Monday, May 17, 2010

ALAN WAKE Review 2010

Finally, got some leisure time to review XBox 360 game...first of all, this time I review about Alan Wake,Best game of the year 2010. Many PS3 fans argue that Heavy rain is better than this...
I think this point is very subjective. Heavy Rain is detective and action genre additionally unique movement control(if u got play indigo prophecy or Fahrenheit, I think u will familiar about their emotion action movement control). In other view of point for Alan Wake,also include detective genre but more on horror genre...

the Alan Wake is similar with Fatal Frame and Clock Tower 3.LAter, you will know why they have similarity with Alan Wake.So, Heavy Rain or Alan Wake is very depends on a person perception and favorable...both also have its own weakness and strength...therefore, their rating are almost the same or same rating if those got google around the game websites.

In term of graphic, no doubt is more better compare to clock tower 3 or Fatal Frame because now Xbox 360 is 3rd generation console ^__^....besides, Alan wake graphic is more nicer than Nier...really quite dissapointed to Square Enix this time...Remedy did a good job in term of graphic this time..clear scenery, air, trees and etc...anyway, great improvement of graphic but still can't compare to those great legend games such as Final Fantasy or Metal Gear Solid graphic.

Above as u can see..what a beautiful scene and road structure and trees are so real and nice. Besides,they fix the resolution just nice and those blurness square not easily figure out by your naked eye.

Let's talk a bit the storyline, Alan is a writer and he is very famous even everyone knows him...unfortunately,three years later, he don't have anymore inspiration to write a book!!the nightmare begins, he and his wife, Alice go for trip,also hope can take some good rest and maybe can get good idea for alan write his manuscript...because his good friend, Barry always irritate him "when u going give me your new novel bla bla..." LOL Above of the picture, that is the place, Alan and Alice rent its cabin for the holiday...the horror begins in this old and spooky cabin. Moreover, your adventurous game, Alan Wake also begins!!

Above,Alice feels comfortable and happy that no matter what happen, Alan besides her...Alice scare of dark suddenly the cabin light shutdown so Alan faster solve the problem to prevent his wife shock and nervous at that moment.
But Alice spoken out something no so favor to Alan then, their quarrel occurs and this lead to Alan angry so he run out the cabin.

Suddenly, Alice, his wife screamed loudly, "helpp!!Alan!!help alan!!aaaaargh!!!
Alan rush back to cabin but suddenly strong wind like blow oppositely against ALan movement..Once Alan reach the cabin, his wife already disappeared and he rush out and find his wife...soon you proceed something or discover somethin' u not seen before...first and second chapters, you always run around in the forests..and this consider bad point for this game because the place always the same and no doesn't give some new* to inspire you!

Anyway, As I mention before this game is almost like fatal frame right? you see the about the picture( haha the little bear is just my creation, Soft and those dialogues doesn't appear in the game..all are fictions)...

Every time Alan face something danger or horror creatures...definitely those heavy mist appear and those damn horror music will play...OMG!! always make my heart dubbing very fast!!and also the damn vibration of the joystick always vibrate non-stop make you more tension!!So, Fatal Frame also like that..heavy mist and the damn horror music make you uneasy all the time LOL even sometimes you scare yourself for nothing LOL.

ALan use a very unique weapon to beat those horror creature or u can say is ghost la....those creatures got dark barrier so need the light to break it so...i think u should know what it is now....that is torch light haha..sound very childish LOL..But of course, if alan wake use torch light to kill a creature then, this game is ridiculous and impossible for gamers give this game high rating(include me ^__^)
Alan also will use some realistic weapons such as shot-gun, handgun and etc to kill those creatures after u break their barrier.(below)

So torch light also need some batteries right?So, Remedy also make it quite realistic, you need get some batteries to recharge back your torch light if not..haha you really have hard time to those creatures and you may died in there too( i mean game over la) LOL Above do u see some sparky light? means your torch light point on the creature and it will slowly break their formidable dark barrier ...once they lose it..they just like ordinary people can be hurt by weapons. Of course your guns also need to reload...there are no unlimited bullets for you haha~!

Overall, this game is everytime give you high curiosity to keep on chase the story and play non-stop to know why Alan encounter such weird events and always had some horrible dreams....and more questioning about those damn weird dark creatures?where they come from? why they exist?So, these few questions are quite common ask about to this game....Totally no regret you buy for it..worth to play anyway..the game weakness actually are camera angle, doesn't give you more new surprises and they use almost every old environment and enemies...but the storyline really nice and you totally can feel the horror!!...hope those player don't have nightmares just like Alan Wake..if not you need a torch light, put beside your pillow lo hahahaha~!


  1. haha of coz, xbox...sai lou doesn't mean I dunno PS3...I quite pro game industry hahaha~!


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