Tuesday, December 30, 2008

World Tour Concert(O_o)

Last night, I listen Jacky Cheung album, the latest one ,World Tour concert 07 album...Very nice I tell u all, even he sing the song Live but still the good quality same as the song recorded in CD. Frankly, I miss the Jacky concert because I still having school day no holiday that day ...and when I went Genting that time, Concert already over liao sigh...Never Mind!!this album still make me can feel the environment's concert and the feel of the songs...

Unbelievable! Jacky still can perform so well and can maintain his great voice to the end of the show in more than 3 hours...as u all know la Jacky now very mature* not like those days cho LoL I hope u understand la ..haha..I feel this time Jacky's song in this concert make it very nice because combine lot of different music instruments that combine together till the melody make your mind imagine u r stand in front of concert cho lol
In this album, he sing perhaps love(ru go ai), mui tin oi ni toh yat say, kong ni chi and One thousand sad reasons ....the melody is very nice I would like to recommend these songs to u all if those didn't hear Jacky Cheung songs before..I believe Once u hear these songs liao, u will make Jacky cheung as your icon automatically haha!! Besides these 4 songs, Man Pi is the best song among all his songs for me la..but i dun know u la....once I heard man pi, i slowly recall back all my sad memories sigh....Aiyo, I thought he will sing Dai Ni Chui chui Fung but don't have...little bit disappointed.In this concert, Jacky say it very right. "In our life always have up and down...while having bad moment, we shouldn't give up but continue work for it diligently and look forwardly for the future....Happy event or good result will slowly come right in front of u" said Jacky..I think is quite true because I experienced it before what he say haha!

Many people asking me, why I listen Jacky Cheung songs?He is not in your era...because Jacky sing since 1984.....I also not yet born that time haha! Although he is not in my era, his song is forever nice and great..such fabulous song always evergreen and doesn't care about its age but its quality for example, BeeGees-First of May lol.Anyway, the album is great la...Jacky Cheung called as God of Singer, this recognition is truly fit on him..none other singers can get such title..lol


  1. OMG...
    long time i din listen to his songs oledi le...
    XD dugong

  2. love Jacky Cheung!Can't wait to buy his latest album...

  3. yea...I am waiting his Half-century concert dvd..i will review once it out~!!


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