Monday, April 11, 2011

Dead Space 2 Review

After finish all my projects in degree, finally got time to have a bit honeymoon with my XBOX 360 and play games with my bro, Lex. So, we are attracted by this fantastic game called Dead Space 2. Above of the pic is I draw~!!Of course, it is not so fancy if compare to the original LOL.

I still finding my way to sharpen my skill. The Dead Space totally amazed me and give me an inspiration to make this wallpaper for my PC.I will review this game what it is and how it gain so high score in several game review website like Gamespot about 8.5(XBOX),9.0(PS3) and IGN (9.0/10).Frankly, I don't think that so high score if u ask me give rating. I will just give 8.0 to it(gameplay).

First of all, this game has similarity with Resident evil and F.E.A.R because their horror atmosphere and action game play almost alike. Therefore, Dead Space will not make you feel bored for every second and you need to well prepare for every minutes if not, you will easily slaughter by those mutant human (monsters).The picture above is showing that Isaac (main character) using his free style hitting to the monster...

the characters can be use many type of weapons such as javelin spears, plasma cutter,line gun, pulse rifle and ripper. I just don't like the javelin because it is hard to aim LOlx(maybe I noob)....pulse rifle for the alternative attack is fantastic LOLx...just bombing the monster~!!

Every weapon has its own uniqueness( the reload effect is great lol)..When you are upgrading the weapons,you need nodes (rare to get free and buy very expensive) for the upgrade and you need go to the a particular station to upgrade, they called as Bench. I was totally blank in my mind while I upgrading the Isaac's weapon because it is too outrageous nice~!!those effects open and close the operation. Every effects created by this game designers...just have to say impressive...I think everyone agree with me that you need to give them a 9-10 score for it.

For sound, is quite scary and controlling your feeling especially you play it at night.Be aware while you playing it alone LOlx...I hate those baby monsters while fighting them because they are making some sounds very irritating and make me very tension. They come in a bunch of idiots haha~!! to attack you so make me hard to aim to attack them...Basically, you need well-use of your telekinesis/ stasis (psychic power)to slow down their movement so can easily to shoot them.The sound effects are nice and realistic so I give them 8.5/10.Just miss out some core of melody in this game.

In term of graphic,I will just give 9.0/10..their texture still unable compare to the legendary Final Fantasy graphic engine...Anyway, I can see the efforts from every designers because they were studied real corpses figure in accident cases to modelling those monsters. I really salute them for their undying passion and enthusiasm to work for this game. Moreover, I discovered that they are using identical place to duplicate the environment and it is quite similar with Alan Wake design(2010). Why I give their gameplay score 8.0 because the camera angle not so well manage in control for XBOX 360 and maybe PS3 will be different story review I think.

Anyway, this game will get the score 8.5 in overall.yea..I hate this game for one thing that is you need to step on those corpses many times only able to get the loots(=__=)""IT IS TOO VIOLENCE~!! The story not so great if compare to the Mass effect 2 but still this game is much more better than Resident Evil Series.Above will be the trailer for dead Space 2 from IGN & Youtube. You will get some gist what I'm review about this game.Yea..don't play too long for this game, this is because it will make your eye very tired and headache. Next game review will be coming soon.....

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