Saturday, April 30, 2011


This Sunday will be normal as usually....maybe someone else is memorable but for me sigh...I think not much surprise or anything. Quite stress for now and lot of thing need to study..I still thinking some ways to push my CGPA further. Today exam paper really make me mad...I write three answer booklets LOLz a person sit beside me, the fella get astonished..I think he will said "what the f***?!are you mad?!if got the time let me answer his question, I will say "BETUL JAWAPAN ANDA MARI KITA MASUK GELANGGANG (U are right,let's go) WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE~!!haha...I quite miss Jalaludin Hassan, my favorite actor le in Malay drama...His acting skill just like TVB actor Paul Chun very professional actor.

now very tired, headache and no mood study..really gg...But i try my best to work up...wah chiak~!!


  1. 3 booklet???? how many word u write today? wat subject oooo?? hahah

  2. I also dunno how many least more 20 pages...entrepreneur...haha


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