Monday, December 28, 2009

Event of 2009 Part 1-Perak Food Fair 2009

New year is blog also need to change the icon cho reveal out some great events in along all this start with nearer event that is PERAK FOOD FAIR 2009 lol aCTUALLY THIS IS THE FIRST TIME EVER IN Tong Sui this area rarely held such great event haha hope the government is make some changes la....and also didn't thought lulu also got went there haha....she also wrote same event in her blog lol..but mine looks better coz more creative and innovative than her haha oops...
This small poster promote the fair and this event held in 3 days 25,26 and 27 very very crowded in these 3 days ..every vehicle is parked everywhere LOL..I think is more than hundreds people go and eat there..u see below of the photo then u will know what i talking about hehe.

I bring my mother, tai pak(elder uncle)& his wife go eat there and enjoy the atmosphere(actually not so enjoy coz hot like sahara dessert(>__<)Meanwhile, my yee pak(Second uncle)and his wife also going there eat so we join together..woo quite rare join together eat with all my uncles hehe not bad...mmm...we eat a lot of thing such as....

none other than our famous Malaysian food SATAY!!!IS DAMN NICE I TELL YOU!!we eat beef and chicken satay...the meat still can feel the juicy and tenderness of the meat hehe..

woo..woo..Chinese dumpling..haha just act so excited je..nothing so special about..ok la the taste lol..can't say very tasty or word describe that is "average".

this is Chinese carrot cake(Lo Pak Goal)not football goal ok?This is from chinese name translated into english name hehe...actually my aunty order 2 types of these food that is carrot favor and another one is pumpkin..the carrot cake is more strong aroma and strong taste of carrot* compare to another one(tasteless):)hehe

woo..main dish for me haha~!siu yuk!!fried pork should call it i think la....aa those on diet sorry la..make you drooling non-stop..I tell you is very nice and good best of the best in IPOH..I had been try many siu yuk in Ipoh.I think this pork consider as one of the outstanding siu yuk stalks in IPOH.The meat just melt in your mouth and the skin is crispy like KFC fried Chicken.

This and as yau yu ong choi..this also highly recommended food.very nice.The squirt make it just nice and ok(didnt overcook or make it hard to chew or bite)

woo...Pirated Shark FIN Soup haha~!joking~!ok..hehe..this soup can called as economy Shark Fin soup or Small Bowl of Shark Fin Soup(woon Chai Chi)..mmm..taste average la..just fulfill your hunger for real shark fin u know shark fin soup is luxury food...when i look on it ..just recall I eat shark fin soup at Oversea restaurant for early celebration of Tung..taste are great(the photo will reveal in next post part2)

After finish eating, we just go walk back down the get my car..suddenly so noisy that side ..what on earth is happening?!ohhh...2 mui mui chai(little girl)lol dancing on the stage haha..ok la they are pretty and cute la moreover got guts to perform in front of hundred audiences..should salute them hehe..Actually got a lot of photos i lazy to post haha ..ok la thats all for part 1 and Part2 will been post soon and it also related to food..thats My brother,Steve make early celebration of Tung so invite all our family Ng members went to Oversea restaurant to have big be continue lol

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Nice Sem Break

sO FAST sem breAK AGAIN...I also don't know pLAN TO DO first,I plan to draw comic and continue back my EXORCISM-X.So, I do some research and get some information related to my comic...suddenly I discover FF-13 is coming soon in March 2010..OMG..Final fantasy is my favorite game ever so how? I didnt own a console like XBOX OR ps3?....HEHE so go get a sponsor LOL then my mother empress agree to sponsor a little..then the financial problem is secure but now the problem is i should choose ps3 or xbox?OMG now is 2nd phase problem LOL

anyway to the end, I choose XBOX 360haha~!Playstation 3 really cannot afford..PS3 now is targeted affluent consumer lol for me really just can afford xbox haha~!

