Sunday, November 24, 2013

Simple Life of EricSoft

So dream had been run for 14 years since 2001......well my life still up and down going. Life still goes on and no matter what happen, I had been endure a lot just like a roller coaster. Perhaps, God always give my life is like Examism hahahah~ a lot of exam in my life LOL...

Sometimes, I give some lecture a lot to many new trainee that work with your heart and sincerity and it will pay back one day.... Just matter of time..If those got study new generation Z really headache to all leaders nowadays as new workforce hahaha~ Hence, they have high intelligence but just need more times to shape them compare to generation Y and generation X....

The drawing as above...suddenly come up in my mind..while flash back a lot in my life...80s era 90s era ...21st century across coming and New Digital Era really make the world change a lot.....So, 2014 coming, what is further planning of your time for you make some checklist future....take note everyone =)

My Double comic hope can be out on time...HOHOHOO~!!!!

My story just like the song as below:

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

EXORCISM-X Review 2014

The Chapter 2 will be publish on First day of new Year 2014...Hopefully, this time can make it successfully. The picture above is new character add-on in this new chapter II...So, more dark magical element and horror element will add on too inside this new chapter, just like the drawing as below...Do you feel horror? hehe~ I still writing the script and finding certain area to create nice suspense..(^__^) Many people asking me...Eric, would you still continue your dream? Definitely. Perhaps I just change into another way to achieve...Always holding a believe in my heart is Never Give Up...

The date as above already adjusted to 01.01.2014 more easy memorize to everyone hahaha~The plot make me headache due to I already drop the script since 2009. A lot of ideas already disappeared in my mind. Therefore, now I like arrange back all pieces of puzzle memories in mind create clear picture of the story...Cover picture as below actually review of chapter 3 -UNEXPECTED GUEST.

 Overall, now I arrange several plot of stories to be more attractive and interesting....content as below:

 Chapter 1 - Tragic of Spirited Café
 Chapter 2 - Background Of Jiro 
 Chapter 3 - Unexpected Guest
 Chapter 4 - TBA

....that's all for my temporarily ideas...hope this upcoming new year 2014 bring a completed comic for my masterpiece story EXORCISM-X. For those new reader can click on this link:


THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR SUPPORT...My Fan page reach 100+members...

Thursday, November 14, 2013


EXORCISM -X comic production start since 2008 till 2009...the comic start from combination novel and comic format. Hence, I received approximately 300 mails from readers and suggested that should change it to full manga/comic format...I take some times to study and learn new element to increase the plot story. After 4 years, I get some gist of ideas to continue my script to continue my masterpiece. Hopefully can be publish end of the year.

From the first chapter started at Shibuya City (Tokyo, Kanto region ~ illustration as above) if those have read my comic have seen before. I may add-on more locations to illustrate more historical and horror into chapter 2 and chapter 3.The drawing background may have some atmosphere and environment from Kanto to Kansai region (most probably Kyoto ) everyone stay tune he~he

Sunday, September 8, 2013


FANTASTIC LANTERN PARADE  come back again~!!Let's join in....that night will having tremendous events coming up...AEON will bring tremendous delightful enjoyment to everyone as always.So, faster come up and join....

The Parade is OPEN FOR ALL RACES, AGED 4 YEARS OLD & ABOVE. Registration is free and no purchase is required.

any enquiries can be contact through this hotline on the poster, drop by a mail at or through this Kinta CIty Management telephone : 05-548 4668 and contact person: Ms. Kasthury, Ms. Jess or Mr. Eric Ng

Last year 2012, mega event was drop by at AEON STATION 18....that night was having traditional dances, lion dance and others. participants break through 600 people. Every kid was enjoying that evening ...That night even have our YB Dato' Dr. Mah as our VIP for open ceremony for the lantern parade event 2012, is our pleasure to able to invite Sir to open the ceremony.

Besides, the event also having lantern making competition to create awareness of traditional making lantern and protect environment by using recycle items as material to create the lantern. Therefore,We hope this year have more fun and enjoy together with the communities on that night....having big renion together on 14 SEPTEMBER 2013...SEE U THERE~!!!!
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