Sunday, January 4, 2009

Butcher The Return..Not BATMAN!!

Yon nen mai...oops..4 years ago, Yoke teng sell his fantastic pork at opposite St Michaelo, Jln Seenivasagam 31500 ...but too bad kena saman because didn't get a license for his stall haha~!In present, my best friend@nakama finally get his license and open his non-halal stall in SusHI SHOP, Jalan Seenivasagam 88...WHAT THE....

Actually those who read this...can see the different between this 2 pictures that I draw haha!Everyone yoke teng more handsome cho or not time!! Time pass very year also over liao, Here I wish my best brother yoke teng good luck for this whole year hoho..prosperous until like the pig I draw haha~!


  1. haha!!!
    i will gv discount...
    come come buy buy...
    LoL XD

  2. not fair. i wan one oso!! nice drawing btw. haha

  3. hahahah sure sure lol....tell me what drawing u like


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