOV Live 2010 mini-concert and 3 new music videos.

Track list
01. 罪人
02. 樓星花園
03. 對妳有話兒
04. 挨風科
05. 隱形俠
06. 兩人行
07. 爭取
08. 遲大到
09. 淡如水
10. 再見穿梭機

Highly recommended 01-罪人,05-隱形俠 and track 07-爭取....Besides, Got track 06-兩人行 MV (above) very interesting and relevant to those couples are always quarrel for nothing...The MV show that if you all want a eternal relationship, need to be respect each other and tolerate each other too.haha~!I know practically is hard to be done..hehe.
Anyway, Your song motivated me once again...thank u Hacken.

Monday, September 6, 2010

JYJ!!! Get ready!!(Edition)

ooo...unbelievable that former DBSK or TVXQ still got out album!! Moreover, they sing a new song called 'Get ready'....this song really motivated me back to study mood wakakaka~!!actually not really hahaha~!!

Anyway, this mini album is very nice...even though quite less track songs but many people always have a saying that..."We want is quality, is not quantity".(=____=)...Even Oricon predict that JYJ will get the first place on chart in 8th September..woo that is interesting hahaha~!!Let' see real a not la on that day hehe~!ya one more thing.. too bad (>..<) no "Get Ready"MV ...sigh.

In this world is very strange...even though when we have "Apart" one another but one day will "reunion" again...this is also another famous saying too DBSK members also reunion again but still incomplete members. But I think they will join back, just matter of time....Do you all agree?..Relationship in between human and nature always a very interesting..thats why I'm very impress on Confucius and Tao philosophy hehe~!

Actually JYJ got a Meaningful MV called いつだって君に...Frankly, from this song show that they sing based on their inner feeling.The song indirectly tell us that no matter what happen after we apart or dismiss the group..but we always together as buddies in our nice le..haha ..

Unfortunately,The MV have taken out by the AVEX company from Youtube because of the copyright. So, I have been replace another MV related to JYJ..a joy and happy MV.Actually I don't really know what this song mean wakaka~! Watashi Nihon~ko Wakarimasen (I don't understand Japanese)..ya forget tell you all this album is japanese version. Luckily, MV got English subtitle. Next post...coming soon more review hehe~!

Monday, August 30, 2010

53 Times

I didn't aware that my post no.53 got linkage to a one big event. Once I think about that how many years already for National day celebration?Then, it is indirectly awake me that tonight will be every Malaysian will celebrate this so meaningful event. I know that they will pass a night like a simple day for them(nothing so special). For me is understand that this is important day because this is the day brought an unity of civilization to every Malaysian and enjoy the peace and harmony.

But maybe some may upset in this several years cause by certain events especially in parliament meetings and politic election events. These make them not so joy and excited about for tonight national day celebration. But I think that nothing going to be done once things had been occurred. But It can be change.

Therefore, as you can see our great forefathers such as Tunku Abdul Rahman (Father of Independence), Tun Abdul Razak ( Father of Development), Tun Hussein Onn (Father of Education), Tun Mahathir (Father of Modernization)and Tun Abdullah Badawi try and make the big changes in our country from unknown country like potato shape island become a country got impressive recognition from foreign countries. But we still behind because of certain things.

Anyway, our country still got many things need to be change..don't say change we put as "improve" as better describe to get Malaysia into another level of civilization. I know that come to this new era...everyone no more like last time has separate identity...and we are glad and enjoy with different races of friends no matter is playing or sharing happiness together. Even that we share no matter what as brotherhood. We are just like a big family in this country.

Moreover, I don't think that need to stress more about One Malaysia in advertisement or other promotional tools. Why? Come on man...Because in our heart already know that 53 years independence is not come from miracle come from our ancestors unity. Therefore, I really hope that make good changes in politics ...try to cooperation to every parties show unity spirit to other countries and bring Malaysia even more success than other countries especially First World. Unity really important if got study matter is Malay history, China History, Japan History, Korea history, British.....etc..

