Sunday, August 23, 2009

Two Superstars NEW Albums

Long-distance partner album
01. 長途伴侶
02. 一晚長大
03. 只想抱抱
04. 張開眼睛
05. 我得你
06. 常言道
07. 如果有一天
08. 天生天養
09. 我的心只可容納妳
10. 將自己給你

Andy Lau again..out new album anyway this album already out long time ago(27th July 2009) hehe~!...really cannot denied him as King of Workaholic or maybe he really King of diligent because he recently out the album called Love Hope(希望.爱)then, few months later out again...haha~!this time the album is compromise all nice songs together...some songs I think I didn't heard before like track 04. 張開眼睛....this song not bad and damn nice this 06. 常言道(highly recommended). The track no.6 is from a chinese opera music convert into modern music additionally this song able to sense Andy got improvement a lot in singing if compare those days.I really love this track 07. 如果有一天 especially when he sang till "Yan sin tin but hei...." and this song also highly recommended.

Probably this album will not wasted to buy or.....hehe~!Anyway, really need to praise a little on him because nowadays he sing all the songs full with emotion and control key very good....of course la Andy now already come to another stage of life cycle,"mature"lol.Besides, I hope andy don't so sad about his gf's father passed away la....

Very Busy album
1. Slow Dance
2. 答案
3. 羅馬時差
4. 延長賽
5. 這就是愛嗎 ?
6. 很忙
7. 烏賊
8. 夢非夢
9. 赤地之戀
10. 永遠的愛人
Ok come to next SUPERstar..Joey Yung...this album at first I thought is cantonese album but...aiya never mind la. In this album I discover her mandarin also not bad too!!mmm...track 1.Slow Dance actually you can feel something new from Joey Yung.Moreover,track 6.很忙 really can bring out her potential singing skill and I feel strange in track 7.烏賊 because in this track, I feel got similarity singing from Jolin le...haha~!But nice try Joey!..I think she want to try different genre in her music.

Therefore,I think this album really give you all another feel of her music.
I heard Joey's song since 2006 in that album "Close Up" and love the song called Sum Fah Lou Fong...very nice because really can bring joy and happy feel from the song.I think Joey really deserve as Ah Jer status in HK music industry because she able to sing many type of songs.I think her late mentor,Roman Tam also feel happy too if able to see her so successful in her career.I wish she really able sing till just like Late Anita got someone inherit talent of great Queen Of Pop, Anite la...Moreover,I always hope that HK music industry able to reform back glorious day just as 90s Golden Music Era.

PSP reviews hold on because I'm waiting Assasin's Creed and Gran Turismo come out first...see these 2 games worth a not, go into this chart BEst Games of the Year 2009.Furthermore,6th September I maybe gives brief introduction about my EXORCISM-X and a picture like coverpage for this 2nd Masterpiece, thank you for support...

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