Monday, December 28, 2009

Event of 2009 Part 1-Perak Food Fair 2009

New year is blog also need to change the icon cho reveal out some great events in along all this start with nearer event that is PERAK FOOD FAIR 2009 lol aCTUALLY THIS IS THE FIRST TIME EVER IN Tong Sui this area rarely held such great event haha hope the government is make some changes la....and also didn't thought lulu also got went there haha....she also wrote same event in her blog lol..but mine looks better coz more creative and innovative than her haha oops...
This small poster promote the fair and this event held in 3 days 25,26 and 27 very very crowded in these 3 days ..every vehicle is parked everywhere LOL..I think is more than hundreds people go and eat there..u see below of the photo then u will know what i talking about hehe.

I bring my mother, tai pak(elder uncle)& his wife go eat there and enjoy the atmosphere(actually not so enjoy coz hot like sahara dessert(>__<)Meanwhile, my yee pak(Second uncle)and his wife also going there eat so we join together..woo quite rare join together eat with all my uncles hehe not bad...mmm...we eat a lot of thing such as....

none other than our famous Malaysian food SATAY!!!IS DAMN NICE I TELL YOU!!we eat beef and chicken satay...the meat still can feel the juicy and tenderness of the meat hehe..

woo..woo..Chinese dumpling..haha just act so excited je..nothing so special about..ok la the taste lol..can't say very tasty or word describe that is "average".

this is Chinese carrot cake(Lo Pak Goal)not football goal ok?This is from chinese name translated into english name hehe...actually my aunty order 2 types of these food that is carrot favor and another one is pumpkin..the carrot cake is more strong aroma and strong taste of carrot* compare to another one(tasteless):)hehe

woo..main dish for me haha~!siu yuk!!fried pork should call it i think la....aa those on diet sorry la..make you drooling non-stop..I tell you is very nice and good best of the best in IPOH..I had been try many siu yuk in Ipoh.I think this pork consider as one of the outstanding siu yuk stalks in IPOH.The meat just melt in your mouth and the skin is crispy like KFC fried Chicken.

This and as yau yu ong choi..this also highly recommended food.very nice.The squirt make it just nice and ok(didnt overcook or make it hard to chew or bite)

woo...Pirated Shark FIN Soup haha~!joking~!ok..hehe..this soup can called as economy Shark Fin soup or Small Bowl of Shark Fin Soup(woon Chai Chi)..mmm..taste average la..just fulfill your hunger for real shark fin u know shark fin soup is luxury food...when i look on it ..just recall I eat shark fin soup at Oversea restaurant for early celebration of Tung..taste are great(the photo will reveal in next post part2)

After finish eating, we just go walk back down the get my car..suddenly so noisy that side ..what on earth is happening?!ohhh...2 mui mui chai(little girl)lol dancing on the stage haha..ok la they are pretty and cute la moreover got guts to perform in front of hundred audiences..should salute them hehe..Actually got a lot of photos i lazy to post haha ..ok la thats all for part 1 and Part2 will been post soon and it also related to food..thats My brother,Steve make early celebration of Tung so invite all our family Ng members went to Oversea restaurant to have big be continue lol

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Nice Sem Break

sO FAST sem breAK AGAIN...I also don't know pLAN TO DO first,I plan to draw comic and continue back my EXORCISM-X.So, I do some research and get some information related to my comic...suddenly I discover FF-13 is coming soon in March 2010..OMG..Final fantasy is my favorite game ever so how? I didnt own a console like XBOX OR ps3?....HEHE so go get a sponsor LOL then my mother empress agree to sponsor a little..then the financial problem is secure but now the problem is i should choose ps3 or xbox?OMG now is 2nd phase problem LOL

anyway to the end, I choose XBOX 360haha~!Playstation 3 really cannot afford..PS3 now is targeted affluent consumer lol for me really just can afford xbox haha~!

This XBOX REALLY A GREAT CHRISTMAS PRESENT TO ME!!thank u mom!!haha~!..Now I continue Devil May Cry series episode fantastic and the graphic is damn nice..environment is look great!!mm...i feel color is lose to PS3 but texture of the game much more better than PS3 if compare lol...Finally I can spend a nice Sem Break haha~!My Xbox Elite can customize profile and avatar!!the latest version and I don't think got any problem or get 3RROD cause i had been play more than 5 or 6 just nice...hehe my dream come true, can play all nice game like Ninja Gaiden, Devil May Cry4, Tekken 6, GTA 4 , FF13 and many more !!One more thing don't worry about my comic coz I will not neglect my still goes on and will publish next year 2010..EXORCISM-X 1.2-BACKGROUND OF JIRO!!
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