Sunday, August 30, 2009

Malaysian Breakfast....

OMG!!exaM Coming Soon!!shit....oops.not my Comic Novel Coming Soon LOL...sad le I still got many things need to study aiyo...Last friday I ponteng(truancy) class again haha~!never mind la because according my spy's report, just 2 students attend for the lecture class haha~!included the spy la lol...during the lecture

class on, I was happily eating breakfast with my group members....even thought is not luxury or high graded foods but it is our Malaysian foods culture even Malays or Indians also follow this culture...that we eat white porridge with groundnut and vegetable like kimchi(pickle),chee cheong fun and Pan Mee.

The chee cheong Fun is edible LOL, not say tasteless la and it still got room of improvement for this hawker's food hehe~!Chee cheong fun was originated from Southern China and Hong Kong.Therefore, many hawkers always claim themselves as Hong Kong Chee Cheong Fun.. to show that how original it is for their food but the question is which hawker can inherit the truth of deliciousness and skills making a origin Chee Cheong fun le? hehe...

then, we need to taste it first la then can make the judgement, because food can't just judge by the look only,so food must justified by 5 elements such as color,scent,taste,look(presentation) and skills...chee cheong fun also called as rice noodle roll...nowadays had been come up a lot of fusion or modified such as put some pork or prawn and some will put vegetables into the roll...woo very delicious..

This porridge not so fantastic, if i give evaluation then, it just get 1 star out of 5 haha~!the porridge was COLD!!this is big offence make chinese foods!!haha~!this is because most of the chinese foods heavily weighted on this particular thing.besides, the Pan Mee not so dissappointed la because the mee's texture not bad even though made in machine, i think hand-kneaded more taste better hehe...and the soup...aa..lack of something perhaps the soup didn't put enough ingredients*...

Anyway, still enjoyable breakfast la for that morning but then I realize next Monday was our Independence day for Malaysia after seeing a malay is eating chee cheong fun and Indian eating Pan mee and accidentally I heard their conservation about public holiday for next monday haha~!As you can see Foods also did not divided races so just like other aspects also need equity...Therefore,we should support our premier vision that is Satu Malaysia.....

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Two Superstars NEW Albums

Long-distance partner album
01. 長途伴侶
02. 一晚長大
03. 只想抱抱
04. 張開眼睛
05. 我得你
06. 常言道
07. 如果有一天
08. 天生天養
09. 我的心只可容納妳
10. 將自己給你

Andy Lau again..out new album anyway this album already out long time ago(27th July 2009) hehe~!...really cannot denied him as King of Workaholic or maybe he really King of diligent because he recently out the album called Love Hope(希望.爱)then, few months later out again...haha~!this time the album is compromise all nice songs together...some songs I think I didn't heard before like track 04. 張開眼睛....this song not bad and damn nice this 06. 常言道(highly recommended). The track no.6 is from a chinese opera music convert into modern music additionally this song able to sense Andy got improvement a lot in singing if compare those days.I really love this track 07. 如果有一天 especially when he sang till "Yan sin tin but hei...." and this song also highly recommended.

Probably this album will not wasted to buy or.....hehe~!Anyway, really need to praise a little on him because nowadays he sing all the songs full with emotion and control key very good....of course la Andy now already come to another stage of life cycle,"mature"lol.Besides, I hope andy don't so sad about his gf's father passed away la....

Very Busy album
1. Slow Dance
2. 答案
3. 羅馬時差
4. 延長賽
5. 這就是愛嗎 ?
6. 很忙
7. 烏賊
8. 夢非夢
9. 赤地之戀
10. 永遠的愛人
Ok come to next SUPERstar..Joey Yung...this album at first I thought is cantonese album but...aiya never mind la. In this album I discover her mandarin also not bad too!!mmm...track 1.Slow Dance actually you can feel something new from Joey Yung.Moreover,track 6.很忙 really can bring out her potential singing skill and I feel strange in track 7.烏賊 because in this track, I feel got similarity singing from Jolin le...haha~!But nice try Joey!..I think she want to try different genre in her music.

Therefore,I think this album really give you all another feel of her music.
I heard Joey's song since 2006 in that album "Close Up" and love the song called Sum Fah Lou Fong...very nice because really can bring joy and happy feel from the song.I think Joey really deserve as Ah Jer status in HK music industry because she able to sing many type of songs.I think her late mentor,Roman Tam also feel happy too if able to see her so successful in her career.I wish she really able sing till just like Late Anita got someone inherit talent of great Queen Of Pop, Anite la...Moreover,I always hope that HK music industry able to reform back glorious day just as 90s Golden Music Era.

