Friday, January 16, 2009

Ericsoft the Return EPISODE I

Finally, I can update my hostel there network broke down so cham* aaargh!!...
HAHA~! finally my 2nd sem start..I had been wait until my neck also long..Unfortunately, a bad event is waiting for me..I not aware also sigh...First day I 'm back to my uni then, I fast go give my application form for car sticker....then I like others queue accordingly...time and time pass very fast...number of students keep on increase tremendously but number of students go in the
room to give form just only few people...Here not to scare you all but truly happen lo..more than 300 people queue just what I draw here..Aduh, they all push here and there,moreover I had been stand for 4 hours only get numbering card...means later queue again..aaaargh...later I queue another 30 minutes aiyoyo then only I get my "Golden Sticker".I get this sticker nearly skipped a lesson..luckily manage go to lecture but just left 15minutes je zzzz.....the lecture didn't scold and show me a kindly face to me lol and said softly go and get your seat that time, I already exhausted cho...all the theory..labor...bla bla can't go through my ear..really a disaster for me in this first day...
Next day, my friend say he is in 300+ member* of waiting list to get a car park place...walao imagine it waiting list already 300+ means people who get sticker more than that morning I queue there is really more than 3oo peoples there is no joking here haha~! this is the first day I return to my base haha~!Actually many people are taking photo of this incident haha~!I also want to take photo because you all not there witness such great event..everyone rushing in somehow like get gold inside the room haha~! but everyone surrounded me in the queue and squeeze until hands also can't rise up ...sigh so force use my little skill to sketch out the episode II title Birhtday War ..I will try update as fast as possible....


  1. dugong in ur drawing mana ada 300ppl ar!??
    i hav counted liao 31 ppl oni XD
    and u mana ada hands to lift up wo...
    urs are fins ma XD muahahaha

  2. aaargh...sui chai!!aa...multiple 10 then have lo haha~!


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