Saturday, March 21, 2009

RELAX Period....

Finally, I can take a rest haha~!all my mid-term come to the end....but I get sick cho aduh..because rushing for doing assignments...don't get wrong that I last minute do, just that need more study time to prepare next sorry all readers, I may stop blogging for awhile because final exam coming soon....I would like to announce I will write about my 1st anniversary Uni's Life and the story is Romance of University similar to romance of the three kingdom lol you all may worry that the story like history will bored until me, it will not be bored but be very funny additionally it may be the longest story that i ever make !!!....Moreover, I may write about My First of these 2 stories may coming soon this May 13 and don't get wrong that May 13 ok?!no sedition political here lol....Anyway, thank u all support my blog ....arigadoh gozairimas!!
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