PSP reviews hold on because I'm waiting Assasin's Creed and Gran Turismo come out first...see these 2 games worth a not, go into this chart BEst Games of the Year 2009.Furthermore,6th September I maybe gives brief introduction about my EXORCISM-X and a picture like coverpage for this 2nd Masterpiece, thank you for support...

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Claypot Chicken Rice free now...always go out eat with my group members.Nowadays,my group members and I felt too bored eat at Bandar Baru, Kampar. Therefore, my friend, Howard suggest go eat claypot chicken rice rather than eat economy rice(nasi campur or many dishes in plate of rice). Then, my friend, Alvin told us that 2 places at old town there are consider taste good...But he prefer the place called Lam Kee claypot chicken rice la but I prefer another shop because it gives more special than Lam Kee.Nevertheless, each place has its own uniqueness of claypot chicken rice.

So, we go Lam Kee there eat la.......In that place, really not so hygiene but aiya what to do, that day we very eager to eat that claypot chicken rice haha~!Then, we order two big claypots and then aunty who serve us, suddenly shock...then, Alvin and me answer her that eat two big claypots like eating peanuts LOL....then, aunty said no problem lo then...haha~!Afterward, we start to scare that we can't eat finish it because many family members usually order one claypot chicken rice is enough....but we gone mad again LOL

THis is first claypot arrived la....mmm...the taste good and the rice not so dry and feel some soft texture of the rice.Anyway,the chef not so stingy because normally claypot chicken rice very less slices of Chinese sausage and tiny salty fish.They gives quite a lot of chinese sausage and also salty fish hehe~!Moreover, the rice didn't overcooked so as result, the rice is nice in color and smell great when it arrives to our table.
Besides, the chickens chop till the size average to every parts so the presentation quite ok I think hehe~!The chicken's meat also good because it quite smooth the meat and the meat is tender and soya sauce did not overcome the chicken taste.

But sad is not so much fan chiu(crispy rice bottom of the rice)...I love eat this fan chiu because the rice cripsy until like eating snack ..wah great when you eat this while drinking beer...But no so good for health thus I can't eat fan chiu a lo haha~!.They maintain the taste very good and I taste got little ginger of it so quite no bad when cold weather eat this (^_^)

Until I eat whole pot rather than use plate haha~!As you can see picture above..LOL...too hungry la...that day I didn't eat anything in the morning and also afternoon so at night become like a hungry monster suffers starvation 10 days.

Overall, I give 3 stars over 5 stars to this claypot chicken rice.....anyway, food is very subjective so if you have does not have same opinion with not strange or weird because everyone have different taste and preference in their mind.The next post probably PSP best games of year 2009.Besides, my EXORCISM-X still in progress so I think more suitable publish date will be October. Sorry for everyone because got little bit technical problems in my story lol.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

NEW COMIC 2009 Plan

PLanning to create ghost story..haha~!suddenly an anime series inspire me to create another creative story..Actually I feel I need to create new comic after all I just created Samanoske since 2004. So, I want to have something new from my creativeness...anyway,I still writting and constructing the ghost story and called EXORCISM-X...but maybe will publish here...maybe not haha~!this is because my english quite poor then,may scare misunderstanding to the readers and don't know got how many willing to read a not.
Additionally, I also quite busy in study LOL Therefore, got many things need to consider....If I really publish here, the date maybe next week or next month, 26th september after my final examination...I try my best la if not extend to OCTOBER....see first la (^_^)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Steamboat Day

This time my first time cook like Iron chef haha~!Interesting le...actually we are having a steamboat at Kampar.Quite fun le when sizzling the meats and serve to friends eat...but I don't think I'm good cooking husband cause I make those meat too oily haha~!but i will be good husband anyway Haha~!(look like very hard sell wuahaha~!)Anyway, I make a miracle in the food that is chicken meat after sizzling become fried pork(siu yuk) taste haha~!

Finally, every assignments done liao, what a relief to everyone so my group plan to have a steamboat after financce lesson.We went to one newly open steamboat shop and we celebrate la there.we spent about 2 hours there haha!until alvin wife and mother miss call him non-stop and need rush back home LOL.