This XBOX REALLY A GREAT CHRISTMAS PRESENT TO ME!!thank u mom!!haha~!..Now I continue Devil May Cry series episode fantastic and the graphic is damn nice..environment is look great!!mm...i feel color is lose to PS3 but texture of the game much more better than PS3 if compare lol...Finally I can spend a nice Sem Break haha~!My Xbox Elite can customize profile and avatar!!the latest version and I don't think got any problem or get 3RROD cause i had been play more than 5 or 6 just nice...hehe my dream come true, can play all nice game like Ninja Gaiden, Devil May Cry4, Tekken 6, GTA 4 , FF13 and many more !!One more thing don't worry about my comic coz I will not neglect my still goes on and will publish next year 2010..EXORCISM-X 1.2-BACKGROUND OF JIRO!!

Monday, November 23, 2009


haha...if I no mistaken, I had been nearly 2 month didn't blogging haha~!what to do..people thought short sem is paradise sem but is not lol...rushing assignment, examination continuous sad to say we got time to die, no time for sick lol this is favorite saying from Chinese community.

This short sem really an unexpected for me, I had become leader suddenly this sem(^_^ actually I always being selected as leader just that i push out)..aiyo I quite like freedom and don't like carry a lot of responsible..cause i know the consequence if did not done well the job as leader haha~!Anyway,I still manage go through well in the assignment.hehe.

Actually I want give synopsis to Surrogate movie when just out that time, star by Bruce Willis but too bad NO TIME!!....
Anyway, this movie plot is too predictable and too FAST END!!basically we know that western movies always long hours excluded cartoon la...If this movie not act by Bruce, i think this movie will just downfall to the end of the earth.sigh.

Besides, i would sorry to those readers that didn't give PSP game review cause really not that free lol okok..just review a bit la...Do you all know Assasin Creed?
I bet u know, cause this is a very best favorite game in PC and PS3 but too bad not go so well in PSP cause the graphic is very disappointed if compare to GOD OF WAR (PSP)so think before u buy this game but you are impulsive game buyer then never mind, go for it haha~!

Besides, I want review a well-known chronology epic game, not other than our forever BEST Of RPG unparallel game,FINAL FANTASY. This time Square Enix come out a Fighting-action genre game called as FF Dissidia. As we know that Square Enix always design and create RPG genre and seldom make us feel bored or poor plotting in the storyline.

This time FFD(final fantasy Dissidia) really very nice in graphic and innovative game style and introduction story but overall bad in plot even though they make a clever idea that combine all FF main characterS from FF I till X . So, it may not fully satisfy for you. But it still can temporarily gratify your hunger for FF games while waiting Final fantasy 13 AGITO in PSP. But the FF 13 may not similar to PS3 FF13..haha that PS3 version is much impressive than AGITO version hehe~!

Another game really give me unexpected is PixelJunk Monster Deluxe.This gaMe is just PLants & Zombies.So, those who got play PC mini game may know what kind of game it is. It like you implant some cannons(got many types) or other weapons to defend yr followers to prevent eat by monsters. This also will give addiction just like PATAPON and DJ MAx game.

In PSP game, you really cannot look down some minigame such as PATAPON and this one too. Even Patapon cannot compete with our FF graphic but the gameplay really a something that can trigger your addiction every minute ha ha~!
PATAPON 2 is the best game of the year 2009. The fun thing is while they beating their drum to make rhythm(nice music)and how to make success mini strategy to win the game lol. But I think not much people like if they hate to memorize thing cause u need to memorize their steps to move, attack and defend. Maybe really can say in this world nothing is perfect.

This is for all today, PSP review PArt 2 next time everyone...and my sem break is coming so my EXORCISM-X Chapter 1.2 coming soon.thank u for support.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

EXORCISM-X, Chapter 1.1- Spirited Cafe

In 21st century, the world keeps on developing and advancing in technology. Scientific education strongly influencing to everyone. Therefore,the scientific belief slowly collapsing the myth and ritual belief, so everyone had been forgotten forefathers’ taboo and supernatural stories pass by one generation to another generation. Every mortals thought the story was ended for certain reasons perhaps does not believe its truthfulness and without proven by scientific evidence or factual. Unfortunately, that is no end or conclusion for this belief or does not need a logical reason to prove it. Actually we can avoid it by certain extend or method but we are cannot conclude the streamline of supernatural….....

