Thursday, January 29, 2009


Haha~!wonderful Chinese New Year for me...finally I can watch ChiBi or Red Cliff 2 in cinema fuu...moreover I watch Twice in different cinema hehe~! is at Parkson and another one is Jusco LOL..anyway, the second time really thanks to the sponsors brother Kwong and my good brother, Steve The Boss(LOL the nickname is given by my aunty) get me a wonderful dinner that night haha~!....

Before I start my Synopsis of Red Cliff II...I would like to talk little bit short story about watch the second time Chibi hoho~!My brother Kwong felt uncomfortable because my big sister's friend challenge my brother that he will fail to buy ticket such time so you all know many Chinese poeple like to watch movie at cinema during many are well-prepared buy tickets for Ipoh people in majority.But my brother say something very interesting that is.."In KL people is no well-prepared such thing and is just instantly go buy if fail, then plan for another activity to spend the night haha~!"said Kwong.

Steve and I like watching 2 little guys betting for the tickets haha~!Even in the car, Kwong said that can't manage to buy but still need to get the tickets from the people who already watch finish the movie Chibi II!!No matter what..wuahaha~!This is what we call 'dignity' of a person hoho~!Steve and I make confusion tactic to my brother kwong haha~!go wrong way la or wasting time park his car lol...At first, we are going for Parkson cinema but that night don't know what happen?!the whole place dark like hell, I mean the cinema there..damn it close wo so early 10pm lol...wasting time,ATP and petrol to reach there man!!So, we change place lo, then go Jusco watch....
The Chibi or Red Cliff II is a sequel so the opening of the show continues from previous scene that Cao soldiers play Cuju(our time called as football)...then Wu kingdom duke Sun Ce's sister pretend as Cao army's soldier in another words, her role as spy in there...later on, Cao's army occur typhoid disease spreading around his camps because they unable to assimilate the weather in Southern Land. But Cao cao still plan to assault his opponent, alliance Sun ce-Liu Bei. Wah Tuo( greatest doctor in the china history) already convince the prime minister Cao not to assault because the soldiers not yet recover or cure the disease yet..sigh..Cao cao is a very arrogant person so he doesn't care about the advice moreover he doesn't burn the soldier corpse who died in disease and send those corpses to Sun Ce territory to make them affect the disease too....this is one of the confusion tactics.So, Sun ce and Liu bei troops also affected by the corpses....because of this incident, Liu Bei army stop the alliance and retreat because he don't want anymore people suffering and can't receive anymore lost.
After Liu bei army retreat, the news so fast spread and pass to cao cao...consider great news for him la.But Zhuge Liang(takeshi Kaneshiro) the great strategist still remain in the Sun Ce army to fight to the end. This is because he already make the promise with Zhou Yu(Tony Leung) during alliance agreement meeting in Red Cliff I.So those two great strategists, Zhou Yu and Zhuge Liang use interesting strategies to make the enemy fight among themeselves.Zhou Yu make a trick to trap Cao cao that is execute Cao cao's leading generals Zhang yun and Cai Mao.These 2 persons knowledgeable battle in water type area and other generals in cao army are just useless in this battle.In Zhuge Liang part, borrow arrows from Cao cao...because shortage of arrows in Sun ce army cause by Liu Bei army retreating ....this part is the most interesting scene in whole movie haha~!I lazy to explain so go watch it yourself this scene full with humorous joke make by Lu Su and Zhuge Liang..In conclusion, fierce battle begin after Zhou Yu's wife(Xiao Qiao) go to Cao cao camp to slow down the army progressing.Zhuge Liang plan to borrow ' East wind' power to enhance the fire tactic attack Cao cao warships." still Left the Eastern wind"(Ji Him Tung Fung) was a famous Chinese saying and this saying was originate in this incident. The saying means we still left a final component or step to accomplish the mission or task. So got any feel of similarity from the saying with the Chibi or Red Cliff incident?LOl ...full of explosion scenes in final part of the word describe 'geng' or 'Marvellous'.LOL Actually ending of the part, the movie had been change cho if those got read true Romance of The Three Kingdoms novel- author Luo Guo Zhong, they may noticed.....and feel little bit sad...can't watch the scene show a bravo old man make sacrifice for his master..hehe~!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

