Thursday, December 8, 2011

Experience II - Escalation of Commitment

Is quite an interesting story like to a lesson more about. Sometimes, human are very interesting and they see failure is there and doesn't to admit and knew it will happen so they struggle to success. I totally experience this meaning of escalation commitment but is not apply in business or organization behavior but is a love story hahhahaa....

Finally, I learned to protect my own, is gratefully thanks to certain event. Moreover, everyone have their own history of life and experience,you can't save everyone as you like. Perhaps, God knows and everything have been set up and end as it should be. Clearly, I know who are they and what role I 'm playing?when things goes good or goes one will take you as credit. That's y Buddhism  got one value stated that everything need to be middle, cannot be more or less....totally I fully understand, you overdoing is just make people to hate you more, if do less people will blame you. So, it is quite similarity with Tao Ch'ng that everything is decided so just let it flow naturally and adapt the "Wu Wei" concept.

I still finding some remedies to cure naive people. But they will automatically blind off their rationality and boost up their idealism to satisfy their own mirage effect of need. Anyway, I finally make a full stop and awaken.  I should think about myself rather than others. This is because when things goes seriousness, actually no one will see me as true companion or even  imagine I'm a tool use by others. God is giving me smarter and smarter, let me understand many things can't be change just because your several facts and advices. Result may not as predicted but everything is decided.

Fate to walk a road full with nails and bad shape stones...and another one will be smooth and comfortable road. But of course, you can change the future if* you have self-actualization in every moral values. IN THE END, I just understand one more thing is genius and fool is in between the dimension similar with Sam Hui movie, moral of the story. I'm glad meet my old friends and miss them too because they truly appreciated me especially certain University and secondary mates' nakama(best friends).

This post can be ignored if you don't understand, I just want release some indescribable feeling that give people use and again meet those idiots see me as bad guy and lies everywhere to achieve  their selfishness goal. Lastly, I just have to say sympathy and blessing to them. I think try my very best to protect her but in the end...sigh...hope she happy. This is because of this event, accidentally i recall of her. Anyway, not much feeling but history repeat once again. Learn History, Understand the value but you can't change story of life.Hence, You may become a wise man and will not easily do big regrets in life.

To be continue....Experience III....yea Jacky Cheung concert 2011 I coming~!!!You come in right time....really my God,..wish you GOd of Song have success concert IN MALAYSIA~!!


Saturday, December 3, 2011

Desire & Dream

After graduating,mm...just a lot of things need to be decide.I can dare to say totally different what I m enter compare "New World" and Education World.Well. first, I'm glad that i able survive all this long. If u got follow my blog then u may know what happening in my life. Then,I go search job and get several the end,I work in to big company. I met a lot of people and establish certain status and I think I still too far from my expected vision and goal.

Interestingly, I 'm gone into very complicated situation, just make me recall the old incident. Well, it hurts a bit but i need to focus my career and plan for future.So, I glad that I 'm being so patience work hard till every of Head of department accepts my existence and abilities. Almost 6 months of working, totally sharpen more my observation skill and analytical skill. Moreover, God didn't forgot my talent, He still gives me opportunities to expand my talent and let others recognize me. Thank you everyone.

 I recall so many history,one statement is very useful
and it is given by 2000 years ago a great Leader that is : "What you see now is not true of me,but you always see wrong me...But I believe all my works will prove that me is right~!".....just guess who he is la hahahaa~!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Everyday is Mother's Day

I think there will be many people will go for celebration for Mother's day...I know this event is very meaningful and important to everyone. Frankly, if we not pay respect to them , always make them worry about us or we do somethin' hurt their hearts....then, celebrate for this event is meaningless..Actually this day is to remember how honor our mom she is. I think every mom just want their son or daughter happy everyday and do not neglect them. Even though, you didn't buy her a present but everyday accompany her in daily. Then, this action already symbolize as present to her everyday.

For me, everyday is mother's day....My mom really done a lot to me. My mom always stay beside me whatever I suffer or even happy event to share.So, I always accompany my mom no matter where she go, do housework AND pillow talks with mom. haha~!You will feel strange that usually girls do all this things...My mother always would like to have a daughter to talks and share her feelings. So, I will act as son and daughter at home~! LOL just because...if u know me..sure know the reason behind..

