Monday, May 9, 2011

Everyday is Mother's Day

I think there will be many people will go for celebration for Mother's day...I know this event is very meaningful and important to everyone. Frankly, if we not pay respect to them , always make them worry about us or we do somethin' hurt their hearts....then, celebrate for this event is meaningless..Actually this day is to remember how honor our mom she is. I think every mom just want their son or daughter happy everyday and do not neglect them. Even though, you didn't buy her a present but everyday accompany her in daily. Then, this action already symbolize as present to her everyday.

For me, everyday is mother's day....My mom really done a lot to me. My mom always stay beside me whatever I suffer or even happy event to share.So, I always accompany my mom no matter where she go, do housework AND pillow talks with mom. haha~!You will feel strange that usually girls do all this things...My mother always would like to have a daughter to talks and share her feelings. So, I will act as son and daughter at home~! LOL just because...if u know me..sure know the reason behind..

Time flies very mom not like those days anymore....many housework can't be done by her own and start to do somethin' clumsy. Never mind....Mom, Your Son return soon and I will takeover as Head and try my best to bring back what we had in those days.Don't worry mum, I will take care you and daddy.


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