DRAGON Zodiac 2009

Dragon boys/girls or man/female lol born in (1916,1928,1940,1952,1964,1976,1988 and2000) in Ox year 2009 have a "Ping Man" and Sheung Chung Sheung Hak...(Hope you understand la)...consider..quite normal usual life
Those who born in march,June,September and December is an Earth element dragon for this Ox year.Moreover, those people born in time of 3, 7 and 9Am or Pm also are earth element...Five elements too prosperous or too weak may cause the healthy...for male may got bad effect in abdomen and bad digestion system so take care in eating..just like Chinese saying "Wo Chung Hau Chup, Wo Chung Hau Yap" means Conflict occur is because you speak, accident or problems happen is cause by what you eat.Then, female may have problem in private take care health this year.

This time not gossip affect you but is what u eat....So, Those combination consist a lot of Earth element by time,birth month and year of dragon may receive more great effect....In financial may have well prepare la....moreover in investment part is better invest little enough so if occur any changes, doesn't affect a lot on cautious in investment aspect la....

Dragon may Fan Tai Zu or conflict Commander Deity so may got little affection not so much worry....But have a happy or joy ceremony/event may diminishing 3 bad accidents or bad problems....organizes some good,happy and joy event such as Birthday party or wedding involved family members....

This Dragon may have great Tol Fah means got lot of girls around you hoho~!love relationship this year is great(boy).....partner with female or boss is a female gender may help you your working...those do business may get aid by a female LOL

This prediction is come from newspaper and predicted by Master So...I may miss out some lol because I'm not literate with mandarin so this prediction still left 10%of the original haha~!but those really interested read China Press 25Jan09 la...haha~!HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!Have a great night dinner today!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

My First Time........

Everyone would have their first time, so me also not exceptional la....what a great experience for me lol "My first Time" lost cho haha~!don't think it wrongly I not mean that lost my 'pig'(virginity(O0O)..I hope you as reader please understand la.....I had more than hundred friends but those called as 'best friends' or 'brothers' not many as that...if I listed out it maybe 20-30 names kua lol...So many of my best friends or brothers(don't worry not LaSallian brothers...I not that great ok(^_^)..invite me to join them to go sing K*(karaoke) or KBox but because of some reasons, I force to reject invitation sigh...sorry all best friends(Shinimasen mina...wari wari:~)....but this time my good course mates invite me to sing at Abox,Kampar...this time really no excuses because it is cheap,near my hostel, free and high demand from them (not Microeco* ok don't misunderstood) moreover they really want to hear me sing wo the story begin....
The last Wednesday, some of my best friends organize a group go Abox to celebrate "The Reunion First Group" and also CNY...Frankly speaking here, this whole event somehow like concert feel haha~!My sai lou(not Eric, another one haha~!)almost dominate the Concert* because he sang all Wang Lihom we called as LiHom Pirated Concert haha~!this is Lihom-Alvin take the first round but the environment of the Concert not so High yet for everyone haha~!but his singing is great so called splendid!!...Then the climax begin,a mandarin song MV pop up in front of the plasma screen Panasonic...slowly a emotional sound come out..then all my best friends look at me and their faces show to me that what the?Eric sing and very great man sing mandarin wo!!(I would make clear view to u all, I don't know mandarin words in read or write moreover I didn't prepare any lyric paper too) so u also may give an astonish look to me too haha~!(^_^)..The first song...I sang was Dai Ni Chui Chui Fung(Jacky song)..then, Jacky Cheung Pirated Vs LiHom Pirated Concert begin for 2nd round la haha~!Everyone start to whispering behind me while I'm singing the song...woo Eric can sing mandarin, why he sing the song so sad, is it he hurt before? , not bad...etc..Then, my friends start to take picture with me because precious u know, "My First Time" wo...Why sing the song so sadly because in my sea of mind recalled back my childhood time was not good memories sigh. Besides, I really want to thanks to Wan Ting, one of my friends because she assist me in translation of the song or read out so I can sing it fluently and is work. I sing it tremendously good and satisfaction result la hehe~!...the environment slowly get warm and high feeling la...the next continue song was Mui Tin Oi Ni Toh Yat Say...while I'm singing, everyone started shake hand with me like concert feel LOL and slowly everyone stand up and sing together haha~! I sing lot of songs besides those 2 songs such as Thousand of sad reasons(Jacky Cheung), Eternal of Love(Jacky Cheung), Just only want to follow you go(Jacky Cheung), Man Pi (Jacky Cheung), Mon Gay Tart/Forget him(Jacky Cheung), Yue Phoon Wan(Jacky Cheung), Wang Wen/the dawn(Steve Chow Chuan Shuang), The Diary(Steve Chow) and etc. fuu..damn tired and struggling for some songs because don't know the lyric or read....but is fun haha~!Besides me singing, they also got sing too..a lot too but I can't remember them what they sing because too many cho haha!Sorry!
Before end of the Concert* or go back hostel, I sang a wonderful song that is Chuk Fook/Blessing(Jacky Cheung) before I start..."I hope this semester everyone will score better or flying colour result and pass all subjects moreover happy along the year, so that's y I choose this song Blessing. Thank you all, Arigadoh Gozairimas mina" said Eric/me.....everyone very happy once heard what I say and some friends show some appreciate face to me LOL everyone follow me sing the song..walao so great feeling every words every minutes so great feel while sing the song..after end of the song ...some say "Encore!!Encore!!" haha~!sorry le damn tired le and thirsty because I had been in the Abox for Six Hours!!