Time flies very mom not like those days anymore....many housework can't be done by her own and start to do somethin' clumsy. Never mind....Mom, Your Son return soon and I will takeover as Head and try my best to bring back what we had in those days.Don't worry mum, I will take care you and daddy.


Saturday, April 30, 2011


This Sunday will be normal as usually....maybe someone else is memorable but for me sigh...I think not much surprise or anything. Quite stress for now and lot of thing need to study..I still thinking some ways to push my CGPA further. Today exam paper really make me mad...I write three answer booklets LOLz a person sit beside me, the fella get astonished..I think he will said "what the f***?!are you mad?!if got the time let me answer his question, I will say "BETUL JAWAPAN ANDA MARI KITA MASUK GELANGGANG (U are right,let's go) WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE~!!haha...I quite miss Jalaludin Hassan, my favorite actor le in Malay drama...His acting skill just like TVB actor Paul Chun very professional actor.

now very tired, headache and no mood study..really gg...But i try my best to work up...wah chiak~!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Final Season- X-Team

This fantastic team go through a lot in this 3 years in University matter how tough it is everything can be go through..the legend team will meet their final battle very soon in this April. I had recall many great stories we faced before like "Final Year Project Unpredictable","3AM Double Beef Hamburger", Long Night battlefield of A&P, Craziness of Drama, Downfall of Assignment, "Cancer" and many more great chapters chalk down in our deep memories.

I think that our story can be make in to comic because along the journey gives different kind of element like climax story, suspense,joyful and fun scene,emoness, sadness,conflicts and more. Anyway just too many mixture of experiences in this journey. I think that we should trust each other and make a first move to understand others...that for sure can strengthen the bond of the team. So, to those juniors read this post take this advice la...he~he..

I forever full trust my brothers and sisters and share their problems,give them a hand to solve it.This is because I'm want everyone have happy life and enjoy the day to the end. That is me, ERICSOFT- Creative Mastermind~!!Legend Group X-Team will be return to battlefield once more before graduate from UTAR army Headquarter~!!


Monday, April 11, 2011

Dead Space 2 Review

After finish all my projects in degree, finally got time to have a bit honeymoon with my XBOX 360 and play games with my bro, Lex. So, we are attracted by this fantastic game called Dead Space 2. Above of the pic is I draw~!!Of course, it is not so fancy if compare to the original LOL.

I still finding my way to sharpen my skill. The Dead Space totally amazed me and give me an inspiration to make this wallpaper for my PC.I will review this game what it is and how it gain so high score in several game review website like Gamespot about 8.5(XBOX),9.0(PS3) and IGN (9.0/10).Frankly, I don't think that so high score if u ask me give rating. I will just give 8.0 to it(gameplay).

First of all, this game has similarity with Resident evil and F.E.A.R because their horror atmosphere and action game play almost alike. Therefore, Dead Space will not make you feel bored for every second and you need to well prepare for every minutes if not, you will easily slaughter by those mutant human (monsters).The picture above is showing that Isaac (main character) using his free style hitting to the monster...

the characters can be use many type of weapons such as javelin spears, plasma cutter,line gun, pulse rifle and ripper. I just don't like the javelin because it is hard to aim LOlx(maybe I noob)....pulse rifle for the alternative attack is fantastic LOLx...just bombing the monster~!!

Every weapon has its own uniqueness( the reload effect is great lol)..When you are upgrading the weapons,you need nodes (rare to get free and buy very expensive) for the upgrade and you need go to the a particular station to upgrade, they called as Bench. I was totally blank in my mind while I upgrading the Isaac's weapon because it is too outrageous nice~!!those effects open and close the operation. Every effects created by this game designers...just have to say impressive...I think everyone agree with me that you need to give them a 9-10 score for it.

For sound, is quite scary and controlling your feeling especially you play it at night.Be aware while you playing it alone LOlx...I hate those baby monsters while fighting them because they are making some sounds very irritating and make me very tension. They come in a bunch of idiots haha~!! to attack you so make me hard to aim to attack them...Basically, you need well-use of your telekinesis/ stasis (psychic power)to slow down their movement so can easily to shoot them.The sound effects are nice and realistic so I give them 8.5/10.Just miss out some core of melody in this game.

