Monday, November 23, 2009


haha...if I no mistaken, I had been nearly 2 month didn't blogging haha~!what to do..people thought short sem is paradise sem but is not lol...rushing assignment, examination continuous sad to say we got time to die, no time for sick lol this is favorite saying from Chinese community.

This short sem really an unexpected for me, I had become leader suddenly this sem(^_^ actually I always being selected as leader just that i push out)..aiyo I quite like freedom and don't like carry a lot of responsible..cause i know the consequence if did not done well the job as leader haha~!Anyway,I still manage go through well in the assignment.hehe.

Actually I want give synopsis to Surrogate movie when just out that time, star by Bruce Willis but too bad NO TIME!!....
Anyway, this movie plot is too predictable and too FAST END!!basically we know that western movies always long hours excluded cartoon la...If this movie not act by Bruce, i think this movie will just downfall to the end of the earth.sigh.

Besides, i would sorry to those readers that didn't give PSP game review cause really not that free lol okok..just review a bit la...Do you all know Assasin Creed?
I bet u know, cause this is a very best favorite game in PC and PS3 but too bad not go so well in PSP cause the graphic is very disappointed if compare to GOD OF WAR (PSP)so think before u buy this game but you are impulsive game buyer then never mind, go for it haha~!

Besides, I want review a well-known chronology epic game, not other than our forever BEST Of RPG unparallel game,FINAL FANTASY. This time Square Enix come out a Fighting-action genre game called as FF Dissidia. As we know that Square Enix always design and create RPG genre and seldom make us feel bored or poor plotting in the storyline.

This time FFD(final fantasy Dissidia) really very nice in graphic and innovative game style and introduction story but overall bad in plot even though they make a clever idea that combine all FF main characterS from FF I till X . So, it may not fully satisfy for you. But it still can temporarily gratify your hunger for FF games while waiting Final fantasy 13 AGITO in PSP. But the FF 13 may not similar to PS3 FF13..haha that PS3 version is much impressive than AGITO version hehe~!

Another game really give me unexpected is PixelJunk Monster Deluxe.This gaMe is just PLants & Zombies.So, those who got play PC mini game may know what kind of game it is. It like you implant some cannons(got many types) or other weapons to defend yr followers to prevent eat by monsters. This also will give addiction just like PATAPON and DJ MAx game.

In PSP game, you really cannot look down some minigame such as PATAPON and this one too. Even Patapon cannot compete with our FF graphic but the gameplay really a something that can trigger your addiction every minute ha ha~!
PATAPON 2 is the best game of the year 2009. The fun thing is while they beating their drum to make rhythm(nice music)and how to make success mini strategy to win the game lol. But I think not much people like if they hate to memorize thing cause u need to memorize their steps to move, attack and defend. Maybe really can say in this world nothing is perfect.

This is for all today, PSP review PArt 2 next time everyone...and my sem break is coming so my EXORCISM-X Chapter 1.2 coming soon.thank u for support.
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