What a great experience to me first time, Thanks to Alvin that teach me to how control the microphone properly haha~!Anyway, now near Chinese New Year so here I would like to take an opportunity to wish you all my best friends,friends, relative members,my family members or those read my blog....Po Po Go Sing(those are working, wish promoting until highest rank post in his/her work)Sun de Kin Hon(wish everyone good in healthy as u know healthy is most precious thing in the world, not even wealth or power can compete this element),and Wang Choy Chow sau(wish those people love gambling that win a lot and get good luck in gambling and maybe in this CNY get a "huge present"haha~!). Lastly,I wish "Hock Yip Chun Po"(academic result improve tremendously and one word describe it that is "Impressive".) to all who are still studying.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Martial Art...HoHo~!

Sigh..tired after reading proposal & acceptance, contract act 1950 and few take a break then I go watch Ip Man haha~!many of my course mates always said "Eric faster go watch this great moreover you are martial art fans" hehe...then, ok lo go watch lo ...praising a lot about this film. Actually the setting of the story occur at Fanshan during World War II(I hope didn't spell wrong lol)..I very curious why all great martial artists gather at Fanshan?sigh...clueless hehe~!Ip man act by great martial artist Donnie Yen and very interesting that always see him fighting with passion...mmm if you got observe his fighting basically he is type of speed as essence. When you watch the scene that he fights 10 black-belt karate boys hehe~!When Ip Man say fight 10 people, he make the Japanese general got shocked after heard his request haha! you will agree with me that Donnie very suit as speedy fighter...Ip man kungfu style in this movie is Wing Chun originally created by woman...this boxing-style created to defend rather than advance attacking....mmm..almost similar to taiji, these 2 styles using same principle that is "Four Taels Sweep Thousand Catties"(Sei Leong Phoon Jin Gun) means borrow people strength while he/she advance attack you then, the power transfer back to him after you counter-attack him/her...Basically these wing chun is a short-range type so you can say it is the most impressive defense type boxing-style.I don't understand why always ending hero must get a shot behind or poison by enemy...if u got watch, the last part Ip Man was shot by Japanese Officer. This scene similar to Fok Yuen Jia(Fearless-Jet Li) who was poisoned by the enemy...I hope Jet Li will fight Donnie Yen one more time LOL...quite a lot of similarity these two see Ip man got one best friend act by Simon Yam as Businessman then, FoK Yuen Jia act by Jet Li also has a Businessman friend haha~!anyway, the movie is great. I would say great in action aspect...the storyline not very reasonable but is worth watch Donnie Yen fight..hehe~!Don't think I as reviewer talk nonsense here..I'm know some Wushu for example high-kick style,wooden stick fighting-style,Eight Diagram saber and Southern Boxing-style LOL but I just retired Wushu master haha~!joking only I consider as senior rank. Anyway,Wing Chun is a quite unique boxing style especially horse-rising step(Ma Bu)...but they called Kiu Yee Ma not Ma Bu....quite weird name haha~!Ip Man film rated as 3 1/2 stars over 5 if u ask me...Fearless or Fok Yuen Jia is better if compare in overall the film....

