Tuesday, October 5, 2010

September outbreak

Uni days so fast passed another semester...Now I m always talk with all my cousins about work and about my future...Times flies really fast...7 months more I grad soon...the Real World is waiting me to conquer..interesting and challenging or sien toh bei ( Boring like hell)... I dunno but I try to face it...I know I can( hope la wakakaka) ..haha

Why I'm talking September outbreak...really I feel like financial crisis in front of me maybe more serious...when I received the news that father got cancer..meanwhile I still need face final examination and thesis. Really feel I'm living like hell...I think not much friend know about my father sickness...even got also just thought small sickness.You may ask why You don't share? well...I'm a person that don't like burden people, thats why I always laughing and like happy-go-luck face cover my sadness..Do I feel lonely? mmm..sometimes la haha...well, my father sickness start since 2009...

This incident I know that even I emo or anything else is can't help it, so I need concentrate study cause I need to responsible the family duty (but I fail to do it). This time I really last minute study after recover my emotion, just left 1 or 2 weeks for me. I study like hell, didn't sleep at all( hope my result should be ok la next week)... what I want to say is be more care your parent and Be strong.....

if parent already old, more body check up guys & gals. Ya if check is ALP mol is high than thousands means u got HIV, Hepatitis B or C,liver cancer or bone cancer.But check also another part not just liver or bone...sometimes prostrate cancer(men) if women is Breast cancer as initial stage and hint that soon u may get bone cancer so more concern your health...Bone cancer is very danger if another stage you may live 5 years only and you do inject certain dos to extend your life.

So well communicate with your doctor. Ya one more thing don't so trust all private clinic, some there are just eat your money ( just blood-sucker as leech) and not to cure you but not all la I know there are got those got doctor etiquette...advise here is go general hospital,definitely better solution.

Besides, another what I learned in this whole incident is really need getting up on your own and even emo also can't help you...I know some of my friends know what I'm talking..I'm very fade up a friend when this friend emo and angry on me cause he disturb by my friend's private stuff..Hey guys if you dun wan share your story or don't need help, don't take other people like punching bag ( release emo like scold people) and suffer...even at that time I know my father not feeling well already, I still carry on my works as usual...so selfish he is..never mind world is like that I know..ya one more thing is one of friend she also always emo..well if she got read this post.."you must be strong" ..emo can't do anything.

My eye know who are devil or God..anyway, I really happy that got form 6 gathering, I feel relax a bit..thanks friends.. You all give me light of hope again. One more thing thank u to Kwok wei, my bro so good that at that moment give me this song to hear....I listen this song and cry not stop...think bac the days I with my father..Below that is the song "Life Goes On". thank you Late TUpac.

In tough moment, I can't go back is because my thesis and my study...I can't neglected it..cause I need the degree desperately...thank you to my brother Lex..help me out take care my parent in hospital..he is my cousin actually...but we gone through lot of thing when kids till now big size guy wakakka~!!thank u BIg Man!!

Besides that, I also thanks all my cousins waiyu, taufu and angin...they always pray for my father ...ya also my aunt (ah Yee or lex mother)...she always have kind heart and hospitality as usual. Ya my father's sister just knew father not malign cancer, she totally happy till eyes also can't open LOL if you got followed my blog, she the one I mention before Aunt the Joker haha~!!my aunt really good and she also give lot help in this crisis..thanks gu jie...also thanks to my tai pak (uncle), without his help, it will be troublesome or even I unable grad..lastly, my god mother always take care my parent daily living stuff and many things while in the specialist hospital Selayang...In this moment, I really feel truth of moment..love, friendship and family....

finally all this suffering finally come to the end after one year fighting of me and my family.Just last two weeks, Several Specialist doctors and Director of general Hospital stated that my father sickness just benign. At first, they done lot of blood tests,scanning and predict as malign bone cancer but now finally I see the ray light of hope from God..thank u God. I hope everything just fine and nice..and also faster graduate hehe~!! observe this song MV story plot is very meaningful. Appreciate your time in spending with family.

Jacky in this MV is a poor child and want further study but his parent no money (my situation almost the same). But in end, his father still support him no matter what and Jacky Success in his career ,get award and recognition in the film industry. But in the end, the MV show that his father sacrifice is not wasted..his father hard work to do his job till blind because Jacky need financial support in his further study ( my father almost the same, cause of overwork then the disease breakout...)


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