Thursday, December 8, 2011

Experience II - Escalation of Commitment

Is quite an interesting story like to a lesson more about. Sometimes, human are very interesting and they see failure is there and doesn't to admit and knew it will happen so they struggle to success. I totally experience this meaning of escalation commitment but is not apply in business or organization behavior but is a love story hahhahaa....

Finally, I learned to protect my own, is gratefully thanks to certain event. Moreover, everyone have their own history of life and experience,you can't save everyone as you like. Perhaps, God knows and everything have been set up and end as it should be. Clearly, I know who are they and what role I 'm playing?when things goes good or goes one will take you as credit. That's y Buddhism  got one value stated that everything need to be middle, cannot be more or less....totally I fully understand, you overdoing is just make people to hate you more, if do less people will blame you. So, it is quite similarity with Tao Ch'ng that everything is decided so just let it flow naturally and adapt the "Wu Wei" concept.

I still finding some remedies to cure naive people. But they will automatically blind off their rationality and boost up their idealism to satisfy their own mirage effect of need. Anyway, I finally make a full stop and awaken.  I should think about myself rather than others. This is because when things goes seriousness, actually no one will see me as true companion or even  imagine I'm a tool use by others. God is giving me smarter and smarter, let me understand many things can't be change just because your several facts and advices. Result may not as predicted but everything is decided.

Fate to walk a road full with nails and bad shape stones...and another one will be smooth and comfortable road. But of course, you can change the future if* you have self-actualization in every moral values. IN THE END, I just understand one more thing is genius and fool is in between the dimension similar with Sam Hui movie, moral of the story. I'm glad meet my old friends and miss them too because they truly appreciated me especially certain University and secondary mates' nakama(best friends).

This post can be ignored if you don't understand, I just want release some indescribable feeling that give people use and again meet those idiots see me as bad guy and lies everywhere to achieve  their selfishness goal. Lastly, I just have to say sympathy and blessing to them. I think try my very best to protect her but in the end...sigh...hope she happy. This is because of this event, accidentally i recall of her. Anyway, not much feeling but history repeat once again. Learn History, Understand the value but you can't change story of life.Hence, You may become a wise man and will not easily do big regrets in life.

To be continue....Experience III....yea Jacky Cheung concert 2011 I coming~!!!You come in right time....really my God,..wish you GOd of Song have success concert IN MALAYSIA~!!


Saturday, December 3, 2011

Desire & Dream

After graduating,mm...just a lot of things need to be decide.I can dare to say totally different what I m enter compare "New World" and Education World.Well. first, I'm glad that i able survive all this long. If u got follow my blog then u may know what happening in my life. Then,I go search job and get several the end,I work in to big company. I met a lot of people and establish certain status and I think I still too far from my expected vision and goal.

Interestingly, I 'm gone into very complicated situation, just make me recall the old incident. Well, it hurts a bit but i need to focus my career and plan for future.So, I glad that I 'm being so patience work hard till every of Head of department accepts my existence and abilities. Almost 6 months of working, totally sharpen more my observation skill and analytical skill. Moreover, God didn't forgot my talent, He still gives me opportunities to expand my talent and let others recognize me. Thank you everyone.

 I recall so many history,one statement is very useful
and it is given by 2000 years ago a great Leader that is : "What you see now is not true of me,but you always see wrong me...But I believe all my works will prove that me is right~!".....just guess who he is la hahahaa~!!
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