Monday, January 19, 2009

Martial Art...HoHo~!

Sigh..tired after reading proposal & acceptance, contract act 1950 and few take a break then I go watch Ip Man haha~!many of my course mates always said "Eric faster go watch this great moreover you are martial art fans" hehe...then, ok lo go watch lo ...praising a lot about this film. Actually the setting of the story occur at Fanshan during World War II(I hope didn't spell wrong lol)..I very curious why all great martial artists gather at Fanshan?sigh...clueless hehe~!Ip man act by great martial artist Donnie Yen and very interesting that always see him fighting with passion...mmm if you got observe his fighting basically he is type of speed as essence. When you watch the scene that he fights 10 black-belt karate boys hehe~!When Ip Man say fight 10 people, he make the Japanese general got shocked after heard his request haha! you will agree with me that Donnie very suit as speedy fighter...Ip man kungfu style in this movie is Wing Chun originally created by woman...this boxing-style created to defend rather than advance attacking....mmm..almost similar to taiji, these 2 styles using same principle that is "Four Taels Sweep Thousand Catties"(Sei Leong Phoon Jin Gun) means borrow people strength while he/she advance attack you then, the power transfer back to him after you counter-attack him/her...Basically these wing chun is a short-range type so you can say it is the most impressive defense type boxing-style.I don't understand why always ending hero must get a shot behind or poison by enemy...if u got watch, the last part Ip Man was shot by Japanese Officer. This scene similar to Fok Yuen Jia(Fearless-Jet Li) who was poisoned by the enemy...I hope Jet Li will fight Donnie Yen one more time LOL...quite a lot of similarity these two see Ip man got one best friend act by Simon Yam as Businessman then, FoK Yuen Jia act by Jet Li also has a Businessman friend haha~!anyway, the movie is great. I would say great in action aspect...the storyline not very reasonable but is worth watch Donnie Yen fight..hehe~!Don't think I as reviewer talk nonsense here..I'm know some Wushu for example high-kick style,wooden stick fighting-style,Eight Diagram saber and Southern Boxing-style LOL but I just retired Wushu master haha~!joking only I consider as senior rank. Anyway,Wing Chun is a quite unique boxing style especially horse-rising step(Ma Bu)...but they called Kiu Yee Ma not Ma Bu....quite weird name haha~!Ip Man film rated as 3 1/2 stars over 5 if u ask me...Fearless or Fok Yuen Jia is better if compare in overall the film....


  1. hey ip man is cool XD
    very nice le XD

  2. ya i know lol...ilike the part Liao sifu fight 3 karete boys that part..very funny bangga challenge 3 people la ...haha in end,surrender wo lol

  3. LoL chinese martial arts ROCKS!!!
    dugong pergi swimming la BLURPBLURP XD


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