Sunday, August 9, 2009

MaD DaY!!!

I can't believe last group gone mad haha~! we work up 16 hours to finish the A&P assignment..really unbelievable man!we are not last minute do but that day don't know what's going wrong to everyone LOL

A&P assignment we already started last month and I had been designed out many products by combining some ideas given by my best of best buddies and gals. I had designed lipstick, hairspray and drinks as our new innovation products.The most funniest things is...we think aiyo hard to create new and innovative product but somehow rather we had done the first phase,create new product..(cincai create means not think logically and make it for fun)then, we comment again that aiyo hard to choose lot of choices haha~!Look we really quite picky LOL mafan(quite Troublesome)

Done is done then,we finally make final decision and choose hairspray as our product. Frankly, I more like Lipstick as the product but too bad the product lose in voting 2-3 result haha~!

So, madness story begin, everyone work in different field that everyone is preparing report respectively that do sub-task had been delegate , calculate budget for billboard, redesign and reconstruct the poster(of course this work done by me LOL), and rearrange the procedure of the assignment.The hairspray company logo i designed and name it as FLEX Inc hehe~!(not hard je design logo lol)

We start work on 10am,Tuesday and end the work next morning, Wednesday hehe~!Moreover,we had some kind of feeling while working that is working in quarantine environment because whole day everyone do their job in my room and everyone's body slowly smell sting until..I also don't know use what word to describe or fit that smell..salty fish?smelly Taufu with HK flavor?? or durian the King of fruit??? haha~!Really suffering at that moment...Finally, we done our masterpiece ...

After finish the assignment, everyone when back home need sterilize the body haha~!(^_^) At that moment,I thought we are like DIe Hard plus Rush Hour scenario so I think can called it as Die Rush!!LOL...anyway what a relief once finish super-duper assignment...fuu...and we felt very happy when hand up to lecturer and get praise with a word "fantastic". haha~!

Anyway, the assignment still in unknown mark but I think we had done a pretty good job so it is doesn't matter the mark is low or high...the matter is we experience lot of things in this assignment.One of the most important thing in this whole event was I had been learned that "do not given up easily and work to the end, the miracle will happen once again"...

This assignment truely need a great teamwork if not cannot succeed or accomplish our goal..thank you alvin,howard, bryce and grace..lastly special thanks to my bro,Alex.

Those juniors who can't get inspiration to create product, you may have a look to my products haha~!even though, is not perfect or fantastic nice but still it can give some sort of creative ideas to you all to work up your advertising and Promotion assignment.

Regarding the logo of Loreal and UNZA,we are using it is not purposely for fraud or just for education project and not for real business.thank you very much.(^_^)

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