Thursday, December 9, 2010

Maroon 5~ Misery

Nowadays just keep on study study prepare war for my finals...luckily got several songs motivated me like Adam lambert- If I had you and lady Gaga- Bad Romance and Bruno Mars-Just the way you are...Music really motivate me and Maroon 5 new song describing my life now..MISERY~!!!This few days i listen lot of songs just according the photo above( I make one le lol).sigh I wish I m just like what Katy Perry sing..Teenage Dream~!!

Misery MV is similar to Rihanna feat. Eminem MV...girls so violence LOL..(I m not describe all) haha~!!this MV very funny hahaha...nice song~!!Well, I'm not Maroon 5 fans..after this song onwards..I'm your DIeHard 5.0 fan~!!haha~!!I feel the vocal singer similar to Vocal singer BeeGees Barry Gibb...nice voice and quite unique tone he has.

Bruno...for me didn't hear my friend promote this song to me...woo this song really unexpected..from look of the singer..mmm...haha..don't judge people by the cover of the book hahaha...his style singing and emotion of him is fantastic...he like emerging with rhythm of the song. Thank u Bruny LOLx

I think Katy Perry sing out every teenagers want...aa..I think I m still a teenage LOLx..hahaha~!!I want exchange with the man model above...sigh University totally make me always have miserable life...good news is I still got 5 more months to suffer only...what a optimistic thinking I'm haha~!!5 month is just like live in a jail 50 years LOlx more horror than you prison in a dream according Inception 2010 LOLx...

Anyway, Katy Perry song is nice and her face like a babe doll and very pretty le LOLx I think if Lady Gaga and Katy Perry will have great competition cause they have similarity singing style and tone...looking forward..see them which will succeed the throne Queen Of Music...first is Madonna and then, Celine Dion..lately is Beyonce...21 century who will be...Music industry always so amusing...

Even though my life now is quite misery but luckily a pork rib Laksa motivate me once again ...can say that sickle out my soul from hell and bring back to the Mortal haha~!!...mmm a bit..outrageous haha~!!But really beh tahan about the brain like Master Pinky and the brain cho LOlx..

SIgh...anyhow..u see above the picture..u know how miserable I'm....I miss my damn XBOX~!!I want to play Call Of Duty, Enslaved, Need FOr Speed:Hot PUrsuit, Fable 3 and a lot ~!!Next blog coming soon nex week....

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