Thursday, January 29, 2009


Haha~!wonderful Chinese New Year for me...finally I can watch ChiBi or Red Cliff 2 in cinema fuu...moreover I watch Twice in different cinema hehe~! is at Parkson and another one is Jusco LOL..anyway, the second time really thanks to the sponsors brother Kwong and my good brother, Steve The Boss(LOL the nickname is given by my aunty) get me a wonderful dinner that night haha~!....

Before I start my Synopsis of Red Cliff II...I would like to talk little bit short story about watch the second time Chibi hoho~!My brother Kwong felt uncomfortable because my big sister's friend challenge my brother that he will fail to buy ticket such time so you all know many Chinese poeple like to watch movie at cinema during many are well-prepared buy tickets for Ipoh people in majority.But my brother say something very interesting that is.."In KL people is no well-prepared such thing and is just instantly go buy if fail, then plan for another activity to spend the night haha~!"said Kwong.

Steve and I like watching 2 little guys betting for the tickets haha~!Even in the car, Kwong said that can't manage to buy but still need to get the tickets from the people who already watch finish the movie Chibi II!!No matter what..wuahaha~!This is what we call 'dignity' of a person hoho~!Steve and I make confusion tactic to my brother kwong haha~!go wrong way la or wasting time park his car lol...At first, we are going for Parkson cinema but that night don't know what happen?!the whole place dark like hell, I mean the cinema there..damn it close wo so early 10pm lol...wasting time,ATP and petrol to reach there man!!So, we change place lo, then go Jusco watch....
The Chibi or Red Cliff II is a sequel so the opening of the show continues from previous scene that Cao soldiers play Cuju(our time called as football)...then Wu kingdom duke Sun Ce's sister pretend as Cao army's soldier in another words, her role as spy in there...later on, Cao's army occur typhoid disease spreading around his camps because they unable to assimilate the weather in Southern Land. But Cao cao still plan to assault his opponent, alliance Sun ce-Liu Bei. Wah Tuo( greatest doctor in the china history) already convince the prime minister Cao not to assault because the soldiers not yet recover or cure the disease yet..sigh..Cao cao is a very arrogant person so he doesn't care about the advice moreover he doesn't burn the soldier corpse who died in disease and send those corpses to Sun Ce territory to make them affect the disease too....this is one of the confusion tactics.So, Sun ce and Liu bei troops also affected by the corpses....because of this incident, Liu Bei army stop the alliance and retreat because he don't want anymore people suffering and can't receive anymore lost.
After Liu bei army retreat, the news so fast spread and pass to cao cao...consider great news for him la.But Zhuge Liang(takeshi Kaneshiro) the great strategist still remain in the Sun Ce army to fight to the end. This is because he already make the promise with Zhou Yu(Tony Leung) during alliance agreement meeting in Red Cliff I.So those two great strategists, Zhou Yu and Zhuge Liang use interesting strategies to make the enemy fight among themeselves.Zhou Yu make a trick to trap Cao cao that is execute Cao cao's leading generals Zhang yun and Cai Mao.These 2 persons knowledgeable battle in water type area and other generals in cao army are just useless in this battle.In Zhuge Liang part, borrow arrows from Cao cao...because shortage of arrows in Sun ce army cause by Liu Bei army retreating ....this part is the most interesting scene in whole movie haha~!I lazy to explain so go watch it yourself this scene full with humorous joke make by Lu Su and Zhuge Liang..In conclusion, fierce battle begin after Zhou Yu's wife(Xiao Qiao) go to Cao cao camp to slow down the army progressing.Zhuge Liang plan to borrow ' East wind' power to enhance the fire tactic attack Cao cao warships." still Left the Eastern wind"(Ji Him Tung Fung) was a famous Chinese saying and this saying was originate in this incident. The saying means we still left a final component or step to accomplish the mission or task. So got any feel of similarity from the saying with the Chibi or Red Cliff incident?LOl ...full of explosion scenes in final part of the word describe 'geng' or 'Marvellous'.LOL Actually ending of the part, the movie had been change cho if those got read true Romance of The Three Kingdoms novel- author Luo Guo Zhong, they may noticed.....and feel little bit sad...can't watch the scene show a bravo old man make sacrifice for his master..hehe~!


  1. eee...
    i dun like red cliff le...
    for me its such a boring movie XD

  2. I don't like Red Cliff la brother...haha! hOW R u?? miss you bro!!

  3. of coz bored for u two..those didn't read Romance of the Three kingdom novel...definitely don't understand wat happening and who is that and that haha~!....rare guest kian hin come and visit hehe~!

  4. vincent chong here..since u like red cliff i will definateli pity u.NOe y?
    Coz i will think that no gals willing to Pak To wit u coz u tooooo boring..lolz
    vincent chong signing off~

  5. chai I love history but...friends around me no one can escape a laugh..vincent if u r my good friend will understand me...many people knows me that I will make people happy even he or she has sad feeling that day...wait a second..r u baboon?!if that vincent Chong mun wai i know...he understand me one wo..hoho~!

  6. hey's itchy dog la...
    yest i yumcha with him ma i used my id to send you msg...
    not baboon la...
    baboon is vincent choong and icthy dog is vincent chong LoL *blurp**blurp*XD

  7. then this itchy dog hopeless lo..didn't know me at all...

  8. he used not i used tersilap type**


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