Thursday, November 27, 2014


Great contest...Just need you purchase minimum RM 300 or above from any booths at IT Fair center court ( one single receipt or combine receipts). Any enquiry can be contact to the management office. (tel : 05-5470676) or drop a mail to

Then, you all can join the contest before 30th NOV. STILL GOT 3 days to go only~HURRY UP~

Variety of electronic products selling there such as Samsung brand smartphones, Sony smartphones, HP, ASUS ,LENOVO laptops ,printers, TELE-COMMUNICATION network products ( MAXIS, DIGI, CELCOM ,U-MOBILE & P1 WIMAX) & PC accessories etc....more to go....

For me, I more interested for accessories and hardisks there =).....check out discount price too hehe~
So, everyone don't wasted the chance go there if your handphone or lappies out-dated or spoil. Then, it is time to change or your lappies (laptop) or handphones. The laptop products selling there ...small size and light weight convenience to the current trend people. Besides, smartphone rule the world now...therefore, the handphone selling there is up to the trend needed.

Don't waste your chance to patronize at AEON KINTA CITY SHOPPING CENTRE, Ipoh.
Moreover, This fair also collaboration with SNS can visit this website to get more details

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