Saturday, August 28, 2010

Imagination 52 ~TVB

Quite boring study cause study 2 days like nothing input to my mind(not cost effective at all) haha~!!and still thinking some new idea for my competition design. So went watch some TVB dramas and I recall those great series like Cold Blood Warm Heart, At threshold of an Era, and The greed of man. Even I create a series called " Chance Just have Once". As you all know business world or everything that opportunity is very important and so once you encounter when it appear, you must fast grab it...if not, you may regret in your whole life.

Nowadays, do you realize TVB less produce those big cast series like last time?...I really wish TVB will gather all big shots such as Paul Chun,Kenneth Tsang, Adam Cheng, Damien Lau, Gallen Lo, Raymond lam, Mose chan and BOsco Wong make one blockbuster series consisting of business world ecology plot and how competitors fight each other in market share. Moreover,let see how a conventional business transform into nowadays "Digital Era".

Moreover,hope TVB more input business knowledge inside the series just like Beauty Knows No Pain. Also hope They will act in this " Chance Just Have Once"(Just my imagination). wakakka~!! In actress, I wish like Tavia Yeung, Jessica Hsuan, Liza Wong, Linda Chung, Tang Shui Man and Charmaine Sheh work together...I think they will give you all a different level acting environment to us in other words, UNIQUE hehe...
Their characteristic are unique and I think no one can substitute their role.
At threshold of an Era MV below, let u recall back those days Drama:

This is series so meaningful, Adam Cheng and Gallen Lo really make you hate and love a lot in this series.

This The greed of man series is one of the famous series in all time. Even some people may say or rumored that adam cheng will affect the market share drop tremendously once his series broadcasting. The effect called as "Ting Hai effect". Below is the series MV ( music no so nice cause too oldies)and I just want u all recall back those scene hehe...If u want to listen the Greed Of Man series themesong..go watch 2nd MV(Alan Tam).

This song really so emotional. Do you agree?

...I tell you the truth that I imagine the plot story....Damien Lau was rival business with Paul Chun in the "Chance Just Have Once". Kenneth Tsang will become General in Russia and well-establish network in Russia. As you all know BRIC countries include Russia will become most prosperous once well-developed in next few decades....So, they will fight the business in Russia and also matter is land, hotel, bank and house development.

So, they try to get Kenneth's trust to get know more familiar the macro-environment and network there so easily penetrate the market.Unfortunately, Paul is aging so unable continue his passion to make his company future more brighter so pass to his half-brother, Adam Cheng continue the family business. The most funniest thing is Adam don't like business!!LOLx...and Bosco is work as Senior Marketing Executive and always help Adam escape the trap set by Gallen.

And even I imagine that Gallen actually is Paul Chun's son. This authority transfer not satisfy Gallen and even cause him more hate Adam. Lam Fung..I'm think he will act as impotent son in Damien's business and Moses will become Lam fung right-hand. This means no matter in dark side or white side problems, he help Lam fung secure the problems. Internal war and external war occurs in this series(imagination) haha~!!Love story more fascinating...interesting mo?Maybe I will give Part 2 tim hehe...just joking..(=____=).. just want to make my brain more refreshing so think somethin' creative lo haha~!!

I think I will take a break in blogging and thank you to everyone support my blog..I need more concentrate in my study hehe.


  1. yea i love those old tvb series, those are the best dramas hk tvb has ever made. nowadays very seldom we can watch such quality series ler...

  2. yea bro...because many good script writer retired and resign in tvb so nowadays many series lost their quality


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