Saturday, June 6, 2009

New Leaf reborn in New semester...

mmm...haha..I don't believe that now I become senior in University LoL....anyway,I not really deserve this status even though I teach a lot of people la haha~..(^_^) semester start, my road still very hard to walk and even more harder than other people...I really very depress at that moment and I always ask myself why I always need to go through a lot than others?!sigh...sometimes I really feel myself really like chai kau(rosy business tvb series actor)I really don't like to talk description much about the character cause I know I'm the one always need to fight the destiny so I not easily give up just because of that...Many hardship I also can go through in the University or maybe not just that..I should say when I was kid also go through a lot my will of fire not easily perished..
I hope others who had bad luck or not very good mood nowadays...try not give up easily and try think may easily get out from a dark room in your mind...Anyway, I really thank you to those support me along the way last week..(T_T)sincerely thank you.

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