In term of graphic,I will just give 9.0/10..their texture still unable compare to the legendary Final Fantasy graphic engine...Anyway, I can see the efforts from every designers because they were studied real corpses figure in accident cases to modelling those monsters. I really salute them for their undying passion and enthusiasm to work for this game. Moreover, I discovered that they are using identical place to duplicate the environment and it is quite similar with Alan Wake design(2010). Why I give their gameplay score 8.0 because the camera angle not so well manage in control for XBOX 360 and maybe PS3 will be different story review I think.

Anyway, this game will get the score 8.5 in overall.yea..I hate this game for one thing that is you need to step on those corpses many times only able to get the loots(=__=)""IT IS TOO VIOLENCE~!! The story not so great if compare to the Mass effect 2 but still this game is much more better than Resident Evil Series.Above will be the trailer for dead Space 2 from IGN & Youtube. You will get some gist what I'm review about this game.Yea..don't play too long for this game, this is because it will make your eye very tired and headache. Next game review will be coming soon.....

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Random thought & feeling

Simple blogging around before I start my work doing slides..I know some of them may not appreciate my jobs...thought is stupid anyway I'm happy with it because i got responsible..Sigh...Just get a bad news and I understand one thing or learn a great lesson...

This time consider as 3rd time unexpected event for me....I really totally stunted by one call and my mind totally blank. Somemore, I need work up for my Strategic Management Planning and control..this fantastic subject always make me headache the most.

sometimes you need to act like defenseless guy and not so formidable you will gain unexpected victory...Now I totally can imagine the situation why Wei Dynasty fallen in the hand of Sima Yi...Even though, i knew the history well but today I experienced the same situation....sigh..never mind time to work lu...

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Pray For Japan 2011

Japan have great suffer this time due to the great disaster. I feel sad for them. For those lost their relatives, friends and family members, I understand the feeling ....I experienced before..just last year, I'm doing my FYP(thesis suddenly received sad news that nearly lost a father.....(like totally black out in my mind)..Anyway, Life still needs goes on...Don't Give Up..

I sincerely pray for the people who are suffer in this Japan Great Disaster. We are no more calculate who we are and where you come from...because when disaster matter who you can't escape and accept the same fate...So, we should help each other because we are same race that is Human race...."One Race,One WOrld".

Above is a clip done by HK artirsts and singers who pray for Japan. This song is very nice.You can feel their emotion is flowing out~!!Let's Keep this Power UP~!~!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

"Dream in another Dream"

I may not know....i can achieve a not...but i sure....after 14 of May, I start to do my favorite thing that is drawing. Thank you Blogspot create a dream for me that realize my ambitious dream. Even though in true reality i can't become what I want....(designer) But I will continue back my comic Exorcism-X and new comic, Memoir of Ericsoft in U.....Don't know how many people will support me....

Time has come for Ericsoft step in New world like luffy. I'm try my best to explore and adapt to it. Thank you to everyone care,protect,educate and train me as great man. Everyone sculpture me from poor rock become beautiful jade.Every level of education I went through that left a great memoir to me......"Do you remember how we met?"

Saturday, March 19, 2011

ASIA Food 2011

Almost 3 months, I didn't update my blog haha~!!LOLx..I think my blog grow some spores as decoration for my website haha~!!What to do...I'm very busy for complete my Final Year Project(FYP). After finish my FYP, then come to assignments and exams....moreover, one more great challenge to me that is job interview. I will tell about what happening from me start from Jan till March now~!!

I apply job from one of the conglomerate companies, KLK in Malaysia. I had passed two levels interview organized by the company. First level was interviewed by their manager and executives. Second level, it is very tough and tension haha~!!because interview by Regional Director and 2 General Managers...

They ask me many fantastic questions anyhow I able answer what they want...make me uncomfortable in this second interview is I act like story teller and they just laugh and smile lolx no other respond haha~!!anyway all of them are nice and good guys..But now wait their call whether get hire a not..very kang cheong and scare they not hire me...sigh if this happen I quite sad because these interviews make me used up lot of times and energies.

Every chinese always like to have simple breakfast(above). In Taiwan and Hong Kong, this type of breakfast is very normal. Actually this my morning breakfast today wakakaka~!!I make the scrabble egg and mix vegetable with pork about 5-8minutes...very simple la..the porridge not easy made so this task give to my mom la..haha~!! My mom cooking skill very good LOlx..of coz can't compete with those big chef restaurant la...Below is the Dong Po Pork special made by my mom when Chinese New Year reunion Dinner.

