Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Colorful december Part 1- FOOD Day

Finally exam war is over...I have time to blog again...December really my colorful life for now haha~!!This month I will totally conquer out some games and hopefully can draw some part of comic...I know I know ..many readers still not satisfy why Exorcism-X late also didn't PUBLISH since mid of 2010 till now...what to do I'm not full-time mangaka (comic artist)....Anyway,finally I can go back my hometown enjoy some family cuisine.

Before I return...I quite enjoy in my hostel that having great steamboat gathering with my housemates...actually also a farewell party to my two housemates and a buddy that is Dean, Joanne and Yen Qin.

SO, fast my housemate, Joanne and my friend, Dean Cheng a.k.a sor lou graduate...and also good buddy Yen QIn will be having internship next month so we will cant meet in time being...therefore, quite a meaningful party at that moment...haha~!I still remember ah teng make those Tang Yuen in the next day morning for early celebrate Winter solstice festival..

She so worry about the taste of tang yuen doesn't matter..truthfulness of tang yuen is reunion and warm gathering together...meaning of the event is more important than the taste for me, that day I feel the taste can't say it is excellent but can feel the effort...

Thank u Ah Teng and also everyone give me nice moment in the steamboat event hehe~!The steamboat is awesome ...especially the tom yum soup best of the best...everyone rush to drink it and also the meatball haha~!!

Actually before steamboat day...I was enjoy a great breakfast with my good Ann Ann and sor lou Shiong LOLx...I highly recommended the fried pan mee at Kampar...the stall was located at CK optical shop opposite...near the T-junction and the food stall is right at the corner...texture of the pan mee is perfect and all sauces mix up well in other words, it is well-balance of the taste...yea not oily don't worry girls you all should try it~!!

After that gathering, I rush back home and cook for family haha~!!...make simple few dishes such as scrabble egg, steam chicken and also fry some vegetables LOLx....above the picture is the scrabble egg I named it as "Kong Choi Yan Sun" (Glorious & colorful life)..

I hope everyone just the dish's name hehe~!!..quite a lot of ingredients in this dish such as spring onion, tomato,fry onion,white sesame,butter and garlic. To make this dish success, the key is you control the fire well and the shape of egg and the color will be very nice.

Don't put so much butter because it may cover up the egg taste.The butter just use to reduce using oil and also enhance the taste more flavor... You don't scrabble the egg not more than 2 minutes...Other vegetables cut into small cubes so easily shaped the egg into round shape.

For the next day, I go out bought some games to enjoy them in this nice holiday...none other than Fable III, Enslaved,Majin & the Forsaken Kingdom, Vanquish and Halo Reach hehe~!I will review them soon don't worry...then, I go enjoy some nice snack food at Parkson..the outlet called Shilin if no mistaken.

I go with my mom and taste 3 simple snack foods. First of all, we try is the oyster mee sua...mmm...the taste is not that bad but I think they put too much black pepper and cover up the taste of the soup but still this food quite suitable to eat for now haha~!!such cold weather...

Second snack food is the chicken floss egg roll...this one should be flawless but the chef make skin of the egg roll too thick cause the roll not so tasty...maybe use too much flour make the skin...this one is just like our local food,popiah. The chef give quite a lot of chicken nice le haha~!! I think he should put some vegetables such as mengkuang or cabbage inside so can add-on the taste more juicy haha~!!

Lastly, I think this will be best snack food that is sweet potato french fries LOLx...I'm very like this snack food...this one should eat while watch nice movie like Inception, Sorcerer's apprentice and Season of the witch LOLx...But I still haven't watch Nicholas Cage new movie le (>..<)

yea is much more healthier than eat other french fries ...but this is my personal opinion haha~!!Anyway,food taste is very subjective so you taste it and share to me la~!!

Sunday, December 12, 2010


Before read this blog..You may play this clip first......

22 years,without existence may not come to this world....thank u father and mother.yeah...when I 'm down mother always comfort me and give me the best support to me...I still remember when I'm fail my paper in Year 1...I still never forget my mother always say "no matter how hard you run through this road..I always run with you"..."no matter what"...Actually fail a paper is no big deal, but for me is different because I face lot of failures and obstacles such as accidents,downfall of STPM and poverty.Therefore, I always ask God..why I always have gone through lot of obstacles? I got diligent study, pay more efforts in anything and help others without demand for deeds.But still meet lot of unwish incidents.. Is it God bring me to this world and face all these missions to make me become a perfect man? I hope so haha~!! the mission is more and more tougher when I grow older.

