Sunday, August 2, 2009

Asia Festival Songs 2009 Coming Soon!!!

Sigh...Finally I can blog again haha~!...great news everyone..Asian Festival come again and it will be show on 19 September 2009. I can't wait to watch because this time more grand than last time le...but I don't know Malaysia got broadcast it a not...sigh.This is because they did not mention which 30 countries broadcast it.
At least 15 best teams from South Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and Ukraine are expected to rock music fans at the city’s SangAm-dong Stadium.Two top South Korean bands, Super Junior and So Nyuh Shi Dae, will represent the hosts at the event.Wah!Super Junior this time play the role wo hehe~!I hope they will sing It's Y@u, Monster or maybe old song like Midnight Fantasy,Song For You and Marry You(nice songs highly recommended)

I can't believe my great idol, Jacky Cheung also attend this event moreover, the most rare event is other Heavenly Kings also attend.(Hong Kong's Four Heavenly Kings such as Andy Lau, Jacky Cheung, Arron Kwok and Leon Lai).Those who are not Chinese or rarely know Hong Kong music industry...then you all may not know what is Heavenly Kings..
That title was formed since 90s and that era was declared golden era ever. Jacky Cheung no doubt was the most talented singer because he got consecutive years of World Music Award in 1995-1996 and dubbed as God of Singers, Andy Lau talented in Acting so called King of acting plus he skilled in all kind such as director, actor, singer and many more, Aaron was famous in dancing and some may called him Hong Kong Michael JAckson(of course no one can compete our great Late King Of Pop)and lastly Leon Lai is most charitable singer and now is Boss of talented newcomer singers in HK music industry.
So, I can say that other singers should feel how grateful perform same stage with them haha~!Anyway,this time the organizer is clever that invite so many great superstars gather in this marvellous event.

(ABOVE PICTURE START WITH Gackt, Mihimaru Gt and Luo Zhi Xiang.)
Besides Hong Kong representatives, Japan’s pop soloists Gackt and Mihimaru GT, Taiwan’s popular male singer Luo Zhi Xiang and Thailand's five-member Chaotic will also perform at the festival.Mmm...I feel strange why not Jay Chou or Wang Lihom go for it as Taiwan representative haha~!because they more famous in music world Or maybe more better Steve Chou also can for it LOL Father of Love Songs..hehe~!Actually Japan can invite J-pop famous superstar Ayumi Hamasaki as Japan representative or maybe Uverworld and Yuna Ito not bad also...Yuna sing "Trust You" really full with emotion and make you flashback lot of stuff in your mind.This song's feeling just like "heaven"(song sing by Ayumi)

ABOVE FROM LEFT TO RIGHT:(Ho Ngoc Ha, Li YuChun,Ruslana and Agnes Monica)
Chinese singer Li Yuchun, last year’s MTV Asia Music Awards winner,as confirmed her attendance,Other countries will also send their popular singers to the event, including Indonesia's Agnes Monica and Ukraine's beloved Ruslana.Pop singer Ho Ngoc Ha will represent Vietnam at the Asian Song Festival 2009 as well.

According to the organizers, additional participants for the festival will be officially announced this month. It is predicted that two other famous Korean bands also take the stage.I hope got DBSK(tung fong sun hei) because their songs not bad le..especially Hug, Rising Sun, Bolero, and etc..I think their song is more nicer than Super Junior haha~!sorry la those SJ fans..But still some techno or R&B plus dance genre music,Super Junior can compete with DBSK haha~!
This year’s event will be the sixth edition of the Asia Song Festival 2009 that made its debut in 2004.The festival aims to foster cultural exchange and popularize music from different countries.Last year’s event was also held in Korea with the participation of 22 top singers and teams from 12 countries and territories, with Vietnam being represented by Lam Truong.
The Asian Song Festival 2009 will be aired in 30 countries and territories, including the US and Europe.Aaaaargh... I really hope Malaysia got broadcast it so can watch this great show.


  1. i hope that the Asia Festival will broadcast live on TV..Astro perhaps..haha..but here no Astro laaa....

  2. ya wo...yer dun wan astro la....ntv7 or tv8 also can haha~!then i ask my mum record it LOL

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