This is where the story begins and strange incident start at Shibuya, Japan………Just as usual the city always congestion with cars and people, everyone have their own destination to reach.

First day of the week, Monday, at 12:00pm a strange incident occur in one of the small cyber café and causes everyone full with curiosity and crowded the place.

Few minutes later, many police and ambulance arrive there because 15 students fainted and die at the cyber café. The place had been become a crime scene.

The cyber café called as Jiro Cyber Café and owned by a Chinese named Chan Sen. Chan Sen kneel at outside of the café and using his both hands put on top of his head, mumbling around..

“ …what is… on ….here?!!I didn’t ki..kill..them….I didn’t kill them!!!.” said by Chan Sen.
Suddenly, Chan Sen gone mad and rush out to the main road and suddenly a car rush right in front of Chan Sen. Then, a young policeman hold Chen Sen‘s hand strongly and drag him back safely. If not, Chan Sen will knock by that Honda Civic and die on the spot. Then, the young policeman order his sergeant accompany Chan Sen in the ambulance. Before that, the young policeman stand behind of Chan Sen and he speaks to him personally.

“Don’t worry, I will help you and investigate it to found out who is the true culprit and responsible to this whole incident…..I promise” said young policeman.
Then, Chan Sen look back and respond to the young policeman.
“You think who you are brat!!...this is…..stra..nge..strange and….weird… you can’t…can’t handle it kid!!” shouted by Chan Sen. While he shout that time, he did not look on the young policeman.

Meanwhile, a sergeant shout out, “You know who is he…he is famous Inspector in Shibuya Crime Investigation Bureau (CIB), Sir Sousuke Jubei!!”
Sousuke glare at the sergeant eventually the sergeant keep silence immediately and take the Cyber café owner into the ambulance. Before the nurse close the backdoor of the ambulance……Then, Sousuke sigh and feel disappointed to his subordinate that talk a lot and bullshit around but didn’t put it in action.
“Shintaro, don’t forget get Chan Sen’s report and those victims’ parents too!!” shouted by Inspector Sousuke.

The nurse closed the backdoor after end conversation of them and the ambulances start moving and rush to Shibuya general hospital.

Sousuke feel strange after ask few questions from many customers there who surfing internet in Jiro Cyber Café. Many customers say that those students doesn’t act strange or threaten by unknown people. Every victim is doing their assignments or research related to their studies. Therefore, Sousuke faster rush back to his department and ask assistance from Crime Advancing Technology Bureau (CATB) to get certain information perhaps able to unlock this mystery puzzle. Then, CATB Inspector gives record files to Sousuke because those files contains record of background every student who die at Jiro Cyber Café.

“Sousuke, you own me a meal!” said by the inspector.
“Mmmm….Don’t forget last night you lost Mahjong to me and own me 49000 yen that round…Hehe! Said Sousuke laughed and Hayate just feel disappointed and shy to admit the lost.
“hehe…I’m just joking man! Sousuke we are sworn-brothers…Oops I need to meet my Boss for preparing next operation….See you next time!” smile Hayate with wicked face and he rush to the lift and waving his hand to Sousuke means Sayonara (bye bye) to Sousuke.
“What the……no wonder in high school he called as Hayate the wicked calculator” said by Sousuke and smile a little. Anyway, Sousuke still feel uneasy in this case so he rushes back to his office to found those victims’ background.

In Sousuke’s office, 5:35pm evening, he get very puzzle after reading all the documents and record files that related to those death victims. Every student is having different background and come from different school so they are no linkage to each other. Additionally, all victims were obedient students and had good academic result in their school respectively.

This has become more and more complicated to this case and Sousuke sense this case is not an ordinary case. Anyway, cyber café owner still in high probability to be suspect because according customer’s report that before they fainted and die, those victims drank his special coffee made by him. Therefore, Sousuke is still waiting the autopsy report from pathologist to justify those students die in poisoning or not. Besides, the owner may have mental disorder cause this tragedy so this case got many possibilities.