Firstly, when I was young...I also gone through poverty before like no money buy shirt and take other people shirt...But the most interesting is other people may look on my family is rich and may not take any approach to us...doesn't matter because I love those days...the living is tough but we live in happy family. Moreover, I meet many real and true friends.

Many years later, My father get promoted because his talent and hardwork so our living become much more better...My father become more busy and busy..may somehow rather he neglected me...but I know my father love me very much..I recall when I was small, my father always carry me silently when I fallen asleep in his van.That memory always keep inside my mind, father. No matter how bad habit you still are good father for me..

Why I'm say my road so because when my life grow nicer..definitely there are something blocking..when I pass my paper finally and my result getting better and better but I get bad news that my father getting cancer...Luckily,my father now is ok and fine back..thanks to everyone helping and doctors. haha~!!see my life is full with adventurous..then, my father had been told secretly by the top management..tell him retired..yea my life from up drop back to father sickness take out lot of money too for medicine and also my tertiary education also costly. Many people ask me concentrate study..yea I'm doing it..

I know God once again testing my determination...I will never give up even 1988 I nearly get die and in 2006 second time nearly I will meet whats the big deal for now..haha~!!even several friends not understand me like even indirectly blaming me for something and alienate you but once come to advantages they approach you haha~!what kind of joke?you think I'm you don't.....never try to understand people hard life and misery....I bet you all meet this kind of people.."pretender".

Many years in education world, I meet lot of people with different kind of selfishness,pretender, arrogant,shy,benevolent, honest and many more...thank u to those badass who treat me "good"...never mind...I can say that no regrets meet those true good friends in my all make my life always so colorful..because I'm only child so I'm lonely at besides parents, friends and cousins u all are more closest companions in the world...yea..for giving advice to those junior, don't give up when the road is tough...sure one day will pay you back fruitful result..lets together work hard get better life...

I m the good example...When i was English is a failure, no matter is talk or write..because keep on work out how to improve and also thanks my true brother Alex always motivated me in those days.And now, I didn't say I'm good in English but in the end, at least now I able to write and talk in good manner and deliver a message to another person fluently. Besides, even fail twice in a same papers but I manage get moderate high CGPA and Dean List so don't give up when you fall...just ignore those look down on you and make fun on you...FOCUS and walk in right path...don't do something, not worth for it ...

after release my stress...finally...motivate to and dad I m back soon...

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Maroon 5~ Misery

Nowadays just keep on study study prepare war for my finals...luckily got several songs motivated me like Adam lambert- If I had you and lady Gaga- Bad Romance and Bruno Mars-Just the way you are...Music really motivate me and Maroon 5 new song describing my life now..MISERY~!!!This few days i listen lot of songs just according the photo above( I make one le lol).sigh I wish I m just like what Katy Perry sing..Teenage Dream~!!

Misery MV is similar to Rihanna feat. Eminem MV...girls so violence LOL..(I m not describe all) haha~!!this MV very funny hahaha...nice song~!!Well, I'm not Maroon 5 fans..after this song onwards..I'm your DIeHard 5.0 fan~!!haha~!!I feel the vocal singer similar to Vocal singer BeeGees Barry Gibb...nice voice and quite unique tone he has.

Bruno...for me didn't hear my friend promote this song to me...woo this song really unexpected..from look of the singer..mmm...haha..don't judge people by the cover of the book hahaha...his style singing and emotion of him is fantastic...he like emerging with rhythm of the song. Thank u Bruny LOLx

I think Katy Perry sing out every teenagers want...aa..I think I m still a teenage LOLx..hahaha~!!I want exchange with the man model above...sigh University totally make me always have miserable life...good news is I still got 5 more months to suffer only...what a optimistic thinking I'm haha~!!5 month is just like live in a jail 50 years LOlx more horror than you prison in a dream according Inception 2010 LOLx...

Anyway, Katy Perry song is nice and her face like a babe doll and very pretty le LOLx I think if Lady Gaga and Katy Perry will have great competition cause they have similarity singing style and tone...looking forward..see them which will succeed the throne Queen Of Music...first is Madonna and then, Celine Dion..lately is Beyonce...21 century who will be...Music industry always so amusing...

Even though my life now is quite misery but luckily a pork rib Laksa motivate me once again ...can say that sickle out my soul from hell and bring back to the Mortal haha~!!...mmm a bit..outrageous haha~!!But really beh tahan about the brain like Master Pinky and the brain cho LOlx..

SIgh...anyhow..u see above the picture..u know how miserable I'm....I miss my damn XBOX~!!I want to play Call Of Duty, Enslaved, Need FOr Speed:Hot PUrsuit, Fable 3 and a lot ~!!Next blog coming soon nex week....

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