Sunday, January 25, 2009

DRAGON Zodiac 2009

Dragon boys/girls or man/female lol born in (1916,1928,1940,1952,1964,1976,1988 and2000) in Ox year 2009 have a "Ping Man" and Sheung Chung Sheung Hak...(Hope you understand la)...consider..quite normal usual life
Those who born in march,June,September and December is an Earth element dragon for this Ox year.Moreover, those people born in time of 3, 7 and 9Am or Pm also are earth element...Five elements too prosperous or too weak may cause the healthy...for male may got bad effect in abdomen and bad digestion system so take care in eating..just like Chinese saying "Wo Chung Hau Chup, Wo Chung Hau Yap" means Conflict occur is because you speak, accident or problems happen is cause by what you eat.Then, female may have problem in private take care health this year.

This time not gossip affect you but is what u eat....So, Those combination consist a lot of Earth element by time,birth month and year of dragon may receive more great effect....In financial may have well prepare la....moreover in investment part is better invest little enough so if occur any changes, doesn't affect a lot on cautious in investment aspect la....

Dragon may Fan Tai Zu or conflict Commander Deity so may got little affection not so much worry....But have a happy or joy ceremony/event may diminishing 3 bad accidents or bad problems....organizes some good,happy and joy event such as Birthday party or wedding involved family members....

This Dragon may have great Tol Fah means got lot of girls around you hoho~!love relationship this year is great(boy).....partner with female or boss is a female gender may help you your working...those do business may get aid by a female LOL

This prediction is come from newspaper and predicted by Master So...I may miss out some lol because I'm not literate with mandarin so this prediction still left 10%of the original haha~!but those really interested read China Press 25Jan09 la...haha~!HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!Have a great night dinner today!!


  1. nampak macam buruk je dragon tis year???ntg good 4 me..
    tou fah wan oso 4 guys...not gals..unfair!

  2. haha...sorry too bad lol for female..pei pei jer...mmm maybe just not good in healthy others just normal

  3. Wah lao...since when you've become an astrologer dy ar?Lol
    Yea, i heard this very often too about male dragon this year are goin to have "tou fah".Lol

  4. lol...wat to do..coz of financial crisis make unemployment rate increase, susah cari makan I got many job now lol as student, drawing artist, martial art artist,singer and astrologer job also take haha~!


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