Saturday, August 15, 2009

NEW COMIC 2009 Plan

PLanning to create ghost story..haha~!suddenly an anime series inspire me to create another creative story..Actually I feel I need to create new comic after all I just created Samanoske since 2004. So, I want to have something new from my creativeness...anyway,I still writting and constructing the ghost story and called EXORCISM-X...but maybe will publish here...maybe not haha~!this is because my english quite poor then,may scare misunderstanding to the readers and don't know got how many willing to read a not.
Additionally, I also quite busy in study LOL Therefore, got many things need to consider....If I really publish here, the date maybe next week or next month, 26th september after my final examination...I try my best la if not extend to OCTOBER....see first la (^_^)

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