Saturday, December 3, 2011

Desire & Dream

After graduating,mm...just a lot of things need to be decide.I can dare to say totally different what I m enter compare "New World" and Education World.Well. first, I'm glad that i able survive all this long. If u got follow my blog then u may know what happening in my life. Then,I go search job and get several the end,I work in to big company. I met a lot of people and establish certain status and I think I still too far from my expected vision and goal.

Interestingly, I 'm gone into very complicated situation, just make me recall the old incident. Well, it hurts a bit but i need to focus my career and plan for future.So, I glad that I 'm being so patience work hard till every of Head of department accepts my existence and abilities. Almost 6 months of working, totally sharpen more my observation skill and analytical skill. Moreover, God didn't forgot my talent, He still gives me opportunities to expand my talent and let others recognize me. Thank you everyone.

 I recall so many history,one statement is very useful
and it is given by 2000 years ago a great Leader that is : "What you see now is not true of me,but you always see wrong me...But I believe all my works will prove that me is right~!".....just guess who he is la hahahaa~!!

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