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Birthday War EPISODE II

Ok..I had been said Ericsoft the return will have sequel....this time the story quite funny if compare the EPISODE I haha~!This is because that day really catastrophe to me LOL maybe I use too outrageous word to describe such an event haha~!After the disaster day, my housemate invite me to join his birthday party..mmm..I think should I go or not because that day I should go back home, all my tutorial was cancel..ok la anyway my housemate "Andy Lau" already need to go another place to continue his degree. Then, I promise him that I will attend his party.The above of the picture, that fella smile somehow like someone use a dagger threating him and force wah chai smile...haha~!Anyway, he is the one in this story as main character lol Sau Sing Chai(Birthday boy)oops..forget to introduce this my main character...he is Ah wah and you all can called him as Andy Lau but somehow his English name is Thomas..maybe he want to be just like Thomas Edison because some of his friends call him..Professor!Professor! I accidentally heard this great name la LOL You see our Thomas Edison making a wonderful the same time, I make some jokes too for example, I say Wah chai wish he could find a wonderful wife this year haha~!wow..u see everyone like praying before dinner similar waktu bersolat pukul 7 haha!at the moment, Ah wah really like Andy lau..superstar, everyone take photo on him..flash light non-stop sparkling around..OMG my eye started see star flying around everywhere LOL.Sigh..u see the cake now wonderful masterpiece but later those zombie use it as tool to attack the civilians people like me and others in the house.U see the above picture, they are attacking the civilians...and I was the cameraman recording the the moment, many small portions of the cake throwing everywhere and cream smashing around people's can say the situation just like Gaza war there but no one kill or injured just like the war sigh..what the hell?those people thinking, power is it so important?human just can live for few decades...why not choosing a happy and tranquility way, having a peace diplomatic way la..sigh anyway sad..oops continue back my main character first, he quite pity because his face full with "SK-II" cream haha~!those zombies very naughty and still not satisfy after attack once or twice...they are keep on melee attack until you can't gasp a tiny oxygen in the air lol...did you all got some feel of Resident Evil environment haha~!This is why I say a BIrthday War la for my Episode II.....

then, in the end those zombies clear up the messy LAND haha~!Anyway, that night can say a wonderful night for ah wah...happy and fun for I would say sorry(paiseh) haha describe u all ..zombie..anyway, what I say is just exactly happening there lol...after clean up..everyone go back home respectively...then another war declare again in my house that is Trump card war...ah wai, ah wah, mun mun , KC and me play Big Two game...until midnight. While playing card, everyone sing together many great songs such as Jacky Cheung-Mui Tin Oi Lee Toh Yat say, Jacky Cheung-Man Pi, Leona Lewis-Bleeding Love and etc...after the great war..then Sau sing Chai(birthday boy) return to his 'nest'(room) and then ah wai and me follow him enter his nest lol..Then, we continue chatting about everyone hometown delicacy foods to each others...share stories together.very enjoyable haha~!talked until 4 o'clock morning..OMG! everyone also don't know the time flow so fast sigh...happy hour always like this, passed very fast as quick as twister wind...

