Saturday, July 10, 2010

JULY Season

So fast come to week 7 and month of July....disastrous events keep on coming forward...exam, presentation, assignments and very frustrating for me is the supervisor add more work to my group..geez..really very tense this semester..more interesting is I lost my passion wakaka~!!So..the EX chapter 1.2 still postponed sigh...I hope this comic will goes until 30 chapters wakaka~!!can I?

This video is about your partner may not so perfect,because your existence he/she become perfect.I think is because his/her shortcoming fill by your positive value you have..I quite agree in this point.Moreover,I like this video very I would like to share with you is very touching, thanks to Tau fu sharing.(ABOVE).

Actually this video not just for couple but also for parents also can apply to if your parents is not perfect, just accept it and don't think they are so irritating or not like others parent give more love to you..just think another good side of them..once they gone is gone...

Chinese saying: "Zhen Sik Ang Chin Yan"(Appreciate your people around you when there is still got chance)

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