Saturday, October 10, 2009

EXORCISM-X, Chapter 1.1- Spirited Cafe

In 21st century, the world keeps on developing and advancing in technology. Scientific education strongly influencing to everyone. Therefore,the scientific belief slowly collapsing the myth and ritual belief, so everyone had been forgotten forefathers’ taboo and supernatural stories pass by one generation to another generation. Every mortals thought the story was ended for certain reasons perhaps does not believe its truthfulness and without proven by scientific evidence or factual. Unfortunately, that is no end or conclusion for this belief or does not need a logical reason to prove it. Actually we can avoid it by certain extend or method but we are cannot conclude the streamline of supernatural….....

This is where the story begins and strange incident start at Shibuya, Japan………Just as usual the city always congestion with cars and people, everyone have their own destination to reach.

First day of the week, Monday, at 12:00pm a strange incident occur in one of the small cyber café and causes everyone full with curiosity and crowded the place.

Few minutes later, many police and ambulance arrive there because 15 students fainted and die at the cyber café. The place had been become a crime scene.

The cyber café called as Jiro Cyber Café and owned by a Chinese named Chan Sen. Chan Sen kneel at outside of the café and using his both hands put on top of his head, mumbling around..

“ …what is… on ….here?!!I didn’t ki..kill..them….I didn’t kill them!!!.” said by Chan Sen.
Suddenly, Chan Sen gone mad and rush out to the main road and suddenly a car rush right in front of Chan Sen. Then, a young policeman hold Chen Sen‘s hand strongly and drag him back safely. If not, Chan Sen will knock by that Honda Civic and die on the spot. Then, the young policeman order his sergeant accompany Chan Sen in the ambulance. Before that, the young policeman stand behind of Chan Sen and he speaks to him personally.

“Don’t worry, I will help you and investigate it to found out who is the true culprit and responsible to this whole incident…..I promise” said young policeman.
Then, Chan Sen look back and respond to the young policeman.
“You think who you are brat!!...this is…..stra..nge..strange and….weird… you can’t…can’t handle it kid!!” shouted by Chan Sen. While he shout that time, he did not look on the young policeman.

Meanwhile, a sergeant shout out, “You know who is he…he is famous Inspector in Shibuya Crime Investigation Bureau (CIB), Sir Sousuke Jubei!!”
Sousuke glare at the sergeant eventually the sergeant keep silence immediately and take the Cyber café owner into the ambulance. Before the nurse close the backdoor of the ambulance……Then, Sousuke sigh and feel disappointed to his subordinate that talk a lot and bullshit around but didn’t put it in action.
“Shintaro, don’t forget get Chan Sen’s report and those victims’ parents too!!” shouted by Inspector Sousuke.

The nurse closed the backdoor after end conversation of them and the ambulances start moving and rush to Shibuya general hospital.

Sousuke feel strange after ask few questions from many customers there who surfing internet in Jiro Cyber Café. Many customers say that those students doesn’t act strange or threaten by unknown people. Every victim is doing their assignments or research related to their studies. Therefore, Sousuke faster rush back to his department and ask assistance from Crime Advancing Technology Bureau (CATB) to get certain information perhaps able to unlock this mystery puzzle. Then, CATB Inspector gives record files to Sousuke because those files contains record of background every student who die at Jiro Cyber Café.

“Sousuke, you own me a meal!” said by the inspector.
“Mmmm….Don’t forget last night you lost Mahjong to me and own me 49000 yen that round…Hehe! Said Sousuke laughed and Hayate just feel disappointed and shy to admit the lost.
“hehe…I’m just joking man! Sousuke we are sworn-brothers…Oops I need to meet my Boss for preparing next operation….See you next time!” smile Hayate with wicked face and he rush to the lift and waving his hand to Sousuke means Sayonara (bye bye) to Sousuke.
“What the……no wonder in high school he called as Hayate the wicked calculator” said by Sousuke and smile a little. Anyway, Sousuke still feel uneasy in this case so he rushes back to his office to found those victims’ background.

In Sousuke’s office, 5:35pm evening, he get very puzzle after reading all the documents and record files that related to those death victims. Every student is having different background and come from different school so they are no linkage to each other. Additionally, all victims were obedient students and had good academic result in their school respectively.

This has become more and more complicated to this case and Sousuke sense this case is not an ordinary case. Anyway, cyber café owner still in high probability to be suspect because according customer’s report that before they fainted and die, those victims drank his special coffee made by him. Therefore, Sousuke is still waiting the autopsy report from pathologist to justify those students die in poisoning or not. Besides, the owner may have mental disorder cause this tragedy so this case got many possibilities.

“But look like I need to go to the crime scene once again tonight…let’s sees who the one is playing around” said by Sousuke while playing with his ancient Chinese coin. While Sousuke is flipping his coin into the mid-air suddenly the coin is glowing with gold color…….then, a strange sound voice out softly that “…..he is still unrest there…….”
“Seems look like very interesting…” said by Sousuke.

12:00 A.M, midnight, Sousuke go to Jiro Café alone and stand outside of café entrance.


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