“But look like I need to go to the crime scene once again tonight…let’s sees who the one is playing around” said by Sousuke while playing with his ancient Chinese coin. While Sousuke is flipping his coin into the mid-air suddenly the coin is glowing with gold color…….then, a strange sound voice out softly that “…..he is still unrest there…….”
“Seems look like very interesting…” said by Sousuke.

12:00 A.M, midnight, Sousuke go to Jiro Café alone and stand outside of café entrance.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Not Giving Up!!!

i too boring till draw this above ....sigh wasted me 15 minutes for this drawing..never mind maybe is a motivation or reinforcement for me...OB I will kill you this Thursday....I will not defeated by you again!!aaaargh lol....besides I hope this drawing present to everyone who are having exam and problems...DON'T GIVE UP!!!

Especially all my Uni friends and other best friends...i hope everyone keep the spirit of study up, frustrated for something or some who have relationship problem also don't give is always have why not think it positively and endure it...don't avoid...Just like my exam!!!AAAARGH!!WTF!!!

THANK YOU(^_^) and sorry I have little bit over-react haha~!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Funniest videos

Haha...Marvellous this two fella and one gal...they sing song to order foods.The most funniest thing is the waitress haha~!Wonderful McDonald food order song..hehe

This clip contributed by Bernard Fong aka Taicho...actually this clip is come from Japan funny show called Gaki No Tsukai.Matsumoto is most funniest guy in this clip and other episodes in the show.

Then, below this clip is Thailand commercial advertisement...the little boy really can become superstar haha~!This clip contributed by Daniel(my housemate)

next time I post more nice I will preparing for Funniest videos 2, this maybe take a long time cause upload very troublesome in blog..anyway,thank you for support haha~!

Sunday, September 6, 2009


i CAN'T BELIEVE WHAT HAPPEN JUST NOW!!The little kitty hide inside my housemate cupboard and his room is at 2nd floor of the house....don't know how it able to squeeze* in there haha~!Luckily tuck chai(another housemate) and I found out if not that kitty die inside the cupboard...

The most funniest thing is no one want to take it out!!I also don't know they scare doubt it looks cute but maybe cover by thousand germs that our eyes can't see it coz germs' size are negligible lol..So I'm the one rescue him* out lo(what to do..hehe) and put him in the box and treat him like pet lol ..later interesting happen to him*!!

Finally,His MOm found him in the box and reunion once again!! you can see so warm picture(ABOVE)and his mom is miewing...the kitty follow his mom miew one time lol see animal also got sense to found back her own flesh...I wonder why so sudden nowadays cruel young parent abandon their baby without regret or feel this action is inhuman way doing such thing.Nowadays civilization is facing one of the big problems that is fallen of morality...sigh..anyway,I feel happy tonight that able to see such great reunion from this little kitty and his mom.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


The picture above is the cover page for my EXORCISM-X introduction. The character above got related to my comic novel, he is one of the designated antagonists but not in chapter 1 hehe~!The story will divided into 7 or 8 chapters.Every chapters got linkage to each others so can get the flow of the storyline.Moreover, one chapter consist of subs for example, chapter 1.1,1.2 and etc...EXORCISM-X written in English(major) and others foreign languages(minor).I also use few FF-X soundtracks made by NOBUO UEMATSU(Final fantasy X composer)so when you read the story with more feel* haha~!

