Monday, August 30, 2010

53 Times

I didn't aware that my post no.53 got linkage to a one big event. Once I think about that how many years already for National day celebration?Then, it is indirectly awake me that tonight will be every Malaysian will celebrate this so meaningful event. I know that they will pass a night like a simple day for them(nothing so special). For me is understand that this is important day because this is the day brought an unity of civilization to every Malaysian and enjoy the peace and harmony.

But maybe some may upset in this several years cause by certain events especially in parliament meetings and politic election events. These make them not so joy and excited about for tonight national day celebration. But I think that nothing going to be done once things had been occurred. But It can be change.

Therefore, as you can see our great forefathers such as Tunku Abdul Rahman (Father of Independence), Tun Abdul Razak ( Father of Development), Tun Hussein Onn (Father of Education), Tun Mahathir (Father of Modernization)and Tun Abdullah Badawi try and make the big changes in our country from unknown country like potato shape island become a country got impressive recognition from foreign countries. But we still behind because of certain things.

Anyway, our country still got many things need to be change..don't say change we put as "improve" as better describe to get Malaysia into another level of civilization. I know that come to this new era...everyone no more like last time has separate identity...and we are glad and enjoy with different races of friends no matter is playing or sharing happiness together. Even that we share no matter what as brotherhood. We are just like a big family in this country.

Moreover, I don't think that need to stress more about One Malaysia in advertisement or other promotional tools. Why? Come on man...Because in our heart already know that 53 years independence is not come from miracle come from our ancestors unity. Therefore, I really hope that make good changes in politics ...try to cooperation to every parties show unity spirit to other countries and bring Malaysia even more success than other countries especially First World. Unity really important if got study matter is Malay history, China History, Japan History, Korea history, British.....etc..

Usually a country become weaker is because of internal problems and later on the problem become like a viral spread to other places and make the country suffer like getting chronic disease. Therefore, I hope that every politician forget your stands and work more for people. I think this is every Malaysian wish in this 53th Independence day. Lastly, we also hope that Our great 6th premier really can bring Malaysia into First World.

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