Thursday, November 25, 2010

This is My Story Part I

Everyone...sorry yea didn't update my blog haha so long time...Nuffnang sorry I didn't contribute anything in October and November....Many things I had been rushing ...MY University Life nearly come to conclusion ...I really happy meanwhile feel sad too...I sad is because need to let go a teenage life and study life, so very soon begin my work life and takeover my family duty as Head...happy is because I had been experience lot of things in my university such as friendship, bonding, leadership and lot of things make unforgettable memories to me.

To be s great leader, it is not easy task because you must have certain competences and social network power if not...your vision may not bring it into reality and you just always in "Inception" theory ( Dream In another Dream)...I think a leader should always carry a Totem to differentiate what is real and Dream...hahaha~!

I think transformational leader plays important role in new turbulent era. As you can see nowadays got so many dominant market leaders such as Microsoft, Coca-cola, McDonald, Nokia, Wal-Mart, and other big shots.So, a leader needs to be make fast approach and have high creativity to create new form business and product to compete those big shots...As you know, market leader will fallen one day...their thrones will not in eternity me hehe~!

Leader does not have the passion and determination, just will lead to "demise" result for his/ her vision no matter how high competence he / she is.Don't know Philip Kotler agree with me a not? haha~!! Very soon...i will write some of opinions in Leadership and management.LOL....

Next post, I will post a short drama video that I make. This is the first time, I write script and direct a drama, also I'm one of the actors hehe~!! was very fun and enjoy especially teach my artists to act and act together to create great humor and action scenes..LOL good friends without you life will not so colorful...

To be continue..THIS IS MY STORY Part II

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