Wednesday, September 22, 2010

GREY Mini Comic 2010

Ericsoft Group will produce a mini comic, GREY in Erictoshiro blogspot. Some readers may questioning that Eric you are not now doing Exorcism-X comic? No doubt Exorcism-X is still going on but I don't think it will be fast out in chapter 1.2. This is because Exorcism-X story plot is more complicated compare latest mini comic, Grey - The Middle of Forbidden Kingdom. This mini comic is more comedian genre, action genre adventure and magic genre.

Above is the antagonist of the mini comic,its name is BADASS.LOLx Wakakkaa~!!Moreover, the protagonist is my mascot, soft. Actually Soft you had been see it many timeS in my blog if you got chase my blog post haha~!! But this time soft name as Soft Crown.It is familiar to you?

Yup, the name is come from D-grayman, Alan revolution clown crown.The story plot is still in TBA (planning and execution mode) for this mini comic and the drawing more simple than Exorcism-X haha~!So it can produce much more faster than EXORCISM-X. Ya..Badass also one of the Ericsoft Group mascot...any negative things represented by him wakakaka~!!QUITE unfair here is always unfair..Do you agree?


  1. oo u drew it urself? nice eh~ how ah~teach me teach me~u scan it n edit using AI ??

  2. I use paint program ...and draw by using mouse, fish hehe no money buy drawing pad (>..<)...ya i use CS edit the slogan and colour effect.

  3. u got blog oso time can c c ur blog lor..hiak hiak..enjoy ur holidays ya..cheerrss


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