Saturday, April 2, 2011

Pray For Japan 2011

Japan have great suffer this time due to the great disaster. I feel sad for them. For those lost their relatives, friends and family members, I understand the feeling ....I experienced before..just last year, I'm doing my FYP(thesis suddenly received sad news that nearly lost a father.....(like totally black out in my mind)..Anyway, Life still needs goes on...Don't Give Up..

I sincerely pray for the people who are suffer in this Japan Great Disaster. We are no more calculate who we are and where you come from...because when disaster matter who you can't escape and accept the same fate...So, we should help each other because we are same race that is Human race...."One Race,One WOrld".

Above is a clip done by HK artirsts and singers who pray for Japan. This song is very nice.You can feel their emotion is flowing out~!!Let's Keep this Power UP~!~!

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