Usually a country become weaker is because of internal problems and later on the problem become like a viral spread to other places and make the country suffer like getting chronic disease. Therefore, I hope that every politician forget your stands and work more for people. I think this is every Malaysian wish in this 53th Independence day. Lastly, we also hope that Our great 6th premier really can bring Malaysia into First World.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Imagination 52 ~TVB

Quite boring study cause study 2 days like nothing input to my mind(not cost effective at all) haha~!!and still thinking some new idea for my competition design. So went watch some TVB dramas and I recall those great series like Cold Blood Warm Heart, At threshold of an Era, and The greed of man. Even I create a series called " Chance Just have Once". As you all know business world or everything that opportunity is very important and so once you encounter when it appear, you must fast grab it...if not, you may regret in your whole life.

Nowadays, do you realize TVB less produce those big cast series like last time?...I really wish TVB will gather all big shots such as Paul Chun,Kenneth Tsang, Adam Cheng, Damien Lau, Gallen Lo, Raymond lam, Mose chan and BOsco Wong make one blockbuster series consisting of business world ecology plot and how competitors fight each other in market share. Moreover,let see how a conventional business transform into nowadays "Digital Era".

Moreover,hope TVB more input business knowledge inside the series just like Beauty Knows No Pain. Also hope They will act in this " Chance Just Have Once"(Just my imagination). wakakka~!! In actress, I wish like Tavia Yeung, Jessica Hsuan, Liza Wong, Linda Chung, Tang Shui Man and Charmaine Sheh work together...I think they will give you all a different level acting environment to us in other words, UNIQUE hehe...
Their characteristic are unique and I think no one can substitute their role.
At threshold of an Era MV below, let u recall back those days Drama:

This is series so meaningful, Adam Cheng and Gallen Lo really make you hate and love a lot in this series.

This The greed of man series is one of the famous series in all time. Even some people may say or rumored that adam cheng will affect the market share drop tremendously once his series broadcasting. The effect called as "Ting Hai effect". Below is the series MV ( music no so nice cause too oldies)and I just want u all recall back those scene hehe...If u want to listen the Greed Of Man series themesong..go watch 2nd MV(Alan Tam).

This song really so emotional. Do you agree?

...I tell you the truth that I imagine the plot story....Damien Lau was rival business with Paul Chun in the "Chance Just Have Once". Kenneth Tsang will become General in Russia and well-establish network in Russia. As you all know BRIC countries include Russia will become most prosperous once well-developed in next few decades....So, they will fight the business in Russia and also matter is land, hotel, bank and house development.

So, they try to get Kenneth's trust to get know more familiar the macro-environment and network there so easily penetrate the market.Unfortunately, Paul is aging so unable continue his passion to make his company future more brighter so pass to his half-brother, Adam Cheng continue the family business. The most funniest thing is Adam don't like business!!LOLx...and Bosco is work as Senior Marketing Executive and always help Adam escape the trap set by Gallen.

And even I imagine that Gallen actually is Paul Chun's son. This authority transfer not satisfy Gallen and even cause him more hate Adam. Lam Fung..I'm think he will act as impotent son in Damien's business and Moses will become Lam fung right-hand. This means no matter in dark side or white side problems, he help Lam fung secure the problems. Internal war and external war occurs in this series(imagination) haha~!!Love story more fascinating...interesting mo?Maybe I will give Part 2 tim hehe...just joking..(=____=).. just want to make my brain more refreshing so think somethin' creative lo haha~!!

I think I will take a break in blogging and thank you to everyone support my blog..I need more concentrate in my study hehe.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Wang Lee Hom New Album 2010

If you ask me..Are you Lee Hom fan..the answer is NO...well, if you got follow my blog journey then, you will get to know who is my icon haha~!in this post reveal his name la soon...hehe..ANyway, this time i review lee hom album for the first time. I feel quite unique from his album espcially the title, Skillful in 18 martial Arts. Maybe is because I'm former wushu practitioner so get attracted LOLx.

This album contain remix a lot of east and west tempo music and I feel that it is quite successful. So, I highly recommended track 04. 你不知道的事,05. 伯牙绝弦,06. 柴米油盐酱醋茶 and 07. 美(beautiful)(MV below).

