Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Steamboat Day

This time my first time cook like Iron chef haha~!Interesting le...actually we are having a steamboat at Kampar.Quite fun le when sizzling the meats and serve to friends eat...but I don't think I'm good cooking husband cause I make those meat too oily haha~!but i will be good husband anyway Haha~!(look like very hard sell wuahaha~!)Anyway, I make a miracle in the food that is chicken meat after sizzling become fried pork(siu yuk) taste haha~!

Finally, every assignments done liao, what a relief to everyone so my group plan to have a steamboat after financce lesson.We went to one newly open steamboat shop and we celebrate la there.we spent about 2 hours there haha!until alvin wife and mother miss call him non-stop and need rush back home LOL.

We eat a lot of foods and drink a lot too not beer or wine la...aiya we all are good girls and boys LOL ...we eat lot of meats such as beef,chicken and mutton and etc.They also provides many sauces to us such satay,gaclic oil,tomato,thais chili sauce and etc....there got dessert(ice-cream and red bean tong sui.)The soup we choose are Bak Kut Teh and Tom Yum...we called it soup but my good friend Alvin called those soups as water(sui) such as Bak kut teh sui or tom yum sui.Anyway,he mad liao la that day.

(not bad la...but the bak kut teh not very strong flavor, i think too plain hehe~!)Not bad le those mutton and beef meats because those mutton and beef had been mixed with special sauce. So,after sizzling them and it come out strong and nice aroma all around the place...(now I'm drooling hehe~!)

Besides, I eat ice-cream together with my daughters* haha~!as you can see so warm this picture..that rabbit* so rush to go and eat ice-cream...what to do every day she also felt the day always in 200 degrees celcius haha~!The most funniest part is mine another daughter*, Miaw always say diet but this time can't escape all oily and high-calories foods in this steamboat cuisine because she eat until ...destroy her diet plan haha~!

lastly, as you can see this boy so happy when taking some fish balls and prawn balls into his bowl.Look likes did not eat steamboat before haha~!Just joking Howard if you read this part...don't angry wo LOL.Howard actually too happy because ponteng class(truancy) for tomorrow morning class LOL.

You see everyone thumb up praise the food so delicious haha~!anyway, eatable la rm18 and did not charge any tax and you can take as mush as u can ...but got conditon you must eat all finish if not , may need pay back what you left over.That day, rabbit* play cheat*!!!!

Alvin and I were tasting the ice pop stick(look like two big babies haha~!)....wah!so nostalgic man (T_T)Just make me recall back when I was young in primary school, La Salle...when I'm waiting my school bus coming, I always buy a ice-pop stick eat ...fuu a blink of eyes already passed 13 years...sigh~

Anyway, everyone that night was very happy and enjoyable.As you can see happy family take photo together...We joke around and planning to organize another crazy gathering again LOL.Now I'm still planning make this topic sequel a not..hehe~! mmm...maybe I will review out PSP best game of the year...see first la...


  1. wah, so nice. steamboat.. he isit nice ar the steamboat there?have u gone to ipoh 2+1? which one better?

  2. wah... i oso wan join... he he..^^
    so nice can eat together..

  3. omg sei dugong alwiz eat eat eat...
    nvr ajak me eat also =.="
    i dun care ar...
    when u balik tat time mz bring me to eat XD

  4. dugong!! steamboat.. hmm.. next time try steamboat dugong.. XD..

    La Salle eat ice pops..LOL!!! sell b'side da roadside 1.. !!=P

  5. eric: my goos sai lo, i think the steamboat not bad especially those meats seasoned with nice sauce..once u sizzling the meat.

    Ling linG: Next time call eat together with m daughters*, miew miew and rabbit LOL

    Jacky: oops...sei foh ..haha..dun worry next time my good time we go there eat but I hope i free lo like nowadays hehe..

    rumesh: time i put pati ayam into the steamboat..then, more delicious haha~!you also remember le ice-pop stick hehe...wat a good day man lol

  6. Eric aaaaa, eat steamboat also no call me aaaaa...hahahaha....


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