Saturday, January 10, 2009

My Pathway

Sigh...just nothing to don't know is it Eric my good sai lou influence me cho, recently I like blogging haha...OMG..few more days, I need to go back Uni..back to the war zone haha!!..those days, I and my cousin brother Alex just use barefoot can walked whole kampar area liao..haha just kidding~!Anyway, Kampar quite small place..moreover not very interesting place but suitable for study hehe~!because less entertainment...

Today suddenly I think is it I run a correct pathway?because many people say to me..I should go for graphic design or related about design..sigh actually I got think before but...sometimes think is easy but make decision is hard. Those got read management should know the last part decision-making is not easy lol I like drawing since I was a 4 or 5years old kua..I already know draw or sketch HUMAN!! as you all know la..a little child draw human always like a stick but I different u see right handside of it hoho~!Perhaps, really need to thanks god given me such great talent to me, I very appreciate such great skill to me anyway I not consider as Pro like Akira Toriyama(dragon ball author) or Masashi Kishimoto(naruto author) or Tetsuya Nomura(Final fantasy artist)..I just can say I just like amateur able to scrabble around the pen...then a easy image able to create out..

mmm...anyway, life is like want to do that but unable to get it what had been thought by Chinese frequently say why the sky always fool me haha~!right?Did u feel any familiar to u all hoho~!Anyway, I hope manage walk through my new pathway in this new sem for me...I know the road is quite hard and full of obstacles but I will try my best walk through this long pathway just like what I had been Draw the above.In the end, thanks to all people who support me(T_T)sob* sob*


  1. wat course u taking wo???
    i think drawing n designing r suitable for u...
    but no matter wat path u choose must alwiz believe n trust urself...
    dun worry me the butcher will support u alwiz...
    ajajaja gogogogo dugong XD

  2. I will owiz support u dai lou!!jia yoU!!

    Sorry weh, did u get my off9 msg tht day?
    my hp ran out of credit when u called me tht time. I guess it was about to ask me for dinner isit?Lol

  3. sob*sob* good brother...butcher!!


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