Track List
01. Dragon Dance
02. 杜 U ♥ Me
03. 十八般武艺
04. 你不知道的事
05. 伯牙绝弦
06. 柴米油盐酱醋茶
07. 美
08. 需要人陪
09. 天涯海角
10. 你不知道的事 (宋晓青版本)
11. 自己人

Track 4.你不知道的事 is the theme song for Wang Lee Hom Latest movie 2010(ABOVE),Love in Diguise and I also haven't watch it hehe...too busy me lolx..
Track number 6 in english is firewood, Rice, Oil, Salt, Paste, Vinegar, Tea. This track name quite not make sense but after you see the MV that I provided. You wil more understand this title got meaningful meaning into everyone, love couple and family. The song symbolize love in between one another and unforgetable nice memories in deep sea of mind.

Curious a bit that...lee hom look like beggar in this movie and beggar got so handsome one? interesting...haha~!!The MOvie themesong is from Track 4.你不知道的事 MV song, also provided here:

HIghly recommended Track 5.伯牙绝弦 also provided here...enjoy new melody from New-Gen Heavenly King Wang Lee Hom. This track is very unique because it play by qin board instrument and combination with R&B music.Moreover, some even say this is second gen of "HEROES OF THE EARTH".

This is second MV (Below) can make me tear flow out ..the first MV make me cry is Jacky Cheung MV,张学友-想和你去吹吹风( at right hand side my Paradise STATION got the MV in track 10). Maybe their dramatization framework really make it very good and able touch our emotion deeply. The tears will slowly flow out from our naked eye. Because we are human, not wood so we are able to sense and attach with emotion. Anyway, I stress once again the phrase that is we should more care our nearer person who still alive.

Provide Pinyin lyric for this
柴米油盐酱醋茶/Firewood, Rice, Oil, Salt, Paste, Vinegar, Tea.

小时候 你想要什么
xiao shi hou ni xiang yao shen me

wo yao yi tai da da lan se de fei ji

dai wo huan you shi jie

dao di qiu mei yi ge jiao luo

zai lan tian bai yun zhong chuan suo

而长大以后 我想要什么
er zhang da yi hou wo xiang yao shen me

wo yao yi tai xiao xiao hong se da lu ji

he ni yi qi lu xia

喂 我们现在不在家
wei wo men xian zai bu zai jia

蓝色变成红色 因为 你
lan se bian cheng hong se yin wei ni

chai mi you yan jiang cu cha

yi dian yi di dou shi xing fu zai fa ya

yue er wan wan ai de sha

you le ni shen me dou bu cha

小时候 你想要什么
xiao shi hou ni xiang yao shen me

wo yao yi tai da da lan se de fei ji

dai wo huan you shi jie

qu di qiu mei yi ge jiao luo

zai lan tian bai yun zhong chuan suo

喔 长大以后 我想要什么
wo zhang da yi hou wo xiang yao shen me

wo yao yi tai xiao xiao hong se da lu ji

和你一起录下 喂 我们现在不
he ni yi qi lu xia wei wo men xian zai bu

zai jia

蓝色变成红色 因为 你
lan se bian cheng hong se yin wei ni

chai mi you yan jiang cu cha

yi dian yi di dou shi xing fu zai fa ya

yue er wan wan ai de sha

you le ni shen me dou bu cha

gei ni kuai le wu lun bai tian hei ye

wo jin shuang shou jiu suan gua feng xia yu

wo jiu shi yao ni

yao ni dai zai wo shen bian

bao hu ni zhi dao yong yuan

chai mi you yan jiang cu cha

yi dian yi di dou shi xing fu zai fa ya

yue er wan wan ai de sha

you le ni shen me dou bu cha

yue er wan wan ai de sha

mei you yi ge li you

huo de na me fu za

you le ni shen me dou bu cha

Thursday, August 19, 2010

blog 50th-Marketing invades blogspot & Secret recipe Part 1

I'm quite lazy to blog nowadays and also busy for FYP cause me no time to blog ha ha~!bUT, NOW my post number 50!!!So it is quite precious memorable post for me. Therefore, I will post somethin' more interesting and benefit to you all.

Blogging activity is becoming more influence in business world at this 21st century. So,I named this post as Marketing invades Blogspot. Marketing usually always refers to Marketing mix(products, price,place and promotion).

So,They are using blog as promotion for their products and no need suffer a high cost marketing in usage of blogging.The place even can increase coverage of targeted prospects or customers.If you got observed that many big companies already using blog as word-of-mouth tool to spread their product with positive comments.Actually not just blogspot including wordpress, msn, and other blogging interfaces.

