Thursday, March 31, 2011

"Dream in another Dream"

I may not know....i can achieve a not...but i sure....after 14 of May, I start to do my favorite thing that is drawing. Thank you Blogspot create a dream for me that realize my ambitious dream. Even though in true reality i can't become what I want....(designer) But I will continue back my comic Exorcism-X and new comic, Memoir of Ericsoft in U.....Don't know how many people will support me....

Time has come for Ericsoft step in New world like luffy. I'm try my best to explore and adapt to it. Thank you to everyone care,protect,educate and train me as great man. Everyone sculpture me from poor rock become beautiful jade.Every level of education I went through that left a great memoir to me......"Do you remember how we met?"

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