Finally come to the end of the story my Ericsoft the Return sequel come here as conclusion...ah wah I wish u your dream come true and always good luck here...fuu..different people have different event occur in their party but wah chai party is quite extraordinary party I can say haha~!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Ericsoft the Return EPISODE I

Finally, I can update my hostel there network broke down so cham* aaargh!!...
HAHA~! finally my 2nd sem start..I had been wait until my neck also long..Unfortunately, a bad event is waiting for me..I not aware also sigh...First day I 'm back to my uni then, I fast go give my application form for car sticker....then I like others queue accordingly...time and time pass very fast...number of students keep on increase tremendously but number of students go in the
room to give form just only few people...Here not to scare you all but truly happen lo..more than 300 people queue just what I draw here..Aduh, they all push here and there,moreover I had been stand for 4 hours only get numbering card...means later queue again..aaaargh...later I queue another 30 minutes aiyoyo then only I get my "Golden Sticker".I get this sticker nearly skipped a lesson..luckily manage go to lecture but just left 15minutes je zzzz.....the lecture didn't scold and show me a kindly face to me lol and said softly go and get your seat that time, I already exhausted cho...all the theory..labor...bla bla can't go through my ear..really a disaster for me in this first day...
Next day, my friend say he is in 300+ member* of waiting list to get a car park place...walao imagine it waiting list already 300+ means people who get sticker more than that morning I queue there is really more than 3oo peoples there is no joking here haha~! this is the first day I return to my base haha~!Actually many people are taking photo of this incident haha~!I also want to take photo because you all not there witness such great event..everyone rushing in somehow like get gold inside the room haha~! but everyone surrounded me in the queue and squeeze until hands also can't rise up ...sigh so force use my little skill to sketch out the episode II title Birhtday War ..I will try update as fast as possible....

Saturday, January 10, 2009

My Pathway

Sigh...just nothing to don't know is it Eric my good sai lou influence me cho, recently I like blogging haha...OMG..few more days, I need to go back Uni..back to the war zone haha!!..those days, I and my cousin brother Alex just use barefoot can walked whole kampar area liao..haha just kidding~!Anyway, Kampar quite small place..moreover not very interesting place but suitable for study hehe~!because less entertainment...

Today suddenly I think is it I run a correct pathway?because many people say to me..I should go for graphic design or related about design..sigh actually I got think before but...sometimes think is easy but make decision is hard. Those got read management should know the last part decision-making is not easy lol I like drawing since I was a 4 or 5years old kua..I already know draw or sketch HUMAN!! as you all know la..a little child draw human always like a stick but I different u see right handside of it hoho~!Perhaps, really need to thanks god given me such great talent to me, I very appreciate such great skill to me anyway I not consider as Pro like Akira Toriyama(dragon ball author) or Masashi Kishimoto(naruto author) or Tetsuya Nomura(Final fantasy artist)..I just can say I just like amateur able to scrabble around the pen...then a easy image able to create out..

mmm...anyway, life is like want to do that but unable to get it what had been thought by Chinese frequently say why the sky always fool me haha~!right?Did u feel any familiar to u all hoho~!Anyway, I hope manage walk through my new pathway in this new sem for me...I know the road is quite hard and full of obstacles but I will try my best walk through this long pathway just like what I had been Draw the above.In the end, thanks to all people who support me(T_T)sob* sob*

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My Story- First Of May

Maybe some of you think that 'what the hell...still like a child write essay My had a reason that why I name it as My story.

Last night I take one old album BeeGees and hear a song called as First of May..the song goes like that

When I was small, and christmas trees were tall,

We used to love while others used to play.

Dont ask me why, but time has passed us by,

Some one else moved in from far away.

Now we are tall, and christmas trees are small,

And you dont ask the time of day.But you and i,

our love will never die,But guess well cry come first of may.

The apple tree that grew for you and me,

I watched the apples falling one by one.

And I recall the moment of them all,

The day I kissed your cheek and you were mine

When I was small, and Christmas trees were tall,

Do do do do do do do do do...

Don't ask me why, but time has passed us by,

Some one else moved in from far away.

Those highlight phrases make me recall back my old house...this house where I born...A story as my life's journey then, the events occur there make as chapters for me. I had been drop a lot of blood and sweat in this old place.I had been live this place already 15 years..if not mistaken haha....I had two good companions there in childhood time ..they are ah hao and kee soon...Last time I quite active in outdoor games, I always play football and basketball with them..