I believe that in future, blogging will integrated with twitter, linkWithin, plurk, flick, Youtube and facebook to become as one media and name as Interactive Digital tools become one of the powerful and influential promotional items in E-marketing.Perhaps, they also act as a motivator tool for interactive marketing to boost the customer's awareness.

Besides, As blogger also can be applied the marketing mix, not just for corporate hehe~!why I'm say so? Do you know we blog in convenience place and without have to pay a penny then, you can write anything you want but information that not against legal and rights.

>Place- Provides comfortable and convenience for you type your story in the blog.

>Promotion-promote what u want such as games,movie,personal story, sharing info & etc

>Price- ZERO ..haha we don't need money to blogging and even you earn some from blogging but in condition, you must contribute some information benefit to the society and promote ads.(in this world, there are no free lunch).

>Product- if you ask me...blogger present what product in blog? Are you forgotten?..You are selling your ideas, experiences and opinions to the people in worldwide while you post those travel pictures, experience usage of certain products and etc. Actually not selling is sharing more relevant in using for our blogger perspective.

In the end, what you applied in blogging and definitely you get some fruitful return that is earning by helping corporate promotes their products. So, then "selling" term comes in here.Therefore, I feel that Intervention of internet is like erase the word "secret" from the dictionary.hehe...short interview comic...

So unbelievable that My blog finally reach blog 5oth....and my earning reach more than RM70!!wakkaa..i very happy what I have. This is because not easy to earn.(=______=)

Those days, i not believe what my sai lou(brother) say i mean Eric from site,( and seng aik,( good friend of mine...they say you know earn a penny also not easy in blogspot...need to put some effort to it. Now I quite agree what they say actually.hehe..

If you ask me what is your secret recipe for increase your earning? then, it can be many ways..and depends on your style orientation. Whether you want to become aggressive or passive blogger(just like me >.<). Actually I not so pro like ken wooi or kennysia
but i just want to share with those people who always ask why I always 0 cents or just increment of few comes...

-Make your blog more informative + CS graphic..........


Sunday, August 8, 2010

Starcraft II rock the world once again after 12 years!!!

If u ask me ..have I play it even Starcraft II ~ Wings Of liberty already launched since 27 July? the answer is NOOOO!! damn it thanks to my thesis..give me lot of works and unable enjoy it. You may ask why not you get it first, then done everything then only play the game...Are you jokin'? Such a fantastic game you will not hunger for it and just put it like a decoration or Mona Liza portrait hang at your home?!Impossible..Such a great game is unstoppable!!(above picture, the animation soldier figure is just my creation draw by mouse, not related to Blizzard model)

So to prevent me got Star craft addiction and hunger~ness so i didn't bought it and just watch the trailers for thousand times to satisfy my hunger~ness need..I think Maslow theory need to put games' hunger as physiological need once the generation Y population are growing and replace the baby boomers population.LOLx..just a joke, Abraham Maslow don't scold me!!If u all don't know who is Abraham then, go wikipedia search who he is..I just briefly explain that somehow he is founder of human five needs theory.(*salute*=respect). You see above the Terran Battlecruiser is it gorgeous? damn freak impressive!!

So, less words more just can enjoy StarCraft 2 clips BELOW. Thank you to Gamespots & Youtube contributions hehe~!!

Above is a trailer for StarCraft II, totally is like a movie. I really hope and wish Blizzard really make it into bigger screen that is Blockbuster Movie. As you all know nowadays many movies are come from games such as Prince of Persia, Halo, Resident Evil(famous in every generation), and etc....Ya..the game have deploy more than one million to world wide in 2 days so what do you think huh?...i think is too little lo LOlx..because more than 10 millions people play PC games so such a small portion can't satisfy the whole PC gamer population LOlx

Above is another trailer and it can say so got some gist of the story of StarCraft II. Ghost is a girl?? i don't know, I haven't play yet haha~!!if those had been play please put some comments here LOLx..totally this trailer make your blood-boiling hahaha~!!What do you it fantastic and gorgeous those marines and their battlecruisers..what to do..people use 100 million dollars for development cost production means not include marketing expenditures like distribution and promotion in internet or other promotional tools) is first ever game use such heavy amount investment even Gran Turismo(PS3) just use about 60 million dollars if u say GT 5 also very nice and beautiful then, Starcraft 2 is just magnificent masterpiece wakaka~!!!

