Sunday, August 8, 2010

Starcraft II rock the world once again after 12 years!!!

If u ask me ..have I play it even Starcraft II ~ Wings Of liberty already launched since 27 July? the answer is NOOOO!! damn it thanks to my thesis..give me lot of works and unable enjoy it. You may ask why not you get it first, then done everything then only play the game...Are you jokin'? Such a fantastic game you will not hunger for it and just put it like a decoration or Mona Liza portrait hang at your home?!Impossible..Such a great game is unstoppable!!(above picture, the animation soldier figure is just my creation draw by mouse, not related to Blizzard model)

So to prevent me got Star craft addiction and hunger~ness so i didn't bought it and just watch the trailers for thousand times to satisfy my hunger~ness need..I think Maslow theory need to put games' hunger as physiological need once the generation Y population are growing and replace the baby boomers population.LOLx..just a joke, Abraham Maslow don't scold me!!If u all don't know who is Abraham then, go wikipedia search who he is..I just briefly explain that somehow he is founder of human five needs theory.(*salute*=respect). You see above the Terran Battlecruiser is it gorgeous? damn freak impressive!!

So, less words more just can enjoy StarCraft 2 clips BELOW. Thank you to Gamespots & Youtube contributions hehe~!!

Above is a trailer for StarCraft II, totally is like a movie. I really hope and wish Blizzard really make it into bigger screen that is Blockbuster Movie. As you all know nowadays many movies are come from games such as Prince of Persia, Halo, Resident Evil(famous in every generation), and etc....Ya..the game have deploy more than one million to world wide in 2 days so what do you think huh?...i think is too little lo LOlx..because more than 10 millions people play PC games so such a small portion can't satisfy the whole PC gamer population LOlx

Above is another trailer and it can say so got some gist of the story of StarCraft II. Ghost is a girl?? i don't know, I haven't play yet haha~!!if those had been play please put some comments here LOLx..totally this trailer make your blood-boiling hahaha~!!What do you it fantastic and gorgeous those marines and their battlecruisers..what to do..people use 100 million dollars for development cost production means not include marketing expenditures like distribution and promotion in internet or other promotional tools) is first ever game use such heavy amount investment even Gran Turismo(PS3) just use about 60 million dollars if u say GT 5 also very nice and beautiful then, Starcraft 2 is just magnificent masterpiece wakaka~!!!

Above is gameplay and I found out that totally is different from last time starcraft ( sure will have diffirent if not no need make sequel LOL). Moreover, it look too grand!!The terran (human race) will have 29 stages and this all i know LOlx..maybe after my FYP, sure i will play with bro first, lex(my sifu), angin, taufu,waiyu doubt other friends of mine hahaha~!!

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