I can't believe that the basketball court already ruined cho in other words, that place constructing for something.. sigh...Besides, behind the basketball court was a playground and this is the place make me have a painful nightmare. I broke my arm while playing there..that time I just 4 years neighbour say she saw the ghost make me fall down on the ground from the rod according those aunties said that the place was curse because a dead corpse woman buried there and many years later cho only discovered the corpse..she been murdered and buried her spirit can't rest..OMG..stop here liao now my whole skin like chicken skin cho and feel cold...Anyway, someone say was true story and some may just say it is just a rumor to scare little child stop do naughty thing..Then, I hope it was just a rumor then, the injured is just an accident....Here I would like tell everyone just coincidence occur the event and don't sue me that I make a story to scare away those people live there, I just tell out what I had been experienced there...moreover, everyone knows aunties always like to talk big one la hahaha~!

Let's change another topic here..hehe...Ah Hao is the most best friend to me those days...others don't jealous because I not yet met you all that time haha...He is the one company me while waiting school bus come(right-hand side)....u can say he is quite honest and loyal friend lol haha!..

Sigh...but I lost contact with him cho many years...luckily, few days ago I met him back at Parkson..unbelievable Ah hao become a handsome and tall man like Zhou Yu ..aa..those didn't read Romance of the 3 kingdoms then never mind if don't understand this character haha!According what he said to me, another of my companion, Kee Soon still just like ketot haha!oops sorry..I quite honest people and my principle is integrity lol..wari wari...(^_^)..Left Hand side picture is my old house la haha~!I got some feel of PRISON BREAK series...Do you all have such feel?do u?haha~!Maybe the owner wants more safety just like prison lol

another left-hand side,...u all can see some dark green words written there...haha..the culprit vandalism the wall of the flat Omg...actually the culprit was my cousin haha!this event occurred about ten years ago...he and his friends painting the flag for the school marching event so suddenly he mad cho in mind ...just wrote down those words maybe he think he is Sun Wukong wrote words on the Buddha's finger...LOL..just joking haha~!

In the end, I feel the song First of May make me recall lot of events ...the house is just one of it..others lol is..s...e...c...r..e...t....haha!Anyway, this old house make me recall back 15 years stories...and it make me understand one thing that is 'bond' matter is friendship, brotherhood or relationship we should appreciate it and don't harm it before it lost or disappear then, regret is no use because is too late cho. I hope you understand what i mean haha..because my English proficiency not very sorry if got any misunderstood giving u all or inconvenient to u all..hehe

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Butcher The Return..Not BATMAN!!

Yon nen mai...oops..4 years ago, Yoke teng sell his fantastic pork at opposite St Michaelo, Jln Seenivasagam 31500 ...but too bad kena saman because didn't get a license for his stall haha~!In present, my best friend@nakama finally get his license and open his non-halal stall in SusHI SHOP, Jalan Seenivasagam 88...WHAT THE....

Actually those who read this...can see the different between this 2 pictures that I draw haha!Everyone yoke teng more handsome cho or not time!! Time pass very year also over liao, Here I wish my best brother yoke teng good luck for this whole year hoho..prosperous until like the pig I draw haha~!

First day of New Year... only can post my New Year home's network line down...sob*sob*
sigh...many people are having celebration for New Year or countdown...but I have to do something, very exhausted make melol that day...hehe~!Anyway, my father request me to aid him to design a lot of numbering cards, arrange tables and chairs(walao..aa Ericsoft Chairman design wo)...for the new couple wedding for that night...Frankly, this wedding can say 'grand' because everyone knows that financial crisis last year make many people need to been more 'thrifty' lol...that night the dinner approximately cost Rm26,000..woo not included Karaoke equipment.

boring job haha~! people say NICE wo~!lol(don't know true a not) But the Feedback is from the customers hehe...
Sigh...arrange tables and chairs is most exhausted job more than 100 chairs !!anyway, luckily got one 'siu Keong' help me..wuahaha~!Anyway, get good feedback from the customers even is quite boring and wasted cho a lot ATP additionally no wages for this job aiyo, but I felt happy lo because got people praise my work lol...moreover, that day I got wonderful was a hand phone very nice..A new Year so fast arrived cho and so fast ended cho ..Time flows very fast...we really need appreciate it...
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