Above is gameplay and I found out that totally is different from last time starcraft ( sure will have diffirent if not no need make sequel LOL). Moreover, it look too grand!!The terran (human race) will have 29 stages and this all i know LOlx..maybe after my FYP, sure i will play with bro first, lex(my sifu), angin, taufu,waiyu doubt other friends of mine hahaha~!!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

JULY Season

So fast come to week 7 and month of July....disastrous events keep on coming forward...exam, presentation, assignments and very frustrating for me is the supervisor add more work to my group..geez..really very tense this semester..more interesting is I lost my passion wakaka~!!So..the EX chapter 1.2 still postponed sigh...I hope this comic will goes until 30 chapters wakaka~!!can I?

This video is about your partner may not so perfect,because your existence he/she become perfect.I think is because his/her shortcoming fill by your positive value you have..I quite agree in this point.Moreover,I like this video very I would like to share with you is very touching, thanks to Tau fu sharing.(ABOVE).

Actually this video not just for couple but also for parents also can apply to if your parents is not perfect, just accept it and don't think they are so irritating or not like others parent give more love to you..just think another good side of them..once they gone is gone...

Chinese saying: "Zhen Sik Ang Chin Yan"(Appreciate your people around you when there is still got chance)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

South Africa World CUp 2010!!!

I didn't thought I watch 2 matches world cup 2010 last night haha~!because I'm not football maniac just like others..But still I got little bit knowledge about it wakaka~! Well, last night I thought Argentina will score more than 1 or 2 balls but Nigeria Goalkeeper really make great effort on guard goal gate like formidable barrier ( in the end,Heinze break it haha!!!) and show up interesting performance to the worldwide audiences haha~!

Lionel Messi tried many attempts to score goals...almost 4 or 5 times..still unable to score...sigh~!But I found out that he really worth his title as great player of the year. Sorry la my friend, I'm not so expert in football maybe u can educate me more haha~! Anyway, thanks to Gabriel Heinze's headbutt score the first point in 6 minutes and this point brought the victory to argentina in this match!!

Diego Maradonna was very unsatisfied when Messi tackled by Nigeria player and should give yellow card but they didn't(but in end, the referee also gave Nigeria player a yellow card when make second tackle) Maradonna just like Mario at that moment haha~!iN THE END, ARGENTINA WIN 1-0 OVER Nigeria. All the best for Argentina!!I think they will fight South Korea if not mistaken...

Second match,England versus USA ...very interesting was Gerrand scored first goal in 4 minutes more faster than Heinze haha~!racing meh?! Sigh but somethin' unpredictable happen..pity for England....that match was very clear that they probably win if Green (Eng Goal keeper)did not make that big MISTAKE..everyone was open mouth widely and eye rounded like a watermelon when Green unable catch the ball, strike by Demsey (USA player) the end, England VS USA resulted as draw..1-1....hope England will win on the next match sigh...

Ya...forget again I will EXTEND DATE for my comic, episode 1.2..sigh very sad you know...always got obstacles block my comic progress...this semester I need to concentrate my thesis zzz....Mr.Busy find me

Monday, May 24, 2010

Chapter 1.2 COMING SOON

OMG..finally got some idea design the EXORCISM-X Chapter 1.2 cover LOL...don't worry...I think I recall back my "flow" of the story...Chapter 1.2 will be publish on 16 June 2010 if doesn't have anything interrupt my schedule la hahaha~!This time I try to make it more actions, more horror effects and less conversation LOL...I hope you like it...and try give comments to my comic please everyone.

I still remain the story mode and not full version comic...I know many readers more favor to full version but unfortunately I don't have much time to draw and don't forget my comic is free of charge LOL...I hope you please have a click to those attractive advertisement in my blog hahaha~!as payment for my comic hehe just joking no forcing everyone...and sincerely thank you your supports!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

ALAN WAKE Review 2010

Finally, got some leisure time to review XBox 360 game...first of all, this time I review about Alan Wake,Best game of the year 2010. Many PS3 fans argue that Heavy rain is better than this...
I think this point is very subjective. Heavy Rain is detective and action genre additionally unique movement control(if u got play indigo prophecy or Fahrenheit, I think u will familiar about their emotion action movement control). In other view of point for Alan Wake,also include detective genre but more on horror genre...

the Alan Wake is similar with Fatal Frame and Clock Tower 3.LAter, you will know why they have similarity with Alan Wake.So, Heavy Rain or Alan Wake is very depends on a person perception and favorable...both also have its own weakness and strength...therefore, their rating are almost the same or same rating if those got google around the game websites.