EXORCISM-X is consisting of detective,horror,supernatural,magic and shounen(youth)genre.The setting is using modern era like present day.The geographical story is overall based on Japan and fictional characters also using Japanese name but still got other races.Additionally,EXORCISM-X is more alike novel but why I say is consist some comic elements because my English very poor so I try to use drawing to explain certain parts.Therefore, you will not feel boring and dry of the story...LOL. The drawing will illustrated or draw by using Paint and photoshop program and I'm using mouse to draw because I no money buy drawing pad...the coverpage also using mouse to draw...LOL

I hope EXORCISM-X will better than its predecessor,SAMANOSKE(2004 PRODUCTION-above) and also hope you all will like it la...and try gives more comments so i can improve it and present to you all in better quality.The EXORCISM-X no doubt will publish on 10 OCTOBER 2009...if no technical problems la hehe~!Moreover,reminder to everyone who read this EXORCISM-X all settings are fictional, no real and doesn't exist in reality.Lastly,I publish earlier the introduction, not 6th SEPTEMBER that I mention because due to my final examination.Therefore,sorry to those readers hehe....anyway,THANK YOU FOR SUPPORT EVERYONE!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Malaysian Breakfast....

OMG!!exaM Coming Soon!!shit....oops.not my Comic Novel Coming Soon LOL...sad le I still got many things need to study aiyo...Last friday I ponteng(truancy) class again haha~!never mind la because according my spy's report, just 2 students attend for the lecture class haha~!included the spy la lol...during the lecture

class on, I was happily eating breakfast with my group members....even thought is not luxury or high graded foods but it is our Malaysian foods culture even Malays or Indians also follow this culture...that we eat white porridge with groundnut and vegetable like kimchi(pickle),chee cheong fun and Pan Mee.

The chee cheong Fun is edible LOL, not say tasteless la and it still got room of improvement for this hawker's food hehe~!Chee cheong fun was originated from Southern China and Hong Kong.Therefore, many hawkers always claim themselves as Hong Kong Chee Cheong Fun.. to show that how original it is for their food but the question is which hawker can inherit the truth of deliciousness and skills making a origin Chee Cheong fun le? hehe...

then, we need to taste it first la then can make the judgement, because food can't just judge by the look only,so food must justified by 5 elements such as color,scent,taste,look(presentation) and skills...chee cheong fun also called as rice noodle roll...nowadays had been come up a lot of fusion or modified such as put some pork or prawn and some will put vegetables into the roll...woo very delicious..

This porridge not so fantastic, if i give evaluation then, it just get 1 star out of 5 haha~!the porridge was COLD!!this is big offence make chinese foods!!haha~!this is because most of the chinese foods heavily weighted on this particular thing.besides, the Pan Mee not so dissappointed la because the mee's texture not bad even though made in machine, i think hand-kneaded more taste better hehe...and the soup...aa..lack of something perhaps the soup didn't put enough ingredients*...

Anyway, still enjoyable breakfast la for that morning but then I realize next Monday was our Independence day for Malaysia after seeing a malay is eating chee cheong fun and Indian eating Pan mee and accidentally I heard their conservation about public holiday for next monday haha~!As you can see Foods also did not divided races so just like other aspects also need equity...Therefore,we should support our premier vision that is Satu Malaysia.....

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Two Superstars NEW Albums

Long-distance partner album
01. 長途伴侶
02. 一晚長大
03. 只想抱抱
04. 張開眼睛
05. 我得你
06. 常言道
07. 如果有一天
08. 天生天養
09. 我的心只可容納妳
10. 將自己給你

Andy Lau again..out new album anyway this album already out long time ago(27th July 2009) hehe~!...really cannot denied him as King of Workaholic or maybe he really King of diligent because he recently out the album called Love Hope(希望.爱)then, few months later out again...haha~!this time the album is compromise all nice songs together...some songs I think I didn't heard before like track 04. 張開眼睛....this song not bad and damn nice this 06. 常言道(highly recommended). The track no.6 is from a chinese opera music convert into modern music additionally this song able to sense Andy got improvement a lot in singing if compare those days.I really love this track 07. 如果有一天 especially when he sang till "Yan sin tin but hei...." and this song also highly recommended.

Probably this album will not wasted to buy or.....hehe~!Anyway, really need to praise a little on him because nowadays he sing all the songs full with emotion and control key very good....of course la Andy now already come to another stage of life cycle,"mature"lol.Besides, I hope andy don't so sad about his gf's father passed away la....

