Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Not Giving Up!!!

i too boring till draw this above ....sigh wasted me 15 minutes for this drawing..never mind maybe is a motivation or reinforcement for me...OB I will kill you this Thursday....I will not defeated by you again!!aaaargh lol....besides I hope this drawing present to everyone who are having exam and problems...DON'T GIVE UP!!!

Especially all my Uni friends and other best friends...i hope everyone keep the spirit of study up, frustrated for something or some who have relationship problem also don't give up....life is always have obstacles..so why not think it positively and endure it...don't avoid...Just like my exam!!!AAAARGH!!WTF!!!

THANK YOU(^_^) and sorry I have little bit over-react haha~!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Funniest videos

Haha...Marvellous this two fella and one gal...they sing song to order foods.The most funniest thing is the waitress haha~!Wonderful McDonald food order song..hehe

This clip contributed by Bernard Fong aka Taicho...actually this clip is come from Japan funny show called Gaki No Tsukai.Matsumoto is most funniest guy in this clip and other episodes in the show.

Then, below this clip is Thailand commercial advertisement...the little boy really can become superstar haha~!This clip contributed by Daniel(my housemate)

next time I post more nice videos..so I will preparing for Funniest videos 2, this maybe take a long time cause upload very troublesome in blog..anyway,thank you for support haha~!

Sunday, September 6, 2009


i CAN'T BELIEVE WHAT HAPPEN JUST NOW!!The little kitty hide inside my housemate cupboard and his room is at 2nd floor of the house....don't know how it able to squeeze* in there haha~!Luckily tuck chai(another housemate) and I found out if not that kitty die inside the cupboard...

The most funniest thing is no one want to take it out!!I also don't know they scare what...no doubt it looks cute but maybe cover by thousand germs that our eyes can't see it coz germs' size are negligible lol..So I'm the one rescue him* out lo(what to do..hehe) and put him in the box and treat him like pet lol ..later interesting happen to him*!!

Finally,His MOm found him in the box and reunion once again!!..as you can see so warm picture(ABOVE)and his mom is miewing...the kitty follow his mom miew one time lol see animal also got sense to found back her own flesh...I wonder why so sudden nowadays cruel young parent abandon their baby without regret or feel this action is inhuman way doing such thing.Nowadays civilization is facing one of the big problems that is fallen of morality...sigh..anyway,I feel happy tonight that able to see such great reunion from this little kitty and his mom.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


The picture above is the cover page for my EXORCISM-X introduction. The character above got related to my comic novel, he is one of the designated antagonists but not in chapter 1 hehe~!The story will divided into 7 or 8 chapters.Every chapters got linkage to each others so can get the flow of the storyline.Moreover, one chapter consist of subs for example, chapter 1.1,1.2 and etc...EXORCISM-X written in English(major) and others foreign languages(minor).I also use few FF-X soundtracks made by NOBUO UEMATSU(Final fantasy X composer)so when you read the story with more feel* haha~!

EXORCISM-X is consisting of detective,horror,supernatural,magic and shounen(youth)genre.The setting is using modern era like present day.The geographical story is overall based on Japan and fictional characters also using Japanese name but still got other races.Additionally,EXORCISM-X is more alike novel but why I say is consist some comic elements because my English very poor so I try to use drawing to explain certain parts.Therefore, you will not feel boring and dry of the story...LOL. The drawing will illustrated or draw by using Paint and photoshop program and I'm using mouse to draw because I no money buy drawing pad...the coverpage also using mouse to draw...LOL

I hope EXORCISM-X will better than its predecessor,SAMANOSKE(2004 PRODUCTION-above) and also hope you all will like it la...and try gives more comments so i can improve it and present to you all in better quality.The EXORCISM-X no doubt will publish on 10 OCTOBER 2009...if no technical problems la hehe~!Moreover,reminder to everyone who read this EXORCISM-X all settings are fictional, no real and doesn't exist in reality.Lastly,I publish earlier the introduction, not 6th SEPTEMBER that I mention because due to my final examination.Therefore,sorry to those readers hehe....anyway,THANK YOU FOR SUPPORT EVERYONE!
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