We eat a lot of foods and drink a lot too not beer or wine la...aiya we all are good girls and boys LOL ...we eat lot of meats such as beef,chicken and mutton and etc.They also provides many sauces to us such satay,gaclic oil,tomato,thais chili sauce and etc....there got dessert(ice-cream and red bean tong sui.)The soup we choose are Bak Kut Teh and Tom Yum...we called it soup but my good friend Alvin called those soups as water(sui) such as Bak kut teh sui or tom yum sui.Anyway,he mad liao la that day.

(not bad la...but the bak kut teh not very strong flavor, i think too plain hehe~!)Not bad le those mutton and beef meats because those mutton and beef had been mixed with special sauce. So,after sizzling them and it come out strong and nice aroma all around the place...(now I'm drooling hehe~!)

Besides, I eat ice-cream together with my daughters* haha~!as you can see so warm this picture..that rabbit* so rush to go and eat ice-cream...what to do every day she also felt the day always in 200 degrees celcius haha~!The most funniest part is mine another daughter*, Miaw always say diet but this time can't escape all oily and high-calories foods in this steamboat cuisine because she eat until ...destroy her diet plan haha~!

lastly, as you can see this boy so happy when taking some fish balls and prawn balls into his bowl.Look likes did not eat steamboat before haha~!Just joking Howard if you read this part...don't angry wo LOL.Howard actually too happy because ponteng class(truancy) for tomorrow morning class LOL.

You see everyone thumb up praise the food so delicious haha~!anyway, eatable la rm18 and did not charge any tax and you can take as mush as u can ...but got conditon you must eat all finish if not , may need pay back what you left over.That day, rabbit* play cheat*!!!!

Alvin and I were tasting the ice pop stick(look like two big babies haha~!)....wah!so nostalgic man (T_T)Just make me recall back when I was young in primary school, La Salle...when I'm waiting my school bus coming, I always buy a ice-pop stick eat ...fuu a blink of eyes already passed 13 years...sigh~

Anyway, everyone that night was very happy and enjoyable.As you can see happy family take photo together...We joke around and planning to organize another crazy gathering again LOL.Now I'm still planning make this topic sequel a not..hehe~! mmm...maybe I will review out PSP best game of the year...see first la...

Sunday, August 9, 2009

MaD DaY!!!

I can't believe last group gone mad haha~! we work up 16 hours to finish the A&P assignment..really unbelievable man!we are not last minute do but that day don't know what's going wrong to everyone LOL

A&P assignment we already started last month and I had been designed out many products by combining some ideas given by my best of best buddies and gals. I had designed lipstick, hairspray and drinks as our new innovation products.The most funniest things is...we think aiyo hard to create new and innovative product but somehow rather we had done the first phase,create new product..(cincai create means not think logically and make it for fun)then, we comment again that aiyo hard to choose lot of choices haha~!Look we really quite picky LOL mafan(quite Troublesome)

Done is done then,we finally make final decision and choose hairspray as our product. Frankly, I more like Lipstick as the product but too bad the product lose in voting 2-3 result haha~!

So, madness story begin, everyone work in different field that everyone is preparing report respectively that do sub-task had been delegate , calculate budget for billboard, redesign and reconstruct the poster(of course this work done by me LOL), and rearrange the procedure of the assignment.The hairspray company logo i designed and name it as FLEX Inc hehe~!(not hard je design logo lol)

We start work on 10am,Tuesday and end the work next morning, Wednesday hehe~!Moreover,we had some kind of feeling while working that is working in quarantine environment because whole day everyone do their job in my room and everyone's body slowly smell sting until..I also don't know use what word to describe or fit that smell..salty fish?smelly Taufu with HK flavor?? or durian the King of fruit??? haha~!Really suffering at that moment...Finally, we done our masterpiece ...

After finish the assignment, everyone when back home need sterilize the body haha~!(^_^) At that moment,I thought we are like DIe Hard plus Rush Hour scenario so I think can called it as Die Rush!!LOL...anyway what a relief once finish super-duper assignment...fuu...and we felt very happy when hand up to lecturer and get praise with a word "fantastic". haha~!

Anyway, the assignment still in unknown mark but I think we had done a pretty good job so it is doesn't matter the mark is low or high...the matter is we experience lot of things in this assignment.One of the most important thing in this whole event was I had been learned that "do not given up easily and work to the end, the miracle will happen once again"...

