Friday, January 23, 2009

My First Time........

Everyone would have their first time, so me also not exceptional la....what a great experience for me lol "My first Time" lost cho haha~!don't think it wrongly I not mean that lost my 'pig'(virginity(O0O)..I hope you as reader please understand la.....I had more than hundred friends but those called as 'best friends' or 'brothers' not many as that...if I listed out it maybe 20-30 names kua lol...So many of my best friends or brothers(don't worry not LaSallian brothers...I not that great ok(^_^)..invite me to join them to go sing K*(karaoke) or KBox but because of some reasons, I force to reject invitation sigh...sorry all best friends(Shinimasen mina...wari wari:~)....but this time my good course mates invite me to sing at Abox,Kampar...this time really no excuses because it is cheap,near my hostel, free and high demand from them (not Microeco* ok don't misunderstood) moreover they really want to hear me sing wo the story begin....
The last Wednesday, some of my best friends organize a group go Abox to celebrate "The Reunion First Group" and also CNY...Frankly speaking here, this whole event somehow like concert feel haha~!My sai lou(not Eric, another one haha~!)almost dominate the Concert* because he sang all Wang Lihom we called as LiHom Pirated Concert haha~!this is Lihom-Alvin take the first round but the environment of the Concert not so High yet for everyone haha~!but his singing is great so called splendid!!...Then the climax begin,a mandarin song MV pop up in front of the plasma screen Panasonic...slowly a emotional sound come out..then all my best friends look at me and their faces show to me that what the?Eric sing and very great man sing mandarin wo!!(I would make clear view to u all, I don't know mandarin words in read or write moreover I didn't prepare any lyric paper too) so u also may give an astonish look to me too haha~!(^_^)..The first song...I sang was Dai Ni Chui Chui Fung(Jacky song)..then, Jacky Cheung Pirated Vs LiHom Pirated Concert begin for 2nd round la haha~!Everyone start to whispering behind me while I'm singing the song...woo Eric can sing mandarin, why he sing the song so sad, is it he hurt before? , not bad...etc..Then, my friends start to take picture with me because precious u know, "My First Time" wo...Why sing the song so sadly because in my sea of mind recalled back my childhood time was not good memories sigh. Besides, I really want to thanks to Wan Ting, one of my friends because she assist me in translation of the song or read out so I can sing it fluently and is work. I sing it tremendously good and satisfaction result la hehe~!...the environment slowly get warm and high feeling la...the next continue song was Mui Tin Oi Ni Toh Yat Say...while I'm singing, everyone started shake hand with me like concert feel LOL and slowly everyone stand up and sing together haha~! I sing lot of songs besides those 2 songs such as Thousand of sad reasons(Jacky Cheung), Eternal of Love(Jacky Cheung), Just only want to follow you go(Jacky Cheung), Man Pi (Jacky Cheung), Mon Gay Tart/Forget him(Jacky Cheung), Yue Phoon Wan(Jacky Cheung), Wang Wen/the dawn(Steve Chow Chuan Shuang), The Diary(Steve Chow) and etc. fuu..damn tired and struggling for some songs because don't know the lyric or read....but is fun haha~!Besides me singing, they also got sing too..a lot too but I can't remember them what they sing because too many cho haha!Sorry!
Before end of the Concert* or go back hostel, I sang a wonderful song that is Chuk Fook/Blessing(Jacky Cheung) before I start..."I hope this semester everyone will score better or flying colour result and pass all subjects moreover happy along the year, so that's y I choose this song Blessing. Thank you all, Arigadoh Gozairimas mina" said Eric/me.....everyone very happy once heard what I say and some friends show some appreciate face to me LOL everyone follow me sing the song..walao so great feeling every words every minutes so great feel while sing the song..after end of the song ...some say "Encore!!Encore!!" haha~!sorry le damn tired le and thirsty because I had been in the Abox for Six Hours!!

What a great experience to me first time, Thanks to Alvin that teach me to how control the microphone properly haha~!Anyway, now near Chinese New Year so here I would like to take an opportunity to wish you all my best friends,friends, relative members,my family members or those read my blog....Po Po Go Sing(those are working, wish promoting until highest rank post in his/her work)Sun de Kin Hon(wish everyone good in healthy as u know healthy is most precious thing in the world, not even wealth or power can compete this element),and Wang Choy Chow sau(wish those people love gambling that win a lot and get good luck in gambling and maybe in this CNY get a "huge present"haha~!). Lastly,I wish "Hock Yip Chun Po"(academic result improve tremendously and one word describe it that is "Impressive".) to all who are still studying.


  1. Wah lao...besides being an artist(drwaing), can be singer oso wei!!!jacky cheung summore wei!!

  2. ahahahahaa...........king of K ?

  3. no la..jer jer haha~!my singing consider ok la..hehe


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