Sunday, June 13, 2010

South Africa World CUp 2010!!!

I didn't thought I watch 2 matches world cup 2010 last night haha~!because I'm not football maniac just like others..But still I got little bit knowledge about it wakaka~! Well, last night I thought Argentina will score more than 1 or 2 balls but Nigeria Goalkeeper really make great effort on guard goal gate like formidable barrier ( in the end,Heinze break it haha!!!) and show up interesting performance to the worldwide audiences haha~!

Lionel Messi tried many attempts to score goals...almost 4 or 5 times..still unable to score...sigh~!But I found out that he really worth his title as great player of the year. Sorry la my friend, I'm not so expert in football maybe u can educate me more haha~! Anyway, thanks to Gabriel Heinze's headbutt score the first point in 6 minutes and this point brought the victory to argentina in this match!!

Diego Maradonna was very unsatisfied when Messi tackled by Nigeria player and should give yellow card but they didn't(but in end, the referee also gave Nigeria player a yellow card when make second tackle) Maradonna just like Mario at that moment haha~!iN THE END, ARGENTINA WIN 1-0 OVER Nigeria. All the best for Argentina!!I think they will fight South Korea if not mistaken...

Second match,England versus USA ...very interesting was Gerrand scored first goal in 4 minutes more faster than Heinze haha~!racing meh?! Sigh but somethin' unpredictable happen..pity for England....that match was very clear that they probably win if Green (Eng Goal keeper)did not make that big MISTAKE..everyone was open mouth widely and eye rounded like a watermelon when Green unable catch the ball, strike by Demsey (USA player) the end, England VS USA resulted as draw..1-1....hope England will win on the next match sigh...

Ya...forget again I will EXTEND DATE for my comic, episode 1.2..sigh very sad you know...always got obstacles block my comic progress...this semester I need to concentrate my thesis zzz....Mr.Busy find me

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