Saturday, January 17, 2009

Birthday War EPISODE II

Ok..I had been said Ericsoft the return will have sequel....this time the story quite funny if compare the EPISODE I haha~!This is because that day really catastrophe to me LOL maybe I use too outrageous word to describe such an event haha~!After the disaster day, my housemate invite me to join his birthday party..mmm..I think should I go or not because that day I should go back home, all my tutorial was cancel..ok la anyway my housemate "Andy Lau" already need to go another place to continue his degree. Then, I promise him that I will attend his party.The above of the picture, that fella smile somehow like someone use a dagger threating him and force wah chai smile...haha~!Anyway, he is the one in this story as main character lol Sau Sing Chai(Birthday boy)oops..forget to introduce this my main character...he is Ah wah and you all can called him as Andy Lau but somehow his English name is Thomas..maybe he want to be just like Thomas Edison because some of his friends call him..Professor!Professor! I accidentally heard this great name la LOL You see our Thomas Edison making a wonderful the same time, I make some jokes too for example, I say Wah chai wish he could find a wonderful wife this year haha~!wow..u see everyone like praying before dinner similar waktu bersolat pukul 7 haha!at the moment, Ah wah really like Andy lau..superstar, everyone take photo on him..flash light non-stop sparkling around..OMG my eye started see star flying around everywhere LOL.Sigh..u see the cake now wonderful masterpiece but later those zombie use it as tool to attack the civilians people like me and others in the house.U see the above picture, they are attacking the civilians...and I was the cameraman recording the the moment, many small portions of the cake throwing everywhere and cream smashing around people's can say the situation just like Gaza war there but no one kill or injured just like the war sigh..what the hell?those people thinking, power is it so important?human just can live for few decades...why not choosing a happy and tranquility way, having a peace diplomatic way la..sigh anyway sad..oops continue back my main character first, he quite pity because his face full with "SK-II" cream haha~!those zombies very naughty and still not satisfy after attack once or twice...they are keep on melee attack until you can't gasp a tiny oxygen in the air lol...did you all got some feel of Resident Evil environment haha~!This is why I say a BIrthday War la for my Episode II.....

then, in the end those zombies clear up the messy LAND haha~!Anyway, that night can say a wonderful night for ah wah...happy and fun for I would say sorry(paiseh) haha describe u all ..zombie..anyway, what I say is just exactly happening there lol...after clean up..everyone go back home respectively...then another war declare again in my house that is Trump card war...ah wai, ah wah, mun mun , KC and me play Big Two game...until midnight. While playing card, everyone sing together many great songs such as Jacky Cheung-Mui Tin Oi Lee Toh Yat say, Jacky Cheung-Man Pi, Leona Lewis-Bleeding Love and etc...after the great war..then Sau sing Chai(birthday boy) return to his 'nest'(room) and then ah wai and me follow him enter his nest lol..Then, we continue chatting about everyone hometown delicacy foods to each others...share stories together.very enjoyable haha~!talked until 4 o'clock morning..OMG! everyone also don't know the time flow so fast sigh...happy hour always like this, passed very fast as quick as twister wind...

Finally come to the end of the story my Ericsoft the Return sequel come here as conclusion...ah wah I wish u your dream come true and always good luck here...fuu..different people have different event occur in their party but wah chai party is quite extraordinary party I can say haha~!


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  2. haha...thank you for is my pleasure...u visiting my blog...

  3. Hahaha... Happy times. Thanks for joining me at my party and celebrate my birthday with me! Next time when I move to PJ there could be no more chances like this...


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