Sunday, September 8, 2013


FANTASTIC LANTERN PARADE  come back again~!!Let's join in....that night will having tremendous events coming up...AEON will bring tremendous delightful enjoyment to everyone as always.So, faster come up and join....

The Parade is OPEN FOR ALL RACES, AGED 4 YEARS OLD & ABOVE. Registration is free and no purchase is required.

any enquiries can be contact through this hotline on the poster, drop by a mail at or through this Kinta CIty Management telephone : 05-548 4668 and contact person: Ms. Kasthury, Ms. Jess or Mr. Eric Ng

Last year 2012, mega event was drop by at AEON STATION 18....that night was having traditional dances, lion dance and others. participants break through 600 people. Every kid was enjoying that evening ...That night even have our YB Dato' Dr. Mah as our VIP for open ceremony for the lantern parade event 2012, is our pleasure to able to invite Sir to open the ceremony.

Besides, the event also having lantern making competition to create awareness of traditional making lantern and protect environment by using recycle items as material to create the lantern. Therefore,We hope this year have more fun and enjoy together with the communities on that night....having big renion together on 14 SEPTEMBER 2013...SEE U THERE~!!!!
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