In term of graphic, no doubt is more better compare to clock tower 3 or Fatal Frame because now Xbox 360 is 3rd generation console ^__^....besides, Alan wake graphic is more nicer than Nier...really quite dissapointed to Square Enix this time...Remedy did a good job in term of graphic this time..clear scenery, air, trees and etc...anyway, great improvement of graphic but still can't compare to those great legend games such as Final Fantasy or Metal Gear Solid graphic.

Above as u can see..what a beautiful scene and road structure and trees are so real and nice. Besides,they fix the resolution just nice and those blurness square not easily figure out by your naked eye.

Let's talk a bit the storyline, Alan is a writer and he is very famous even everyone knows him...unfortunately,three years later, he don't have anymore inspiration to write a book!!the nightmare begins, he and his wife, Alice go for trip,also hope can take some good rest and maybe can get good idea for alan write his manuscript...because his good friend, Barry always irritate him "when u going give me your new novel bla bla..." LOL Above of the picture, that is the place, Alan and Alice rent its cabin for the holiday...the horror begins in this old and spooky cabin. Moreover, your adventurous game, Alan Wake also begins!!

Above,Alice feels comfortable and happy that no matter what happen, Alan besides her...Alice scare of dark suddenly the cabin light shutdown so Alan faster solve the problem to prevent his wife shock and nervous at that moment.
But Alice spoken out something no so favor to Alan then, their quarrel occurs and this lead to Alan angry so he run out the cabin.

Suddenly, Alice, his wife screamed loudly, "helpp!!Alan!!help alan!!aaaaargh!!!
Alan rush back to cabin but suddenly strong wind like blow oppositely against ALan movement..Once Alan reach the cabin, his wife already disappeared and he rush out and find his wife...soon you proceed something or discover somethin' u not seen before...first and second chapters, you always run around in the forests..and this consider bad point for this game because the place always the same and no doesn't give some new* to inspire you!

Anyway, As I mention before this game is almost like fatal frame right? you see the about the picture( haha the little bear is just my creation, Soft and those dialogues doesn't appear in the game..all are fictions)...

Every time Alan face something danger or horror creatures...definitely those heavy mist appear and those damn horror music will play...OMG!! always make my heart dubbing very fast!!and also the damn vibration of the joystick always vibrate non-stop make you more tension!!So, Fatal Frame also like that..heavy mist and the damn horror music make you uneasy all the time LOL even sometimes you scare yourself for nothing LOL.

ALan use a very unique weapon to beat those horror creature or u can say is ghost la....those creatures got dark barrier so need the light to break it so...i think u should know what it is now....that is torch light haha..sound very childish LOL..But of course, if alan wake use torch light to kill a creature then, this game is ridiculous and impossible for gamers give this game high rating(include me ^__^)
Alan also will use some realistic weapons such as shot-gun, handgun and etc to kill those creatures after u break their barrier.(below)

So torch light also need some batteries right?So, Remedy also make it quite realistic, you need get some batteries to recharge back your torch light if not..haha you really have hard time to those creatures and you may died in there too( i mean game over la) LOL Above do u see some sparky light? means your torch light point on the creature and it will slowly break their formidable dark barrier ...once they lose it..they just like ordinary people can be hurt by weapons. Of course your guns also need to reload...there are no unlimited bullets for you haha~!

Overall, this game is everytime give you high curiosity to keep on chase the story and play non-stop to know why Alan encounter such weird events and always had some horrible dreams....and more questioning about those damn weird dark creatures?where they come from? why they exist?So, these few questions are quite common ask about to this game....Totally no regret you buy for it..worth to play anyway..the game weakness actually are camera angle, doesn't give you more new surprises and they use almost every old environment and enemies...but the storyline really nice and you totally can feel the horror!!...hope those player don't have nightmares just like Alan Wake..if not you need a torch light, put beside your pillow lo hahahaha~!

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