Saturday, April 16, 2011

Final Season- X-Team

This fantastic team go through a lot in this 3 years in University matter how tough it is everything can be go through..the legend team will meet their final battle very soon in this April. I had recall many great stories we faced before like "Final Year Project Unpredictable","3AM Double Beef Hamburger", Long Night battlefield of A&P, Craziness of Drama, Downfall of Assignment, "Cancer" and many more great chapters chalk down in our deep memories.

I think that our story can be make in to comic because along the journey gives different kind of element like climax story, suspense,joyful and fun scene,emoness, sadness,conflicts and more. Anyway just too many mixture of experiences in this journey. I think that we should trust each other and make a first move to understand others...that for sure can strengthen the bond of the team. So, to those juniors read this post take this advice la...he~he..

I forever full trust my brothers and sisters and share their problems,give them a hand to solve it.This is because I'm want everyone have happy life and enjoy the day to the end. That is me, ERICSOFT- Creative Mastermind~!!Legend Group X-Team will be return to battlefield once more before graduate from UTAR army Headquarter~!!


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