This assignment truely need a great teamwork if not cannot succeed or accomplish our goal..thank you alvin,howard, bryce and grace..lastly special thanks to my bro,Alex.

Those juniors who can't get inspiration to create product, you may have a look to my products haha~!even though, is not perfect or fantastic nice but still it can give some sort of creative ideas to you all to work up your advertising and Promotion assignment.

Regarding the logo of Loreal and UNZA,we are using it is not purposely for fraud or just for education project and not for real business.thank you very much.(^_^)

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Asia Festival Songs 2009 Coming Soon!!!

Sigh...Finally I can blog again haha~!...great news everyone..Asian Festival come again and it will be show on 19 September 2009. I can't wait to watch because this time more grand than last time le...but I don't know Malaysia got broadcast it a not...sigh.This is because they did not mention which 30 countries broadcast it.
At least 15 best teams from South Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and Ukraine are expected to rock music fans at the city’s SangAm-dong Stadium.Two top South Korean bands, Super Junior and So Nyuh Shi Dae, will represent the hosts at the event.Wah!Super Junior this time play the role wo hehe~!I hope they will sing It's Y@u, Monster or maybe old song like Midnight Fantasy,Song For You and Marry You(nice songs highly recommended)

I can't believe my great idol, Jacky Cheung also attend this event moreover, the most rare event is other Heavenly Kings also attend.(Hong Kong's Four Heavenly Kings such as Andy Lau, Jacky Cheung, Arron Kwok and Leon Lai).Those who are not Chinese or rarely know Hong Kong music industry...then you all may not know what is Heavenly Kings..
That title was formed since 90s and that era was declared golden era ever. Jacky Cheung no doubt was the most talented singer because he got consecutive years of World Music Award in 1995-1996 and dubbed as God of Singers, Andy Lau talented in Acting so called King of acting plus he skilled in all kind such as director, actor, singer and many more, Aaron was famous in dancing and some may called him Hong Kong Michael JAckson(of course no one can compete our great Late King Of Pop)and lastly Leon Lai is most charitable singer and now is Boss of talented newcomer singers in HK music industry.
So, I can say that other singers should feel how grateful perform same stage with them haha~!Anyway,this time the organizer is clever that invite so many great superstars gather in this marvellous event.

(ABOVE PICTURE START WITH Gackt, Mihimaru Gt and Luo Zhi Xiang.)
Besides Hong Kong representatives, Japan’s pop soloists Gackt and Mihimaru GT, Taiwan’s popular male singer Luo Zhi Xiang and Thailand's five-member Chaotic will also perform at the festival.Mmm...I feel strange why not Jay Chou or Wang Lihom go for it as Taiwan representative haha~!because they more famous in music world Or maybe more better Steve Chou also can for it LOL Father of Love Songs..hehe~!Actually Japan can invite J-pop famous superstar Ayumi Hamasaki as Japan representative or maybe Uverworld and Yuna Ito not bad also...Yuna sing "Trust You" really full with emotion and make you flashback lot of stuff in your mind.This song's feeling just like "heaven"(song sing by Ayumi)

ABOVE FROM LEFT TO RIGHT:(Ho Ngoc Ha, Li YuChun,Ruslana and Agnes Monica)
Chinese singer Li Yuchun, last year’s MTV Asia Music Awards winner,as confirmed her attendance,Other countries will also send their popular singers to the event, including Indonesia's Agnes Monica and Ukraine's beloved Ruslana.Pop singer Ho Ngoc Ha will represent Vietnam at the Asian Song Festival 2009 as well.

According to the organizers, additional participants for the festival will be officially announced this month. It is predicted that two other famous Korean bands also take the stage.I hope got DBSK(tung fong sun hei) because their songs not bad le..especially Hug, Rising Sun, Bolero, and etc..I think their song is more nicer than Super Junior haha~!sorry la those SJ fans..But still some techno or R&B plus dance genre music,Super Junior can compete with DBSK haha~!
This year’s event will be the sixth edition of the Asia Song Festival 2009 that made its debut in 2004.The festival aims to foster cultural exchange and popularize music from different countries.Last year’s event was also held in Korea with the participation of 22 top singers and teams from 12 countries and territories, with Vietnam being represented by Lam Truong.
The Asian Song Festival 2009 will be aired in 30 countries and territories, including the US and Europe.Aaaaargh... I really hope Malaysia got broadcast it so can watch this great show.
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