Very Busy album
1. Slow Dance
2. 答案
3. 羅馬時差
4. 延長賽
5. 這就是愛嗎 ?
6. 很忙
7. 烏賊
8. 夢非夢
9. 赤地之戀
10. 永遠的愛人
Ok come to next SUPERstar..Joey Yung...this album at first I thought is cantonese album but...aiya never mind la. In this album I discover her mandarin also not bad too!!mmm...track 1.Slow Dance actually you can feel something new from Joey Yung.Moreover,track 6.很忙 really can bring out her potential singing skill and I feel strange in track 7.烏賊 because in this track, I feel got similarity singing from Jolin le...haha~!But nice try Joey!..I think she want to try different genre in her music.

Therefore,I think this album really give you all another feel of her music.
I heard Joey's song since 2006 in that album "Close Up" and love the song called Sum Fah Lou Fong...very nice because really can bring joy and happy feel from the song.I think Joey really deserve as Ah Jer status in HK music industry because she able to sing many type of songs.I think her late mentor,Roman Tam also feel happy too if able to see her so successful in her career.I wish she really able sing till just like Late Anita got someone inherit talent of great Queen Of Pop, Anite la...Moreover,I always hope that HK music industry able to reform back glorious day just as 90s Golden Music Era.

PSP reviews hold on because I'm waiting Assasin's Creed and Gran Turismo come out first...see these 2 games worth a not, go into this chart BEst Games of the Year 2009.Furthermore,6th September I maybe gives brief introduction about my EXORCISM-X and a picture like coverpage for this 2nd Masterpiece, thank you for support...

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Claypot Chicken Rice free now...always go out eat with my group members.Nowadays,my group members and I felt too bored eat at Bandar Baru, Kampar. Therefore, my friend, Howard suggest go eat claypot chicken rice rather than eat economy rice(nasi campur or many dishes in plate of rice). Then, my friend, Alvin told us that 2 places at old town there are consider taste good...But he prefer the place called Lam Kee claypot chicken rice la but I prefer another shop because it gives more special than Lam Kee.Nevertheless, each place has its own uniqueness of claypot chicken rice.

So, we go Lam Kee there eat la.......In that place, really not so hygiene but aiya what to do, that day we very eager to eat that claypot chicken rice haha~!Then, we order two big claypots and then aunty who serve us, suddenly shock...then, Alvin and me answer her that eat two big claypots like eating peanuts LOL....then, aunty said no problem lo then...haha~!Afterward, we start to scare that we can't eat finish it because many family members usually order one claypot chicken rice is enough....but we gone mad again LOL

THis is first claypot arrived la....mmm...the taste good and the rice not so dry and feel some soft texture of the rice.Anyway,the chef not so stingy because normally claypot chicken rice very less slices of Chinese sausage and tiny salty fish.They gives quite a lot of chinese sausage and also salty fish hehe~!Moreover, the rice didn't overcooked so as result, the rice is nice in color and smell great when it arrives to our table.
Besides, the chickens chop till the size average to every parts so the presentation quite ok I think hehe~!The chicken's meat also good because it quite smooth the meat and the meat is tender and soya sauce did not overcome the chicken taste.

But sad is not so much fan chiu(crispy rice bottom of the rice)...I love eat this fan chiu because the rice cripsy until like eating snack ..wah great when you eat this while drinking beer...But no so good for health thus I can't eat fan chiu a lo haha~!.They maintain the taste very good and I taste got little ginger of it so quite no bad when cold weather eat this (^_^)

Until I eat whole pot rather than use plate haha~!As you can see picture above..LOL...too hungry la...that day I didn't eat anything in the morning and also afternoon so at night become like a hungry monster suffers starvation 10 days.

Overall, I give 3 stars over 5 stars to this claypot chicken rice.....anyway, food is very subjective so if you have does not have same opinion with not strange or weird because everyone have different taste and preference in their mind.The next post probably PSP best games of year 2009.Besides, my EXORCISM-X still in progress so I think more suitable publish date will be October. Sorry for everyone because got little bit technical problems in my story lol.
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