This dish originated from Hang Zhou, Westlake and created by Historical scholar and also Song dynasty officer, So Dongpo. Frankly, this dish have been changed into many ways and lost its "Origin". Anyway, my mom make the pork not so oily by "special technique". the tender crispy but not flaky with a glutinous texture without the greasy taste. One word describe "Jian"~!!(Nice~!!)

Every Chinese always must have pork in their feast such as fried pork, roasted pig...maybe must included Yee Sang to celebrate their Chinese New Year. Yee Sang is mixture of fruits and vegetable create nice unique flavor moreover, this dish must add raw fish slice meat such as salmon meat and other type of fish. This Yee Sang purpose is to let those people who eat it, will have good fortune and luck once proceed to toss the shredded ingredients into the air with chopstick. So, this traditional practice start from Southern Song dynasty ( 960-1279) and this practice eating still goes on in 21st century Chinese community....

This CNY really give me a fabulous and happy event...make me erase all bad memories in 2010...thanks to my good kaima make me so fantastic foods. Somemore, yuyu and taufu make me those nice food like fried bacon, fish ball noodle and ..forgot cho la lol...wakaka...also eat with those good friends while CNY eve in Ka Hoe Yue Yuen restaurant. That day, I was every happy because first time I eat with a bunch of friends in CNY.Just talk back before CNY ...I was went for a trip in Penang to research and survey for my dissertation or Final Year Project. Meanwhile I'm working, My team and I go eat one nice sushi outlet there that is Sakae. Even though, the Japanese food can't describe it very very nice but at least better than Sushi King.

Sakae have very unique in their tea. The tea made by seaweed and combine with green tea so give very good combination flavor to me..nice tea...Moreover, their food also not bad for Inagi(eel) rice.My friends order beef and other stuff foods also nice.Then,I'm first time taste Japan sake and it is great~!I feel some spicy flavor in the sake(^__^).we also eat those normal type of sushi, we didn't try the expensive sushi sigh~student has limitation too~!!

Finally, I finish my last assignment and also concluded my Assignment era in degree level. So, I go celebrate with friends in Ipoh. I go watch Rango in the cinema and then, later go eat Korean foods..Rango movie will be review out very soon lol Korean foods really very good for health. Why? this is because too much vegetables and plain taste LOLx...Of course, it is very suitable those girls and boys who want diet and health nutritious food. Korea food is your right choice.

Anyway, Korean food quite nice too such as Barbecue pork or beef(above)...very nice~!!The barbecue pork got three types of style to eat. This is what the boss of the outlet teach us eat.

First, it can put in sesame oil and black pepper sauce, second mway is wrap it together with glass cabbage,mint leave, garlic, and special chilly sauce and last way is eat together with onion and soya sauce. Anyway, I like the second way because it gives me the taste is rich with fabulous mixture of tastes...every flavors didn't over turn or monopolize each other taste so it is well-balance. Moreover, barbecue pork wrap with vegetable make you taste it "crunchy" and juicy~!!The pork tender is just too perfect~!!!! When I bite it..just make me went in crazy, "Dream in another Dream"~!

The Korea foods (above) I feel that the soup not so nice if compare with Chinese beef soup because herbal not so strong flavor if compare..But I feel that when u like eat something plain and healthy food, Korea food is very suitable. No wonder Korean girl so white the skin LOlx. The noodle is just spaghetti wakakaka~!!no differentiation at all...If Japan noodle sure got differences such as Udon and Soba...Japan sushi is the best comapre this sushi above lolx I think maybe is the outlet cooking skill need to sharpen...I think origin Korean food will be nicer..Malaysia korea food outlet need more adaptation to the local people taste if want further improve your business or increase your profit.

Hence, the outlet service is very very good~!!Yea...The Korea is very interesting because got so many small dishes. those dishes almost make me very full and can't even finish my main dish great some of the small dishes but for me...I can't accept those Kimchi LOLx...the taste is strange for me...Sorry for my honesty..u know food is very subjective comments.

Sigh...finally I will grad soon in May and maybe work in fast the time pass...I'm very happy able to meet those truthfulness friends. thank you. A true friend always try to understand you more and accept your existence even though, he/she knew you are imperfect person. This is where I found all this truthfulness friendship in my University. Sad very soon need to say farewell....

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