Sunday, January 4, 2009

First day of New Year... only can post my New Year home's network line down...sob*sob*
sigh...many people are having celebration for New Year or countdown...but I have to do something, very exhausted make melol that day...hehe~!Anyway, my father request me to aid him to design a lot of numbering cards, arrange tables and chairs(walao..aa Ericsoft Chairman design wo)...for the new couple wedding for that night...Frankly, this wedding can say 'grand' because everyone knows that financial crisis last year make many people need to been more 'thrifty' lol...that night the dinner approximately cost Rm26,000..woo not included Karaoke equipment.

boring job haha~! people say NICE wo~!lol(don't know true a not) But the Feedback is from the customers hehe...
Sigh...arrange tables and chairs is most exhausted job more than 100 chairs !!anyway, luckily got one 'siu Keong' help me..wuahaha~!Anyway, get good feedback from the customers even is quite boring and wasted cho a lot ATP additionally no wages for this job aiyo, but I felt happy lo because got people praise my work lol...moreover, that day I got wonderful was a hand phone very nice..A new Year so fast arrived cho and so fast ended cho ..Time flows very fast...we really need appreciate it...

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