Thursday, August 19, 2010

blog 50th-Marketing invades blogspot & Secret recipe Part 1

I'm quite lazy to blog nowadays and also busy for FYP cause me no time to blog ha ha~!bUT, NOW my post number 50!!!So it is quite precious memorable post for me. Therefore, I will post somethin' more interesting and benefit to you all.

Blogging activity is becoming more influence in business world at this 21st century. So,I named this post as Marketing invades Blogspot. Marketing usually always refers to Marketing mix(products, price,place and promotion).

So,They are using blog as promotion for their products and no need suffer a high cost marketing in usage of blogging.The place even can increase coverage of targeted prospects or customers.If you got observed that many big companies already using blog as word-of-mouth tool to spread their product with positive comments.Actually not just blogspot including wordpress, msn, and other blogging interfaces.

I believe that in future, blogging will integrated with twitter, linkWithin, plurk, flick, Youtube and facebook to become as one media and name as Interactive Digital tools become one of the powerful and influential promotional items in E-marketing.Perhaps, they also act as a motivator tool for interactive marketing to boost the customer's awareness.

Besides, As blogger also can be applied the marketing mix, not just for corporate hehe~!why I'm say so? Do you know we blog in convenience place and without have to pay a penny then, you can write anything you want but information that not against legal and rights.

>Place- Provides comfortable and convenience for you type your story in the blog.

>Promotion-promote what u want such as games,movie,personal story, sharing info & etc

>Price- ZERO ..haha we don't need money to blogging and even you earn some from blogging but in condition, you must contribute some information benefit to the society and promote ads.(in this world, there are no free lunch).

>Product- if you ask me...blogger present what product in blog? Are you forgotten?..You are selling your ideas, experiences and opinions to the people in worldwide while you post those travel pictures, experience usage of certain products and etc. Actually not selling is sharing more relevant in using for our blogger perspective.

In the end, what you applied in blogging and definitely you get some fruitful return that is earning by helping corporate promotes their products. So, then "selling" term comes in here.Therefore, I feel that Intervention of internet is like erase the word "secret" from the dictionary.hehe...short interview comic...

So unbelievable that My blog finally reach blog 5oth....and my earning reach more than RM70!!wakkaa..i very happy what I have. This is because not easy to earn.(=______=)

Those days, i not believe what my sai lou(brother) say i mean Eric from site,( and seng aik,( good friend of mine...they say you know earn a penny also not easy in blogspot...need to put some effort to it. Now I quite agree what they say actually.hehe..

If you ask me what is your secret recipe for increase your earning? then, it can be many ways..and depends on your style orientation. Whether you want to become aggressive or passive blogger(just like me >.<). Actually I not so pro like ken wooi or kennysia
but i just want to share with those people who always ask why I always 0 cents or just increment of few comes...

-Make your blog more informative + CS graphic..........


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