Monday, September 6, 2010

JYJ!!! Get ready!!(Edition)

ooo...unbelievable that former DBSK or TVXQ still got out album!! Moreover, they sing a new song called 'Get ready'....this song really motivated me back to study mood wakakaka~!!actually not really hahaha~!!

Anyway, this mini album is very nice...even though quite less track songs but many people always have a saying that..."We want is quality, is not quantity".(=____=)...Even Oricon predict that JYJ will get the first place on chart in 8th September..woo that is interesting hahaha~!!Let' see real a not la on that day hehe~!ya one more thing.. too bad (>..<) no "Get Ready"MV ...sigh.

In this world is very strange...even though when we have "Apart" one another but one day will "reunion" again...this is also another famous saying too DBSK members also reunion again but still incomplete members. But I think they will join back, just matter of time....Do you all agree?..Relationship in between human and nature always a very interesting..thats why I'm very impress on Confucius and Tao philosophy hehe~!

Actually JYJ got a Meaningful MV called いつだって君に...Frankly, from this song show that they sing based on their inner feeling.The song indirectly tell us that no matter what happen after we apart or dismiss the group..but we always together as buddies in our nice le..haha ..

Unfortunately,The MV have taken out by the AVEX company from Youtube because of the copyright. So, I have been replace another MV related to JYJ..a joy and happy MV.Actually I don't really know what this song mean wakaka~! Watashi Nihon~ko Wakarimasen (I don't understand Japanese)..ya forget tell you all this album is japanese version. Luckily, MV got English subtitle. Next post...coming soon more review hehe~!

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